Disney Cruise Part 2: Staterooms

Part 2! Yahoo! And with that, we are already one exclamation point over our one-exclamation-point-per-post limit!

Guest rooms on the Disney Cruise Line are scheduled to be ready at 1:30pm. Until then, guests arriving earlier tend to hang out on one of the top decks, lounging at the pool, eating at the Cabanas lunch buffet, or acting like Josh by repeating, “Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet?” while you try to get your tan on. If you prefer to stay inside, the bars and public areas should be open and welcoming.

ROPE DROP! Out of our way, kid.

Our room on the Dream was 9078, category 4A, which is a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah. Stateroom categories range from 4A-11C in addition to the three Concierge categories (R – Royal Suite with Verandah, T – Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah, and V – Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah). A higher number in these categories indicates a larger room and its corresponding letter indicates which deck the stateroom will be located (A being on the higher decks, E on the lower ones).

This room measures 299 square feet including the verandah and can theoretically sleep 5. Take into account that like most cruise lines, Disney includes the square footage of the balcony in its single measurement. The queen size bed is raised about 1 1/2 feet off the ground for convenient luggage storage.

A cleverly disguised “bunk bed.” The couch converts to a twin-sized bed and the other bed is hidden in the ceiling, which your Stateroom Host/Hostess will pull down nightly while you enjoy dinner, should you need it. The ladder is stored in the closet. Also seen here are the curtains that you can pull together to separate the sleep area from the couch area for extra privacy at night. It also keeps some of that bright Bahamian sunshine out.

One last sleeping area, a Murphy bed that can be pulled down at night as well.

Across from the couch/Murphy bed is the TV, a desk and vanity, and an abundance of drawers and cabinet space.

The televisions on the Dream and Fantasy have virtually every single Disney movie EVER available on demand. Disney movies currently in theaters and those that have been released on DVD recently are shown at set times in one of the theaters.

And if you’re not up for going to the theater for the nightly show, they play them on one of the channels in the staterooms as well.

Here’s what will be waiting for you on your desk.

The blue book on the left is full of important cruise info…

…including the absolutely indispensable Room Service Menu. Everything on this menu is complimentary, apart from the Snacks, and Wines & Beverages Packages. Your service staff always appreciate a tip. While soda is free in the dining rooms and upper decks, there is a charge when room service brings a can to your door. Conversely, bars charge $1.95 for juice, while it’s free from room service. If anything is unclear, just call and ask.

Since Nassau was our first port of call, this Nassau Shopping Map was also left for us on the desk. So thoughtful.

If you booked any excursions in any of the ports, those tickets will be waiting for you as well.

Dinner tickets will let you know your dining rotation, your seating time (5:45 for early seating, 8:15 for late seating), and your assigned table number.

Inside one of the drawers is a hair dryer, which includes diffuser and concentrator attachments. These can also be found on the Magic and the Fantasy, but the Wonder still has the old bulky ones attached to the wall in the bathroom as of early January. This might have changed during its dry dock late last month.

Lastly, the Wave Phone.

This would be pretty useful for families but we did not get much use out of them as I don’t let Josh out of my sight.

The alarm clock sits on one of the nightstands and can be used as a music player and charger for the iPhone 4 and older iPods. It is not able to accommodate the iPhone 5 unless you bring an adapter, and even then I’m not sure that it would fit.

The phone sits on the other nightstand. There are no designated buttons for Guest Services, Room Service, etc., but you can dial 0 for a full menu of extension numbers for anyone you might need to call from your stateroom. Just press “1” to connect to your trusty room service steward.

The coffee table also opens for more storage.

The fridge is directly underneath the TV.

The verandah was very comfortable with two people. If you have adjoining rooms, you can adjust that white wall and pull it back to make one long verandah. If you do not, be ready to get friendly with your next door neighbors because you will hear every word they have to say.

Declining by degrees.

One of the great things about DCL is the split bathrooms in all of the rooms aside from the Standard Inside Staterooms. This is the first room with just a sink and a toilet.

The counter and shelves allow for a bit of storage in here, but not a huge amount. I brought a hanging toiletry bag and hung it on one of the hooks in the other bathroom.

2nd bathroom:

The second bathroom has an additional sink and a shower. Some rooms will have a shower/tub combo.

Plenty of room in these showers though. They have both a handheld shower head and a rain shower head (not pictured because Josh is unprofessional). Josh Edit: Hunny! So rude!

For the sake of comparison, we will take a quick look at a Standard Inside Stateroom on the newly “reimagined” Magic.

This is more like a Hollywood Studios rope drop circa 2009.

We were assigned room 7123 this time, category 11A, which is a Standard Inside Stateroom (11) on one of the higher decks (A). One of the biggest benefits of being on a higher deck is the proximity to the buffet restaurant, pool decks, spa/fitness center, and sports area. You may also find that higher decks offer better views and some say they feel less rockiness higher up. On the other hand, being one floor underneath the top decks may bring additional noise.

At 184 square feet, the inside rooms are quite a bit tighter than a Deluxe Family with Verandah.

Doable with two people, but four or even three adults might be too cramped. Two adults and one child would personally be my limit. However, if you’re not planning on spending much time in the room or the price is significantly lower than a larger room and you’d rather spend that money elsewhere, it might be worth considering.

Our room did not have a pull-down bed, but some will. Every stateroom on the ship (except the category R and T suites) will have a sofa that converts to a bed.

Curtains to separate the bed from the living area.

Since this was our second cruise, we were considered Silver Castaway Club members and received our first Castaway Club gifts. Josh Edit: Holllllaaaaaaaa!!!!

Unfortunately, they will only give you one set of gifts per stateroom, even if there are more than one Club member staying in the room. Luckily Josh was generous enough to let me have them, provided I carry around his fifteen pounds of camera equipment in this tote bag. But he would have made me do that anyway. What a deal. While the welcome letter promises a backpack and “all the items inside it,” everyone on the ship received the grey tote bag.

Awwwww. A flexible magnetic white board and pen is included inside the tote. We also received two “silver” lanyards upon check-in at the terminal.

The desk/vanity is much shorter in length than the one in the verandah room, but still provides lots of storage and drawer space.

The room includes all of the same paperwork that was found on our first day on the Dream, and also has Wave phones waiting for you.

The refrigerator is more of a cooling box. We used our ice bucket to keep our champagne cold when it was opened for consumption.

Said champagne. #boozecruise

The phones were not replaced during the “reimagination” but they work fine and include the buttons to directly call whomever you’re trying to contact.

I will also point out that the staterooms on the Magic do not have alarm clocks (or any clocks for that matter) so if you’d like to know what time it is in your room, bring a watch, cell phone, or travel alarm clock.

The closet had plenty of room for the two of us, and includes a safe with a passcode you set for yourself (as does the Dream).

I brought more clothes than any human being would ever need for 2 weeks, let alone 5 days, but we were both provided with plenty of hangers.

Laundry services.

There’s really no way around it, the bathroom was tiny.

The shower is almost uncomfortable. It’s very short and I can’t imagine a child over 4 being able to bathe in that teeny tub. The only shower head is a handheld one – no rain shower head. There was much more space in the shower on the Dream to put your shampoo, soap, etc. I had to balance my 3 little travel sized bottles on the ledges of this bathtub, but they did fit.

Old hairdryer in the bathroom.

New hairdryer in the desk drawer! Thank goodness.

One last thing to note about the inside rooms on the Magic and Wonder vs. the ones on the Dream and Fantasy is that the newer ships (Dream and Fantasy) have a “Magical Porthole,” which is an LCD flat-screen monitor that shows real-time views of the outside of the ship, streaming from live video being taken on your corresponding ship location (port or starboard).


  1. Dawn H says

    thanks Lisa! (oops one more exclamation point over quota)..I had been wanting to see what the rooms look like…great job.

  2. Renee says

    Awesome! Is it true that you got your last Disney cruise for $560 total? (You know, that guy who blogs here mentioned it). Could you share your sources beyond the fare tracker because that is a great deal!

  3. says

    After the literary relapse into text speak that was the Grand Flo post, I’m glad to see the writing caliber on this site being brought back up to snuff.

    Great stuff, Lisa. It truly is infinitely helpful, and you had me hooked at #boozecruise. May want to seek out a less talkative editor, though.

  4. Lisa says

    Alissa – fine for the two of us, but possibly problematic for more than two people. There was one outlet on each side of the bed on both ships (they also have this on the Fantasy, but not yet on the Wonder). There were also two 2-prong outlets and one 220V outlet for the hairdryer on the Dream and two 2-prong outlets, one 3-prong outlet, and one 200V outlet on the Magic, all of these at the desk areas. See below:



    JSYK, I’ve read that they are confiscating surge protectors/power strips/extension cords unless they are being used for medical purposes (CPAP machines, etc.). They are also on the list of prohibited items:

  5. pfalcioni says

    Loving the Updates By Lisa! (one more exclamation point over the quota, sorry about that). Excellent details without getting too wordy and a good dose of snark to keep things interesting.

  6. Lisa says

    Renee – my sources are the Disney Cruise Line site, the trick is to live in Florida and be able to travel within a week’s notice ; )

    JB – lol irl, I agree on all counts.

  7. Michelle UK says

    Thanks for the detailed information, Lisa. Never thought I would say this but a Disney cruise becomes more appealing the more I read about it (although definitely not in one of those tiny rooms since there are four of us.) Looking forward to more.

  8. Anonymous says

    Big tip re: Michelle’s post: we are a family if 5, and although we could fit, we learned that for just a bit more money, we could book 2 cabins! That means 2 sets of bathrooms, lots more room and some true privacy!

  9. Ray says

    So I know you might get to this in a future post, but I am curious, the pools look small. Are they very crowded during the day if you are not in port? Are they as small as they look? What if you are in port? Thanks. We have been considering a cruise and these posts are great timing and info for us.

  10. nitabee says

    Great post, lots of good information, Lisa, but you should fix your dining ticket so it doesn’t show your last name.

  11. Lisa says

    Thanks Susan, yeah I’ve been reading that other people had clocks in their rooms too but they all seem to be verandah or oceanview rooms – maybe just the inside rooms don’t have clocks? Or maybe we were just unlucky?? Anyone else care to chime in? I’m obviously really good at this blogging thing……………

  12. Mike says

    So was that Family room with veranda the one Josh was talking about in his last post about the Grand Floridian? At $540 for 2 people tax/tip/etc? (Assuming that was a per night cost and not for the entire 4 night cruise)

  13. Katherine says

    Mike, I think that the Family room with Verandah was the Disney Dream cruise they took in December. I doubt it was $540 total, as I’ve been in a similar room on the Dream and it was more like $2000 pp. The $540 was probably the interior room on the Magic cruise they just got back from.
    And….I sound like a Josh and Lisa stalker. Is that considered a “strike 3”?

  14. josh says

    The 4-night on the Magic with an inside cabin on deck 7 was $262.27 per person with taxes, fees, and tips.

    The 3-night on the Dream with a Veranda was $348.92 per person with taxes, fees, and tips and we ended up being upgraded automatically from there to a Family Deluxe at no charge.

    So the Magic cruise came out to $65/person per night, which is obviously a real steal. I really had no intention of going on another cruise with basically the same itinerary six weeks after the first one, but the price was too good to pass up.

  15. Mike says

    Ok wow, that is a shocker of a price. I’m not a big fan of cruises because it often seems that it would cost the same or cheaper to fly to same destination and spend X number of nights there. But at $65 pp/night I can see how that would be hard to pass up. Was this some sort of special pricing event? Or is this a standard cost?

  16. Cdn Gal says

    OK seriously! When are you going to marry Lisa?? ;). Hmmmm Champagne that is kept cold? I am wondering if it’s for an engagement! :)

  17. Karl says

    Lisa — I’m really enjoying the DCL coverage, but I did want to point something out:

    “You may also find that higher decks offer better views and some say they feel less rockiness higher up.”

    You did qualify it with “some say”, but physics would say that you will be most stable with a cabin that is located midship and at one of the lowest decks. Then you would be closest to the center of gravity of the ship.

    The drawback, of course, is that it takes longer to get to the top of the ship. But if you want stability, you actually want to low and midship.

  18. Anonymous says

    Those tiny bathrooms in the Magic’s standard inside cabins do have one advantage..A child can throw up in the toilet while sitting on the edge of the tub. Don’t ask.

  19. Alissa says

    Lisa – thanks for the reply and outlet pictures. We are on the magic at the beginning of March. Guess I will look for a battery operated alarm clock.

    Did you guys get lunch when you got on the ship? I’ve read mixed opinions about the buffet (good but crowded) vs the sit down option.

  20. cupcake says

    Awww, since you got on the Dream right after we got off I was hoping you’d have gotten our room so you could have handed in the completed comment card I’d forgotten on the dresser. Oh well.

    Nice photos, but they just remind me that I never want to take a cruise again, Disney or not.

  21. melissa says

    enjoying your report, Lisa. I did a cruise once and HATED it. I so want to like cruising but even seeing your pics of that smaller cabin just felt so tight..the memories returned! LOL! I need to be able to jump into a car when on vacation….Fun reading!

  22. Mary Ann says

    One tip I’ll mention for adults regarding the bathrooms is that you can always shower up in the locker rooms by the fitness/spa area. I preferred those showers anyway as they are MUCH larger and there is shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel in dispensers in the shower. But this area is restricted to adults only.

  23. RebeccaMcK says

    Great report installment, Lisa. Question: What other swag was in the Castaway Club tote you received? I guess we’ll get one if we ever go on a second Disney cruise some day. The Goldfish crackers found out on the deck are a little funny (fish on a ship). And that old hair dryer reminds me of vacuum cleaners. Looking forward to reading more about your take on Disney cruising.

  24. Sheri says

    We shared this cruise with you, room 7064 and we had an alarm clock. Ours was a deluxe verandah suite so it may just be the interiors. The night light on the clock is so bright it lights the whole room, happy when I figured out how to shut it off :)
    It was a great cruise!

  25. Nick Wilson says

    Hi Lisa!!!

    This is Nick and Danielle. We accompanied you and Josh on this cruise and had dinner with you. Thank you so much for a wonderful time! We are looking to go back for the Halloween Cruise!! Please stay in touch!!!

  26. Anonymous says

    Can you imagine how fantastic it would be to find you had Josh and Lisa as your table mates on the ship!! Forget dine with the characters or dine with an imaginer…I wanna dine with Josh and Lisa!

  27. Tavia says

    Thank you for the info & pics! 1st time I have finally seen some great pics of the Magic’s inside rooms. Love your whole site!


    great job lisa >> wow the booze .. keep up the good work . live in fla may have to pay closer attention to Disney cruise

  29. Psac says

    I agree, higher and center is best for motion sickness.

    Disney Cruise Lines is far and above better than any other mass market cruise lines. We were blown away by it, two adults with no kids, but of course Disney fans. Highly recommend!

  30. Katherine says

    Hi Lisa…

    When is part 3 coming?? I leave for my 2nd Disney Dream cruise in 95 short days and need all the Josh/Lisa insight I can get!

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