Disney Moves Magic Kingdom’s May 24th Morning Extra Magic Hour to May 27th

As the title insinuates, Disney moved Magic Kingdom’s morning Extra Magic Hour from Tuesday May 24th to Friday May 27th. In 2016, Magic Kingdom normally hosts its morning EMH on Fridays, so it was somewhat interesting that during that week, it had originally been scheduled on the Tuesday. Over the last few years, Disney has run a 24-hour promotion on that Friday, operating the Park from 6am Friday through 6am Saturday. Switching the morning Extra Magic Hour to Friday makes it much less likely that Disney would run the 24-hour day on the 27th. There would be no point in opening the Park at 5am for resort guests. Nobody would be there.


  1. Brian says

    I am starting to think that there will be no 24 hour event this year. Kind of sad since Iw as hoping to go again this year.

  2. Julia says

    Yes, it is looking sadly like there won’t be a 24 hour event. I booked my room for it last June! Any chance they will still come through with it on May 27th as expected? My daughter, a teacher, has school getting out early enough to attend this year,. It is rare for them to get out this early, and won’t happen again soon, so we were excited to go together.

  3. Tammy says

    Well , I have to cancel our Crystal Palace brunch. We were hoping for the 24 hour event but won’t be attending EMH. Hard to make plans around The Ever Changing Park Hours. What are they thinking?


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