Early Morning Magic at Magic Kingdom Extended Through September

Disney has extended the Early Morning Magic event with dates that continue through the end of September. Disney’s official word is available here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/early-morning-magic/. While new dates are scheduled, they do not yet appear to be bookable, at least online. So if you are trying to book July – September, be aware that the event is not “sold out,” it is just “not yet available.”

Beginning with the week of July 10th, the event will move to Sundays and Tuesdays rather than Saturdays and Tuesdays.

You may remember that the website reviewed the event positively with some caveats.

If you missed that review, check it out here: https://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/disney-world-early-morning-magic-fantasyland-review-is-it-worth-it/.


  1. Moe says

    I’ve always viewed it as one of the successful events at WDW. Regardless of event price increases, I feel there’s a lot of value ONLY IF you know how to maximize it. Thanks for the heads up Josh, now let’s hope WDW continues it till later this year.

  2. Lynne says

    Good news. Keeping my fingers crossed it gets extended into November. A Tuesday EMM would work out perfectly for me.

  3. Peg Ferrentino says

    I was able to book August this morning but shortly after my friend wasn’t. I may have booked through a glitch!

  4. Linkura says

    So happy for this. Sunday is the same day as my Halloween Party date. I plan to get there early, knock out these three rides, have a big breakfast, do some morning touring, go back to the hotel, and get some rest before the party.

    • josh says

      No official word. They had a terrible time selling tickets so it seems somewhat unlikely that it would continue. I think it’s too late at night for most people and with nothing unique offered, there is no real reason to book it versus going for evening EMH.

  5. Catherine Parks says

    I’m planning a trip for friends in Sept. I know you said this event doesn’t really affect wait times in the morning, but what about if they have a BOG breakfast reservation on one of these dates? Will this affect their ability to eat at 8:15 and ride 7DMT before the crowds come in? Thanks!

  6. Eric says

    Do you know….are they going to continue to cap attendance at the same number they have been? I feel like there’s a good chance that if I “go for it” it will become super popular and super crowded. What to do…

    • Moe says

      I feel the same way sometimes with their special events but this is a pricey one so I assume that they’ll keep this to limited tickets as usual. Otherwise they’ll risk of less ppl taking advantage of it, if at all that matters for WDW :).

  7. Julia says

    Will this change your recommendation for Tuesday as a Magic Kingdom day?
    Going last week of July, if that makes a difference. (My daughter’s available time)

  8. Rhonda says

    Tried calling the reservation number this afternoon and was told that they are currently only taking reservations through June, but to keep checking back. We will plan to go early August.

  9. Patrick says

    Almost considered it for our Sept trip, but with a BOG early lunch reservation at 11:05, I’m not sure it’s worth the extra $260 for the fam.

  10. Charlie Perkins says

    We are planning MK days on two Tuesday’s in late August based on your recommendations. Both of these now have this event. Our focus on at least one day will be Fantasyland. Should we switch our MK days now. We are rope drop people but don’t want to go on a more crowded day. Thanks. Love love love this site.

    • Jillyb says

      From forum posts from people that have already done this and the blogs Josh has written, it doesn’t have a negative impact on your touring so I’d keep it.

  11. Amy says

    I have heard that for some of the recent EMM, that they had the carousel and teacups open too. Any word on that? If they will do that every time or open any additional Fantasyland rides for EMM?

  12. Rob says

    Sweet, works in my favor for once. We are idiots who are going to MK on a Saturday Sept 17 with BOG ppr, so this gives us less people around for pictures and possible morning rides. Of course, since I’m not going in the next 5 min I’m sure it will change.


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