Cinderella’s Holiday Wish and Castle Dream Lights 2013 at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Holiday Wish is Magic Kingdom’s seven-minute-stage-show-prelude to the Castle Dream Lights.

The show is scheduled nightly at 6:15pm through December 31st. Unofficially, the show is typically extended into the first week in January and I would expect to see it through January 5th. Holiday Wish is actually one of Disney’s least advertised holiday happenings, perhaps because they want you to assume it’s only scheduled on Christmas Party nights or only viewable by those who have paid the upcharge. Unfortunately, anyone trying to see the show during the Party will find out they’ve arrived too late.

The show happens on the Castle Forecourt Stage, which is the same one used for Dream Along with Mickey during the day. Crowds are generally thin in front of the stage up until 6:10pm. With little kids, you may want to hang back from the stage a bit so they have an opportunity to see over the heads of the taller people in front. You’ll also have a better view of the full Castle for the lighting ceremony. Closer isn’t necessarily better.

Disney’s Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It! Street Party is usually scheduled at 5:40pm.

This is beneficial for a couple reasons. First, it cuts off a lot of traffic to the area in front of the stage, which means few people arriving before about 6:05pm. It also entertains guests as they wait for Holiday Wish. If you’re planning to see the Parade, consider viewing down in the Hub area. After the Parade marches back through Main Street, you can find a good spot in front of everyone headed over from other Lands.

Or view on YouTube. The show lasts seven minutes and features Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Fairy Godmother. If it’s raining or otherwise deemed to be inclement weather, there is an abridged show with just Fairy Godmother lighting the Castle.

While not necessarily a “must see,” it’s a fun way to get your group in the holiday spirit if you can swing the timing.

The Castle remains lit for the rest of the evening.

PhotoPass photographers are available from a few vantage points, including right in front of the Castle, on the Tomorrowland Bridge, and in front of the Rose Garden.

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  1. Jill Mac says

    Thanks for the update! I get tingles looking at the castle lit up like that, can’t wait to see it in person again in a couple of weeks!

    Thank you also for providing the time for the show. I was under the wrong impression last year that we could only see it on our MVMCP night. I’m almost positive that I never saw it advertised on any of the Disney printed materials. We arrived around 5, then headed into Pinnochio’s around 6 to eat, just to come back out and see the castle was already lit up. I was so disappointed…. but I won’t miss it this year!

  2. Chris Lar457 says

    We just happened upon this last week on our way out before the party started. It is a good point to get close early, as everyone rushes forward from all over as the show starts. We had no more that 10 families move directly in front of us during the show.

    Make sure there is no room in front of you to avaiod this.

    It was a very cool show, better than just flipping a switch.

  3. wongck says

    Thanks for the hints.
    I have planned to see this show moving to the castle area around 6 pm.
    Now I know the location where I should be.
    You’re the best !!!

  4. Tiffany says

    Not sure if it’s too late to ask this, but if I want to see this show with a 5 year old and a husband in an ECV (DISCLAIMER: definitely not lazy, disabled veteran with really nasty back injury and several surgeries now living with nerve damage and chronic pain), I should be off to the side of the stage like against the railing set back a bit? Kind of from the vantage point you took one of the photos in this post? TIA!

  5. josh says

    Yes you certainly could. It can be difficult to get to that area during the Move it! Parade. You’ll probably want to arrive in the Hub area either by 5:45pm or make your way over after the Parade rolls out at 6:05pm. There is a lot of room further back from the stage and I don’t think you’ll have any problems finding a spot further back.

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