Epcot 2016 Food and Wine Festival Reviews

Edit: Okay! Over 175 items photographed and reviewed across 28 Festival Marketplaces. The links to each are numbered below or can be found in alphabetical order here: https://www.easywdw.com/easy/food-and-wine-festival/.

The website is putting together its Marketplace-by-Marketplace reviews of the Food and Wine Festival. So as to not make you wade through 30+ individual posts, I am sticking them here – a category of which you can also access by mousing over the Epcot header above and clicking “Food and Wine Festival.” So if you prefer an alphabetical list, you might check that out. Otherwise I will be linking them here in the order that they appear on the map above.

As usual, the website is harder on this stuff than most others. It is your money after all and with most people choosing seven or eight items to try, most of you will want to try to find the most value for your money. That’s why each item comes with separate Taste and Value ratings and each wine or beer comes with the price per ounce at the Festival compared to the store price. It is worth noting that every review I write is “wrong” in that you will have different tastes and sensibilities and what you are ultimately served will differ from what I was served. But this should be a good starting point.

  1. Farm Fresh (incorrectly labeled Florida on the map)
  2. New Zealand (which should actually be number two on the map)
  3. Australia
  4. Mexico
  5. China
  6. South Korea
  7. Africa
  8. Brewer’s Collection
  9. Germany
  10. Poland
  11. Italy
  12. Hops & Barley
  13. Japan
  14. Morocco
  15. Belgium
  16. Brazil
  17. France
  18. Ireland
  19. Scotland
  20. Canada
  21. Greece
  22. Patagonia
  23. Hawaii
  24. Islands of the Caribbean
  25. Wine & Dine Studio
  26. Chocolate Studio
  27. Greenhosue Guru
  28. The Chew Collective


  1. Mary Ann says

    Great format. Splitting all the stands out helps to focus on what’s there and with loading the photos. Love the nice clear map as well.

  2. Joe says

    The gyro pita bread in Greece was quite stale. The lobster roll was good but I think it was rock lobster. Apple strudel in Germany was big with lots of apples. I liked the Ritzy Leechee drink in China but also liked the thistle gin drink in Scotland. Tipsy Laird was tiny and nothing special. Did the 16 ticket deal which works out to $6 a ticket. Tried to get items above $6 mostly.

  3. Christine NK says

    Josh, Thank you for all your reviews and reports! They were indispensable when we went to F&W in 2014, and you had put together a pdf of all the offerings with color coded recommendations. It was so easy to know what drinks were worth my money and which were a waste of money and stomach space.
    Any chance you’ll put your recommendations in a pdf for 2017? 😉

  4. Kirsten says

    Love this new format. Makes it really quick to find what you’re looking for . Thanks for all your reviews.

  5. Cindy says

    Thanks Josh, this is great and I really like the new format. Not only is it easier to go through, but it should be easier for you to update. My only question is if you are planning to do a craft beers review. It wasn’t on the map so I was unsure.

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