Crescent Lake Update Part 1 – BoardWalk Bakery Review, Yachtsman Steakhouse Review, Breakfast and Flying Fish Review

It’s been a while since we visited BoardWalk Bakery, which reopened from a four-month refurbishment all the way back in April 2013.

Quick service choices in the BoardWalk aren’t as slim as it might appear, though there is no large dedicated area like most other resorts. There’s the Bakery.

There’s the pizza window next door that serves bad pizza.

Beach Club Marketplace is shared by the Yacht and Beach cCubs and offers a limited menu of mostly sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, and salads.

Hurricane Hannah’s is another choice, offering burgers and other sandwiches and the pool bar next door offers even more items, like the California Grilled Chicken Chicken Breast – Applewood-smoked Bacon, Avocado, White Cheddar, Ranch Dressing and Brioche Bun with choice of French Fries, Yam Chips or Organic Mixed Greens Salad – $15 and La Brea Bakery Cheeseburger – White Cheddar, Chipotle Dressing, Carmelized Onion, Cornichons and Brioche Bun with choice of French Fries, Yam Chips or Organic Mixed Greens Salad – $15.

Back to the Bakery. Not a whole lot has changed since our last visit. Everything is about 50 cents more expensive. The Two-Cheese Focaccia replaces the salmon sandwich.

The lousy quiches are no longer available. It’s either a typo or the focaccia is the same price with or without a side, whereas the others see a $2 charge.

The Craisin salad replaces the Baby Spinach and Apple Mixed Greens.

Gluten free options mixed in:

Inside the case:



It’s among the best assortments of treats you’ll find outside the theme parks.

You can refill your mug here. It’s a very rare “mello yello” location.

Tea and coffee.

Lisa ordered the Herb-grilled Chicken and Apple Mixed Greens Salad featuring Ocean Spray Craisins Brand Dried Cranberries, Goat Cheese and Pomegranate Vinaigrette – $11.79. It’s larger than it looks and amounted to two full meal’s worth. Everything is reliably fresh with a generous portion of chicken in the center and a heap of goat cheese. If you like the ingredients, you’ll like the salad.

A lousy picture of the Pork Loin Sandwich with Creamy Apple Slaw on a Kaiser Roll served with Cucumber Salad or Chips $9.49 is a sizable pile of very herb-y, slightly lemony pork topped with a crunchy, slightly apple-y slaw on a fresh kaiser roll. It was a pretty decent sandwich, but I’m not sure it stood out from the pack. Very serviceable though.

With so many freshly baked items, I wasn’t expecting a simple bag of Lay’s Classic chips, but that’s what was served.

We tried the Lobster Roll on a previous visit and it’s very good with several ounces of lobster.

Changing gears slightly, we head over to the Yacht Club for dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse.

Yachtsman is one of two signature restaurants in the Epcot resort area. Flying Fish being the other. It’s also one of two fancy steakhouses – the other being Shula’s.

New menu:

There are quite a few changes since our last visit back in April and I won’t bore you with a list. The restaurant’s signature items remain, including the Caesar Salad, Filet Mignon, and Truffle Macaroni and Cheese. The 32-oz Porterhouse for Two comes out sizzling from the kitchen so you can tell whenever one passes.

Most Disney resort lounges changed their menus last week to this with several new cocktails, including the Sidecar Noir and Fireball Cocktail. Apparently whoever distributes Fireball is giving it away. In a strange twist, the Yacht Club bars were also offering 15+ tequilas. I’m not an expert on drinks (lol), but it seems like the Yacht Club crowd is somewhat unlikely to order a round of Cuervo shots.


The wine list is extensive in addition to these.

We are joined by Lisa’s parents, Randy and Patti, celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. Because of this…and only because of this…I let them each order whatever they wanted, even if it happened to be the same thing. This is the Chef’s Garden Heirloom Tomatoes – Marinated Mozzarella, Cucumber, Compressed Watermelon – $16.00.

While expensive, the ingredients are reliably fresh and high quality.

Lisa ordered the Caesar Salad – Crisp Romaine, Parmigiano, Coppa Secca, and Focaccia Croutons – $12.00. Just about any other salad on property is more or less “just a salad,” but Yachtsman’s Caesar really is something else. Anyone that’s tried it will know what I’m talking about, but the dressing, croutons, and wedge really are that good somehow.

Being a slave to bloggability myself, I ordered what sounded like the most interesting appetizer: Peekytoe Crab-stuffed Donuts Sweet Corn Succotash, Ramp Tartar Sauce, Guanciale – $17.00. Peekytoe is a fancy name for rock crab. The name comes from the fact that the crab’s legs curve inward.

These were stuffed with crab and overall, the dish was not unlike crab cakes. That really is powdered sugar on top, offering up an unusual sweetness that you don’t usually get accompanying crab. Overall, it was an interesting dish and a good value despite the high price. Instead of going “full donut” with the sugar, I think the donuts would have been even better with a different sauce or spice. The sweet corn added another layer of sweetness. Overall, very good and a bit different from your standard crab cake.

We were served a small dollop of apple ginger sorbet as a palate cleanser in between courses. Very refreshing.

Patti ordered the 16-oz Boneless Rib-Eye – Brioche, Bone Marrow, Point Reyes Blue Cheese Butter – $46.00, substituting the marrow for the sweet potato casserole. Most sides here are interchangeable so if bone marrow doesn’t sound appetizing or you prefer mashed potatoes over fries, you can request a substitution.

The casserole, offering a sweet component.

Lisa is not a steak person and instead opted for the Butternut Squash Waffle – Maple-Salsify Syrup, Brown Butter, Asian Pear, Chanterelle – $31.00. She’s still raving about it, though it is topped with a lot of unadvertised mushrooms that she wasn’t so wild about. Anyway, it’s a savory waffle with the squash component hidden mostly underneath.

Randy ordered the 8-oz Black Angus Filet Mignon – Mashed Potatoes and Cabernet Wine Sauce – $49.00 with the truffle fries subbed for the mashed. All of Yachtsman’s steaks are certified choice or prime and the filet is reliably tender and flavorful with a nice red wine sauce adding complexity to the meat.

I ordered the 12-oz Prime New York Strip Steak – White Cheddar Twice-baked Potato, Peppercorn-Brandy Sauce – $49.00 which was fork tender and expertly trimmed.

I was expecting a little more from the twice-baked potato, which was small and lacked any sort of punch of flavor. Pretty pedestrian.


Overall, it was a very good meal. And when you’re charging $50 for a steak, it probably should be. With that said, there are an awful lot of places you can order an expensive steak and I’m not sure Yachtsman does anything out of the ordinary to compel a visit. Flying Fish across the lake offers a more innovative menu with a broader selection of choices in an atmosphere that is a little more unique. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by Yachtsman, but in my opinion, there’s nothing about it that warrants a special visit.

Yacht Club is otherwise a mess. I am not really a “OMG A BURNED OUT LIGHTBULB DISNEY IN THE 90s WAS SO MUCH BETTER” kind of person, but the carpets in the hallways were filthy. Luckily, the Beach and Yacht Clubs are expected to undergo a massive refurbishment in the near future.

Resort specific merchandise looks to be on the way out again at most resorts. Yacht Club was down to this one shirt, in addition to the magnet and keychain they usually offer, with no plans to restock.

Kouzzina by Cat Cora closed at the end of September. And in its wake, Flying Fish began serving breakfast:

The menu was interesting because nothing about it exactly screamed “Flying Fish.” And as it turns out, this is actually the menu Trattoria al Forno will offer when it opens on December 18, replacing Kouzzina.

Lisa visited with the fam this past Sunday. This is the Waffle with Whipped Vanilla-Coffee Mascarpone and choice of Bacon or Chicken Sausage – $10.99. Very good.

The Scrambled Eggs with Tomato, Basil, and fresh Mozzarella served with Breakfast Potatoes and Bacon – $12.99.

And the same with chicken sausage.

BoardWalk Bakery nearby serves two breakfast entrees, in addition to all those pastries and such:

  • House Biscuit with Omelet with your choice of Turkey Sausage or Bacon served with Fruit – $7.39.
  • Egg Bowl – Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes with Fruit and choice of Turley Sausage or Bacon – $9.79.

I am not a sit-down breakfast type of person, but either should do the trick depending on whether or not you prefer a quick meal or something a little more drawn out.


  1. Claytonia says

    Excellent reviews. The “chanterelles” mentioned in the description of Lisa’s dish at the Yachtsman were the mushrooms, just fyi.

  2. George says

    There’s a big difference between choice and Prime, and only the NY Strip is classified as Prime on the menu. If that’s the case, either the NY Strip is a bargain or the Ribeye is overpriced, even considering the 4oz difference between the two.

    • josh says

      Yeah it was more casual and chatty than you would ordinarily expect from a stuffier establishment. And on our previous visit service was very good until the end.

  3. Megan says

    My stomach is growling reading this review. Also, the condition of the carpet is kind of unacceptable. We thought the BC was looking tired back in 2012. Can’t imagine what it looks like now. Excited for the refurb!

  4. Keith says

    “Yachtsman is one of two signature restaurants in the Epcot resort area. Flying Fish being the other.”

    You don’t consider Blue Zoo a signature restaurant? Funny… I view Blue Zoo far and away the best restaurant in the Boardwalk area. Shula’s is also excellent, but it is more of a classic steak house.

    • Anonymous says

      “You don’t consider Blue Zoo a signature restaurant? Funny… I view Blue Zoo far and away the best restaurant in the Boardwalk area. Shula’s is also excellent, but it is more of a classic steak house.”

      The designation for signature restaurants is that they take two TS credits on the DDP. bluezoo doesn’t participate in the DDP.

      We ate at the Yachtsman a number of years ago, and feel the same way. It’s fine, but didn’t knock our socks off. We never felt compelled to return. We almost always eat at the Flying Fish though.

      • Keith says

        Interesting…those that care about DDP are in the minority (especially among gastronomes) so to define the group by a subset seems like a flawed characterization. Nevertheless, Blue Zoo and Shula’s remain in a superior category to the other Boardwalk eateries…with Flying Fish and Il Mulino a notch down.

  5. Anna says

    Odd question, but do you remember if the lobster roll had any red pepper or red pepper flakes in it? It looks so tasty, but red peppers and I are not friends. I only found out recently they’re sometimes used in lobster rolls.

  6. Laurie says

    Josh, thank you so much for this timely review. We will be dining there in a month. We are staying at YC, so I hope it is as nice as the $$$. I won’t hold high expectations for the carpet in the lobby.

    • Lisa says

      The rooms are in need of a refurb. Prepare yourself for some incredibly dated wallpaper. But there’s lots of balcony space and the beds are very comfy :)

        • Sean says

          Laurie, we stayed at YC our last 2 trips to Disney and REALLY liked it. There were some less than great issues like rust on some bathroom metal (which probably isn’t acceptable in a $400 a night room) but the location and grounds are hard to beat.

  7. Mary Ann says

    Had some of that fireball whiskey last weekend. It’s pretty wonderful stuff. Might have to see if I can get the proportions for the sidecar noir. Thanks for the food porn.

  8. Boski says

    Big couple of weeks for Fireball. Its at Disney, you can mount a gopro to the bottle and be a big hit on youtube, and its getting recalled in Europe.

  9. Ivy says

    We ate at Yachtsman in August and thought the spinach and the twice-baked tater were both horribly salty. The waiter cut me off when I started to explain why I didn’t want to take the almost-untouched spinach home, so no chance of taking it off the bill. On the whole it was not a special dining experience for the money. Boatwright’s prime rib was seriously just as good.

    Another salad that isn’t “just a salad” is the grilled romaine at Turf Club. It’s my favorite.

  10. Dawn H says

    Josh, any clue what it means on the Daily Special menu board at the bakery when it states “your choice of two”?…b/c then it goes on to list a sandwich and a side for a set price? hmmmm just wondering

  11. Pam H. says

    The bread on the gluten free turkey sandwich looks suspiciously like regular bread. I can honestly say I have never seen a gluten free bread that looked like that. Maybe someone mixed up the labels. I will definitely watch what we get when we go.

  12. dusty cheatham says

    had a chance to try yachtsman dec of 15 . sadly it fell far short of signature dinning . over priced steaks just … well lets just say I grill a better steak at home . service was excellent & tried to ” help ” if that is the right word the poor quality of the meal .

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