Boulder Ridge Cove Pool Walk-around and the Outside of a $3200 a Night Cabin at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Previously, we took a look at the refurbished Roaring Fork quick service. In a couple of weeks, we’ll head upstairs to check out a new Copper Creek Deluxe Studio and 1-Bedroom Villa. For now, it’s out to the pool to try to take some pictures without getting arrested (again).

A reminder that the former location of the Trout Pass Pool Bar is somehow going to be remodeled into the “Salon by the Springs.” I hope there’s some sound-proofing.

One of Wilderness Lodge’s big new additions and a win for all guests staying at the resort is the arrival of the Boulder Ridge Cove pool, which replaces the former quiet pool in between the Wilderness Lodge’s main building and the separate DVC wing, which is now known as the Boulder Ridge Villas.

Hidden Springs Pool, pictured above, is what was replaced. This is about as boring as Disney pools get – no theming whatsoever outside of four rocks haphazardly placed across the way and a small hot tub over yonder. It was “adequate,” but not something you’d go out of your way for unless you were looking to get away from the cast member barking out easy trivia questions. “NEMO IS WHAT KIND OF FISH?”

And Boulder Ridge Cove along with Geyser Point have come an awfully long way in not a whole lot of time (for Disney). This is what the area looked like last September.

Here’s where we are in context. The new “quiet pool” is just about a minute’s walk away from Geyser Point or the ground floor of the Boulder Ridge Villas. It’s maybe two minutes from the feature pool or three or four minutes out from the main building, if that.

A walk along where some of the new Cabins sit:

They’re more than a little cute as it sort of “feels” like a little neighborhood of cabins, each with in its winding walkway up to the front door. And unlike the Polynesian Bungalows, these don’t really steal any beach front space from regular guests. At a minimum of $1,835 a night, all the way up to an even $3,200 over Christmas, few of us will probably ever see the inside of one. But I guess that’s okay.

A look around the pool:

It’s zero-depth on at least a couple of sides, which should be nice for the kids. It’s also surrounded by fun details and plenty(?) of loungers and umbrellas, in addition to a couple of shaded cabana spaces.

Over at the Oasis Pool at Polynesian Village, those cabanas started out being “free” but went to a paid reservation system shortly after. I’m not sure what’s the most fair – perhaps it should be “free” with a 2-hour signup or something. But I doubt Disney wants to deal with policing that.

One potential downside is that there is no water slide.

A few exterior pictures:

Overall, every new addition that I’ve seen so far at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been overwhelmingly positive. Geyser Point is a fantastic spot to stop for a drink and a bite to eat. Roaring Fork may leave something to be desired as far as variety is concerned, but what’s offered is very good, and there are other quick service and lounge options in addition to what it serves. The new pool is an upgrade in every sense of the word. I have no doubt that there will be a few things to nitpick. And nitpicking time will come. But for now, I think we can sit back and enjoy what seems like some great new additions to one of Disney’s best overall Deluxe resorts.


  1. Angeliqie says

    No. It’s not okay. I may have cried a little. But I supppose I could stay in a cute cabin in the actual northwest. *sogh

  2. John says

    The pool and hot tub look great! Thanks for the pictures, Josh. You have the best WDW site on the internet. I cannot see how the cabins would ever be worth the money they want to charge.

  3. Terri Hilton says

    Every time our family visits WDW we stay at the Wilderness Lodge. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and review of our “home away from home.” Your website is the best and I recommend it to all my friends when they are planning a vacation to Disney. I’m still thrilled that my husband and I enjoyed a delicious brunch with you last October at California Grill. You are a great person and it was a pleasure to meet you.

  4. Linda says

    That’s the spirit, Bobby! Thanks, Josh. Thanks to you I just chose to grab 2 nights there to replace 2 at OKW in September. And is it just me, or is the sky just a little bluer at WL than other resorts?

  5. anon says

    I gotta say… the fences being added to all the refurbed pools are so ugly. Makes me think of motels by the beach. Are there magicband scanners on this one? I don’t see any in the pics.

    • Jon says

      The fences are required by Florida state law though so not a great deal they can do. At least parts of the fence runs through landscaping or is part of rockwork so isn’t just a straight sided fence.

  6. Disney Fanboy says

    No slide? Lame….

    Just Kidding, I never think ANYTHING Disney does is lame! Disney is always right! Disney is AWESOME!

    Fanboy Out!

  7. Dallas says

    Whoever thinks that paying 3200 a night for any Disney hotel is a good option is delusional. You can easily go on a very nice vacation to the northwest for that one night price.

  8. ed says

    I guess the over-water bungalows sort of makes sense at that price being at a monorail resort but disney has actual cabins in the woods on property for less.

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