Epcot Festival of the Holidays Food and Drink Reviews and Favorite Items

As part of this year’s Festival of the Holidays at Epcot, Disney has expanded the Holiday Kitchen offerings around World Showcase.

The kiosks work similarly to Flower/Garden/Food/Wine in that each offers a menu of tasting-size portions for between $4 and $8, in addition to beer, wine, and cocktails. For the winter-ish festival, most of the kiosks offer holiday flavors unique to the region that they represent. That usually means a lot of cranberry and coffee – ideally not together.

The website spent a lot of time and money on sampling one of just about everything – more than 75 items in all.

I’ll provide links to each Holiday Kitchen review in the order that they appear around World Showcase, beginning with Yukon in Canada. For whatever reason, we found the food and drink items to taste significantly better on that side of World Showcase. Each food item is rated on taste and value based on what we were served. The descriptions, along with the pictures, should offer some insight into what to expect. But keep in mind that your tastes will differ from mine and while I think we can both agree that I’m right and you should feel bad about it, not everything may be in line.

Here’s the links:

And a look at some items that we particularly enjoyed:

Cookie Nook:

Warm Apple Fritter with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Warm Caramel Sauce – $4.75

Gingersnap Cookie with Cream Cheese Icing and Cranberry Jam, $4.50

Feast of the Three Kings:

Shredded Beef Tamale with Avocado Crema and Cilantro Rice – $5.75



Seared Salmon with Crown Royal Whisky Glaze, Parsnip Silk, Apple Chutney and Hazelnut Croquant – $5.50


Napoléon de Saumon Fumé, Brioche á l’aneth: Smoked Salmon Napoleon in a Dill Brioche – $5.75


Walnut Spiced Coffee with Walnut Liqueur, topped with Cinnamon and Whipped Cream – $7


Iced Strawberry Milk – Strawberry Milk with Japanese Calpico Yogurt (Non-Alcoholic) – $5

American Holiday Kitchen:

Virtually everything. Surprisingly.


Panettone alla Milanese: Warm Italian Fruit Cake with Vanilla Sauce and Cherry Syrup – $8

Refreshment Cool Post:

The Warm Caramel Stuffed Salted Pretzel – $6.49

Las Posadas:

Frozen Kahlúa Coffee Margarita – $10.75


  1. Crystal says

    This post has perfect timing – I fly out Saturday and am at Epcot on Sunday! You were spot on with what i tried at Food & Wine this year so if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it – I will just eat/drink the favorites.


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