Disney World February 2016 Merchandise Update – Mostly World of Disney, Mickey’s Pantry, and Some Star Wars

Following the Marketplace Co-Op/Tren-D update, we’ll continue on to Mickey’s Pantry, World of Disney, and whatever that Star Wars store is called that’s currently occupying D-Street.

Mickey’s Pantry is connected to Earl of Sandwich in the Marketplace section. The store has stocked mostly forgettable merchandise for the last few years, but I really like the current offerings.

Not enough to buy any of it. But if I was in the market for pink measuring cups I’m just saying these would be on my short list.

The salt and pepper shakers on the left are $9.99 each and this cookie jar is made of a heavier dolomite (kind of ceramic-like) for $44.95.

All of these items are available via the Shop Disney Parks app. If you open it up, slide over to the right where the pictures are and scroll down a bit until you see “home decor.” You don’t want to select it from the text categories or you’ll end up with a list of like 1,800 items. Otherwise, search for “shakers” for the salt and pepper shakers. They will not show up if you search for “salt shaker” or anything else.

These are found under “canisters” for $17.95, which seems like a decent value. They won’t show up if you search for “jar” or “cookie” or anything else. Has to be “canisters.”

A few of these closeups are from Mouse Gear at Epcot or World of Disney. These kitchen items should be widely available as most items are these days.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/pantry_mugs.jpg

Pro-tip aspiring Disney bloggers: You always want to double check to make sure you include the ‘r’ in “Mickey’s Pantry.” It’s the sort of thing that spellcheck won’t pick up on and can really ruin a blog like this one otherwise trying to engage in family based treats.

The Pantry also has an interesting collection of local spices and teas and such.

World of Disney:

There is a yuge push to sell these $79.95 Castle Play Sets, which then have a variety of add-ons you can “elect” to purchase. It is kind of fun because some of the traditionally underrepresented princesses and other characters have sets. Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and more are available in addition to the usual. There’s even a Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

They were pushing the play sets so hard that it was kind of like Costco as they had them set up around the store with cast members showing them off only nothing was free. So maybe more like a Cutco presentation that you didn’t sign up for and want to keep your kids away from because they’re knives and you probably don’t want to haul this castle set back to Fort Wayne.

Phone manufacturers invest billions in making their phones as thin as possible only for some guy to attach this phone case with a plastic Minnie Mouse that protrudes an inch out of the back.

Okay it’s cute.

But why. I feel like something should happen to people that use this case. Like they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Or maybe they have to wear this $150 shirt.

Star Wars D-Street…sorry…”Star Wars Galactic Outpost:”

Like most everything else, Star Wars has taken over D-Street in its entirety. Very little of it is unique to the theme parks and there isn’t much use in trying to keep up with what’s available, but here are a few pictures from around town:

When everything you wear is Star Wars but your wife makes you dress up for dinner at Yachtsman.

In case it gets chilly, you always want to be prepared.

Like Tren-D, a lot of this stuff is licensed out. This is “Junk Food” brand and sort of clever.

At World of Disney:

At Mouse Gear at Epcot:

Oh, Harrison.

I have a couple hundred more pictures of stuff and the jokes are only going to get worse.


  1. deeevo says

    I was on the fence about buying that castle for my 4 year olds for xmas until I actually saw it out of the box and found out what it replaced. google “Cinderella Castle Play Set – Walt Disney World” It is really poorly made. I ended up going with the little tikes princess castle and it works fine with those little princess figurines.

    • Mrs Darling says

      Yeah. We bought the Cinderella one 5 years ago for the same price and it is amazing. Great quality, bigger, lots of little special “features” And it came with all the princes, princesses & other things included
      That’s just :-(

  2. Bill says

    Thanks for the merch update. I love these posts. and I can’t believe how expensive some of those shirts are. They are out of their minds with those prices.

  3. Claytonia says

    I think “engage in family treats” sounds like a euphemism for something. I’m going to try it for a few different situations, I’ll let you know how it goes

  4. Courtney says

    The I Love You – I Know shirts…. never have them both in Size L! I keep stalking the Disney Parks app for them and I trekked all over the Disneyland resort in December… ugh

  5. jenny682 says

    ok, saw several items I need mickey pepper shaker, cake mold,wooden spoons My husband and I will be wearing the shirts at the end of this post during our next trip.

  6. Jordan says

    Is Lisa still shipping merch? How do I contact her? I’m in love with that Mary Poppins purse and it sold out on the shop parks app.

  7. dusty cheatham says



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