Beer and Wine Coming to Four New Magic Kingdom Restaurants

The Orlando Sentinel today confirmed a story that has been floating around for the last few days – four new Magic Kingdom restaurants will begin serving beer and wine on December 23rd. That means Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, Skipper Canteen and Cinderella’s Royal Table will join Be Our Guest Restaurant in serving alcohol to guests dining at those restaurants. As the Sentinel stipulates, no alcoholic beverages will be available to go and there will be no “bar” to speak of.

Magic Kingdom was of course historically “dry” during regular hours before Be Our Guest opened with an extensive beer and wine list back in November/December 2012. At that time, there was some “concern” that alcohol sales would spill out to other restaurants and perhaps even quick service outlets or mobile carts. But regardless of what your stance is on whether or not Disney “should” serve booze based on what Walt Disney may or may not have meant 60 years ago, I think the fact remains that Be Our Guest’s beverage service has not increased the number of drunks rummaging about the Park in any meaningful way. And there really shouldn’t be much concern that adults that would like to enjoy a glass of beer or wine with their meals will stumble out of Tony’s Town Square at 1:30pm and proceed to throw up on Donald Duck while traumatized children cry and angry parents attempt to cover their eyes.

But while you could easily argue that someone consuming two or three drinks over the course of an hour at The Wave or Tambu Lounge and then hopping on the monorail to Magic Kingdom would be more intoxicated than anybody sipping a glass of Veuve at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and because of that, “what’s the big deal,” the fact that Magic Kingdom did not serve alcohol was one of those intangibles that made Disney special. On the other hand, does anybody really turn up Main Street and say to themselves, “So uhhhhhh this is okay but the fact that I can order a Saison Dupont at Be Our Guest Restaurant during dinner hours really kills the mood.”

So personally, I have mixed feelings about this. $8 bottles of beer and $75 bottles of Rosa Regale are not really my thing anyway. And that’s okay. If you choose not to order a drink, I don’t think you’ll really be affected in any meaningful way. Out of all of my visits to Magic Kingdom, I’m not sure I’ve ever really noticed anybody that was visibly intoxicated. And one of my favorite stories of all time was watching a dad chug a Bug Light going over to Magic Kingdom on the ferry boat at 7:45am. Dude knew what he was up against and he was taking proactive measures. You have to respect that.

But with Disney breaking the seal and moving beer and wine to the other table service restaurants, it seems reasonable that in a few years we’ll be talking about what’s on tap at Pecos Bill and whether the cocktail list at Tony’s makes up for the frozen chicken parmigiana. Of course, we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

For now, this is obviously positive news for those that wish they could order a glass of wine with their steak. For those that are offended by the very notion, the good news is that it shouldn’t have any sort of appreciable effect on your day. A glass of wine is not going to cause most people to punch Mickey and swear at your kids. And in reality, that glass of wine has been available ten minutes from the gate for 45+ years.

Don’t let me stop you from visiting the Pitchfork Emporium on the way home from work though.


  1. Dorliss Chambers says

    This is not a big deal, though there are those who will raise a stink about it. Your point about what Walt intended 60 years ago is well taken. I don’t think there were places like Applebees, Chilis, etc. where you could get booze any time of day. At Disney prices, anyone who can afford to get blasted on beer or wine would much rather spend that small fortune in a more comfortable setting than the Magic Kingdom.

  2. Julia Thomason says

    This makes me sad. Walt did not want alcohol served in the park, although he himself, did drink. He wanted a “family” park. I wish they had kept it out of the Magic Kingdom. I know that I am in the minority though.

  3. Dawn says

    I don’t think that serving alcohol makes the park any less family oriented. Parents are commonly respectful of one another and their children, I am sure it will all be in good taste (no pun intended). For the record, no, I do not drink.

    • Dusty cheatham says

      miss dawn “parents are commonly respectful ” does not fit anymore in this me, me ,me myself & I generation. and it is never more apparent than at Disney. HEY I PAID $$$$$ so some how this excuses bad behavior. it is all about the bottom line for Disney. they think they can make money on booze in magic kingdom . and this was not to put you down . merry Christmas to all

  4. Mark Rosenzweig says

    Booze has been available at the other three WDW theme parks and both waterparks since their respective openings. Serving liquor at waterparks to me poses a far greater potential “danger” (where physical activity is required to partake in most attractions) than at any theme park (where you are mainly just a passenger). There is zero loss here for all parties involved) and I really hope the whining is kept to a minimum.

  5. says

    I don’t come to this website to read articles that employ logic and reason. My feelings tell me what to think, and you can’t persuade me otherwise.

  6. Disney Fanboy says

    Another great move by Disney!

    This is long-overdue. Sometimes a cold beer is just the ticket on those hot July evenings!

    And for those of you who care what Walt thinks…,,the man is dead! Let him rest in peace.

    And for those of you worried about an increase in bad behavior….alcohol has been widely available at WDW outside of Magic Kingdom and it hasn’t been a problem.


  7. Denny says

    At a sit down meal, it’s not as big a deal, but I really hope they don’t serve it “to go”. Yes it’s just “10 minutes away” but I’d rather not see it in MK it’s self. (FTR I do enjoy a drink or 2, so I’m not opposed to drinking, just don’t think it needs to be in MK)

  8. Larry says

    For those who say alcohol in the MK detracts from the “family” atmosphere, I’d just like to ask them what kind of environment they have in their homes… assuming, of course, that they choose to drink alcohol at home in front of their kids.

  9. Lance says

    “And one of my favorite stories of all time was watching a dad chug a Bug Light going over to Magic Kingdom on the ferry boat at 7:45am. Dude knew what he was up against and he was taking proactive measures. You have to respect that.” Awesome… that is all.

    • Rusty says

      Great Story! And, a damn fine way to kickoff 12 hours of park touring in 98 degree heat with two screaming toddlers, a sullen teenager, meddling in-laws and of course my beautiful wife (who thinks a fast pass is my way of getting frisky).

  10. Christine NK says

    Seriously, anyone wanting to drink at MK has been able to. Not all water bottles are water and not all the resort mugs are filled with coffee. ? I honestly don’t expect to see any difference at MK now that you can get an overpriced drink at a mediocre restaurant.
    I do wonder if the alcohol will increase reservations at the 4 restaurants though….

    • AnneMarie says

      I don’t know about increasing reservation numbers but I’m sure average time spent at each table will definitely go up! I’m all for it, however.

  11. says

    Yeah, I’m not crazy about the “Walt didn’t want it” argument. Walt didn’t want it back then but he wanted Disney to constantly change and grow according to times. So who knows what he might think of it now. I don’t care either way. I kind of hope they do more than beer and wine because I think they could do some fun cocktails at Skipper Canteen.

  12. Pluto says

    Dont think it will make a difference, although im not in favour of it myself.

    The other parks do serve booze. Ive heard of some bad scenes at Epcot because of drunks. Now maybe that was during food & wine i dont know. Epcot is also a little different.

  13. Crystal says

    I don’t think it is a big deal. Removing Epcot during F&W on the weekends form the equation (Since that is a different beast) I don’t think I have encountered a drunk person. I do enjoy a drink or two with dinner, so usually I bail for a couple of hours to a monorail resort for an early dinner to escape the chaos and sit in comfortable air conditioning and have a cold beer with my meal.

    My mom is not a big drinker – I took her on her 1st ever trip back in early 2011 – and explained that MK was dry before the trip, her response – no big deal, I don’t drink that much anyway. We hit that park after a day at Epcot and AK where of course you can get alcohol. Sitting on the porch at Tony’s (Last time I have ate there) waiting for our reservation, she said – you know what would be great, a nice glass of wine with my meal. I told her – Magic Kingdom is dry. She was like “oh shit”. Her voice carries – about 1/2 the people on the porch start cracking up laughing. Needless to say she gave a thumbs up to this announcement!

  14. Tina says

    I carry Irish coffee and road pop in all the parks including MK and have sense I could drink. This should not really affect anything except my new New Year’s resolution, to punch Mickey and swear at random kids with the hopes Josh is within ear shot and I make his blog!

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