Disney Springs Dockside Margaritas Throwback Thursday Pleasure Island Drinks Review

Back in April, I wrote a very positive review of Dockside Margaritas, the bar located in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs, across from the Marketplace Co-Op.

So when I saw Disney relentlessly promoting “Throwback Thursday” with drinks that hearken back to the days of Pleasure Island, I was intrigued. Add the fact that on Thursdays, the drinks would be offered at a reduced price, and I was all in. But considering the picture of the kiosk above was taken on Thursday June 29, 2017 at 3:35pm, I may have been the only one.

As I understand it, these four drinks will be available from June 29th through July 5th, but will be offered at the $9 promotional price only on Thursday. Other days during the week, the drinks should come in between $12 and $14 according to the bartender, though she was unable to pull up the exact price. It doesn’t really matter because you don’t want any of them anyway. The Kungaloosh and Emil’s Strawberry Colada should be available every day through the end of the promotion on September 28th, while the two drinks in the middle will switch out each Thursday for two different drinks. Trust me. This is just fine.

The Kungaloosh and Emil’s Strawberry Colada are premixed and served out of these dispensers, which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker at nine bucks.

$32 worth, which is far from ridiculous for three cocktails and a non-alcoholic slushy on property. Single cocktails at Morimoto, STK, Frontera, Paddlefish etc. easily average $15 and go up to $18 and $20 without much effort.

The blue drink is the “Bell Bottom – This funky mix of Bacardi ‘O’, blue curacao, and sweet-and-sour will help you get in the groove.” Any price is too much to pay for this drink that’s 80% sweet and sour, 15% blue curacao, and 5% Bacardi ‘O.’ The Bell Bottom supposedly originated at 8Trax, though it’s certainly not a novel recipe and considering Bacardi ‘O’ didn’t even come out until 2001, perhaps not much of a throwback. Anyway, it was virtually undrinkable with the amount of thick, syrupy sour mix involved. As someone that can usually be found standing next to the garbage can asking people if they are “going to finish that” as they motion towards throwing their drink away, I ended up tossing half. It wasn’t worth a thousand calories of sugar. Gross.

Kungaloosh! my dear friends or as I like to say via 2k17, Kunganothanks! Actually, this was the most drinkable of the cocktails, though the frozen drink arrived barely frozen and incredibly syrupy with an overwhelming artificial strawberry daiquiri mix flavor. I’d recommend gulping it down quickly among friends as you aren’t going to want to touch this viscous mess once it has an opportunity to melt, which may well be before you have the opportunity to take a selfie in front of your seventh wall. A shame, really.

The “Pleasure Punch – A drink to remember days gone by. This mix of Bacardi Limon, amaretto, cranberry and pineapple juices will have you feeling nostalgic.” Nostalgic for another drink, perhaps. This was more drinkable than the Blue Blob, but still an incredible sugar bomb with the tropical sweetness of the artificial-tasting pineapple juice overwhelming the other flavors. There’s no way you’re going to taste the amaretto or rum in this thing. And now that you mention it, I didn’t taste any alcohol in any of the three drinks. Maybe they only add it when they’re $14 each.

“Emil’s Strawberry Colada From deepest, darkest Sandusky, Ohio this non-alcoholic frozen blend of strawberries and pina colada will keep you refreshed and alert.” You know it’s dark times indeed when Josh’s favorite drink is non-alcoholic, but that’s where we’re at with these offerings. You might find a flask of vodka or something and make your own magic with this one.

Adventurers Club fans looking for a good cry may want to seek out the Kungaloosh over the next few months, particularly on a Thursday when the drink is discounted a bit, but I didn’t find any redeeming qualities in the two that are going to be switched out next week. Hopefully the future brings something worthy of the Pleasure Island memory.

I would otherwise reiterate that the other drinks offered are quite good, though prices continue to rise. I’m not sure Throwback Thursday is doing this unpopular venue any long term favors.

The “On the Rocks” cocktails are freshly mixed using premium ingredients, the frozen drinks are above average, and the bartenders are among the friendliest you’ll find anywhere.

The bottled beer selection has a couple of worthy choices, whether you want to go with something tried and true in the Racer 5 or perhaps give something local a shot in the very good MIA Miami Weiss or Jdub’s Passion Wheat. Draft selections are currently Bud Light, Orange Blossom Pilsner, and Sierra Nevada Otra Vez.

Overall, I’d double check the ingredients on the throwback drinks and try to visit on a Thursday if any of them sound appetizing. I don’t think this is a lost cause, but you’re not going to do well with a drink that’s 83.7% sour mix no matter where you go or how much you pay.


  1. Brian Noble says

    “the frozen drink arrived barely frozen and incredibly syrupy with an overwhelming artificial strawberry daiquiri mix flavor.”

    Then it’s not a Kungaloosh, I remember them being dangerously drinkable.

  2. Wally Boag says

    Sigh. The Kungaloosh was made to order at the original Pleasure Island until sometime in 2004 I believe. Once they switched to those machines it was all down hill :(

    The blackberry brandy used to be the biggest flavor to the drink. After the machines it just tasted like syrup.


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