Beef Lo Mein From Yak & Yeti, NONE SHALL PASS, No More Wilderness Explorers, Hunt For The Swamp Wallaby – Animal Kingdom 1/10/12

After an early morning at Hollywood Studios, we’re headed over to Animal Kingdom to see if there’s anything of interest going on.

I hope you enjoy this picture because it’s all down hill from here.  I’m not sure if this advertisement (taken on the inside of the bus over to Animal Kingdom) is new, but it’s interesting to see Disney try to push people to Downtown Disney during the day.  As you may be aware, it gets pretty hectic on Friday and Saturday nights in particular.  If you’re looking to do some “serious shopping,” but don’t want to deal with the crowds, Downtown Disney is “dead” in the morning and afternoon just about 360 days a year.

Timon was greeting guests just after security and before you went through the turnstiles.

Along with Goofy.

I am pretty upset that Disney is refurbishing my favorite piece of concrete for the second time in less than six months.

Not a lot of people entering Animal Kingdom just after 11am:

A lot more to the left rather than the right.  People are funny.  It seems to depend on whichever turnstiles are closer to the security lines.  At Animal Kingdom, the turnstiles on the left are further away, so people tend to stay to the right.  At Epcot, the turnstiles to the left are closer so people tend to line up there rather than walking a few extra steps to the turnstiles further to the right.

Do you see it?

That’s because the bird asked me to give it a little time while it preened itself for the camera.  Lookin’ good, what-I’m-sure-is-a-much-rarer-than-it-appears-to-be bird!

In this one you’re looking for the swamp wallaby.

Do you see it in the picture above?

Me neither.

Disney has the left walkway up through the Oasis and into Discovery Island walled off.  None shall pass…without the key to the door anyway.

This is where you would ordinarily pop out.  To the right is the Tree of Life and Discovery Island.

Wait times at 11:22:4am.  That’s four seconds after 11:22am.  This website cuts no corners when it comes to accuracy.

That’s what time it is, right?  I can’t read these things.  What year is this anyway?  1917?  NextGen…give me a break!

Flik continues to meet guests to the left of It’s Tough To Be A Bug.

But our Wilderness Explorer Friends, Russel and Dug, have departed.  Their last Meet and Greet date was January 7th.  Hopefully they will be back!

I’ve been looking for a job that actually pays money.  This message board at the entrance to DinoLand USA seems like as good of a place as any.

Stable is one word for it.

This board actually explains the entire backstory to DinoLand, Chester and Hester, DINOSAUR, Primeval Whirl and everything else:

Full size for a more readable image:

Pretty straightforward work order.

A handier map of the area than what Disney will give you at the entrance, that’s for sure!

Full size –

Never stopped here right?  It’s on the right hand side as you walk toward TriceraTop Spin from Discovery Island.  Should you stop, you’ll be the second person ever.

Poor Goofy and Pluto getting chased from their Meet and Greet around the corner.

Both sides of Primeval Whirl were operating.  You can see a vehicle at the top of the image spinning around.  In case Space Mountain didn’t break your neck, there’s always this.

Obviously, operating two sides doubles the capacity and halves wait times.

It’s still offering FASTPASS.

10 minutes is probably pretty accurate – maybe 15 with the slow loading/unloading.

Up to Expedition Everest.

That’s probably a little over exaggerated, but still longer than we’d like to wait at this point in the day.

You could FASTPASS it with a return time a little further than an hour in the future.

Or head over to the Single Rider line where the wait would be closer to ten or fifteen minutes.

Anyone want to risk the brain eating amoeba to see how deep this thing is?

It’s been a warm winter thus far.  Today’s (January 10th) high was in the mid 70s.  Today’s (January 12th) high was around 75 as well.  Tomorrow it drops though.  A high of 63 degrees!!  And on Saturday, a low of 38!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Anyway, Kali River Rapids wasn’t distributing FASTPASSes, as it often doesn’t in January and February.

A minimal standby wait nonetheless.

Uh oh.  I don’t have a picture of the Yak & Yeti quick service with Beef Lo Mein on the menu!!!  I was going to link you to: but it has Orange Beef instead!!!!!!!!  Whoops.  Will update!

This is the Beef Lo Mein from Yak & Yeti (Anandupar) Local Food Cafes.  It replaces the Orange Beef if my brain is working properly.  Or it’s in addition to the Orange Beef………I’m “literally” scratching my head.  This is the best thing I’ve had at Walt Disney World in quite a while.  And I’m not just saying that because I took a three week “vacation” in December.  It was “literally” put in the box hot from the stove.  Steam was “literally” rising off it after I opened the box.  A lot of beef, noodles cooked perfectly, vegetables with just the right crunch.  I was thoroughly impressed.

You may recall the Shrimp Lo Mein that Yak & Yeti offered as recently as a year or two ago.  That wasn’t nearly as good because they made it in much larger batches.  The shrimp and noodles became gummy long before the food was even served to guests.  This was much better.

It’s a big portion too.  Granted, that’s a “short” water next to it, but this was plenty filling.  Almost too much, and I was starving.  Starving I tell you!!

Take me where I need to go, kid!

Ruh roh.  All of these people are exiting from the Flights of Wonder show that just ended.

Years of Walt Disney World research have taught me that it’s best to stop for a margarita in times like these.

This little stand is a little out of the way.  As you’re walking from Asia to Africa, you’ll see it on the right just before you arrive at the entrance to Flights of Wonder.

This is Mr. Kamal’s, which is on the Disney Dining Plan in 2012.  It’s also located on the path that connects Africa and Asia in the back of the Park.  You might remember from a recent review that most of you will want to skip this one.  They serve “Boneless Buffalo Wings,” which are actually chicken nuggets dipped in sauce from a jug.  Six of them served with a bag of chips for $7.19.  Outrageous.

Kilimanjaro Safaris wait time was sitting at 30 minutes just after noon.

With FASTPASSes about 50 minutes in the future.

Looks like we have a clear path to the babirusa.

That’s a babirusa bottom.  Looks sort of like a pig-deer to me.

I guess I’m not the only one, since it’s name “literally” means “pig-deer.”  Interesting.

That’s about it from Animal Kingdom at the moment.  I’ll get you that Beef Lo Mein menu picture STAT!


  1. keri says

    that “have the DAY time of your life” ad has been around since at least October. i saw it when i parked at DTD and rode a bus to Port Orleans and then another bus to the F&W Festival.

    it’s always confused me because it looks like dusk/evening in the photo from the way the coloring is done.

    SPEAKING of Disney transportation ads, do you ever notice the Aulani one and get really confused about whether or not the one person is wearing a bathing suit? in the morning, when i was only half-awake and staring into space, before i had any caffeine, i’d spend at least five minutes trying to figure out why one of the family members was naked, and on a Disney bus ad, too.

  2. keri says

    er, in case it’s not obvious, i should add that none of the people in the Aulani ad are actually naked. it’s just that the angle of the photo, the green water with pink flowers, and the close-to-skin-colored-with-pink-flowers bathing suit all make it blend a bit. i was always half-convinced that the girl was missing a limb, too, thanks to photochoppery.

    also also, those are some lovely photos of water features. i think i left AK the first time i went with more photos of waterfalls and streams than anything else.

  3. Peaches says

    I hope you brought some gloves back with you from Seattle, it dropped 28 degrees today here in Atlanta and will continue to drop tonight.

  4. Melanie says

    We caught Russell and Dug on Friday 1/6. They were very sweet. Sorry to hear they are no longer on active meet and greet duty.

  5. Regina says

    I cannot understand why they don’t have merch with the Dino Institute logo on it. A button, a tshirt? Would have been a perfect gift for a grown brother who still likes dinosaurs.

  6. cupcake says

    This is completely unrelated to your post and I apologize, but jiminy cricket Josh, MK on 1/12, which I know, I know, was your least recommended park, was complete insanity! We only went because we had an ADR, so I wasn’t too worried about the crowds. Until we tried to leave right before the magic memories and you show started, which apparently is right up there with “immediately following wishes” as the worst time to move about in MK.

    It took us literally about 35 minutes to get from the hub to the exit. We visit MK throughout the year and ALWAYS in this same week in January for my birthday, and I’ve honestly never encountered a crowd like this! Today we ditched our plans to hit DHS at RD in favor of relaxing at the resort. I’m thinking it’s going to be a nutty weekend at the parks!

  7. Cindy Kay says

    I never knew about The Dino Institute in DinoLand until last year in May (for the D23 Savenger Hunt). A lot of the answers for the hunt were on that board. I thought it was pretty interesting to read…

  8. Mike says

    Man Josh I keep missing you around the parks! Although I did see some strange dark haired fellow climbing down the grassy banks at POR taking pictures near the water of the boat dock that wasn’t you by chance? 😀

    And yeah,, today was c-c-cold, and I’m from San Francisco!

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