Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Review (And Fluff)

Dinner this evening is at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, the sit-down/quick service hybrid restaurant in the Enchanted Forest section of New Fantasyland.

New Fantasyland will be conducting “previews” for cast members, Annual Passholders, DVC Holders, and D23 members virtually all day, every day through November 18th.  Beginning November 19th, the area will be open to all guests through December 5th as “Previews.”  Beginning December 6th, the area will be officially open.  At least until 2087 when Disney decides to demolish it and build, “Newer Fantasyland.”

In other news, here’s Test Track signage.  You may be able to get into New Fantasyland, even if you’re not signed up for a Preview, if you go up to the New Fantasyland entrance and ask if they’re seating for Be Our Guest Restaurant.  On the evening of November 1st, I had heard Be Our Guest would be seating.  I walked up to the most important looking person manning the entrance and said, “A friend told me Be Our Guest Restaurant would be seating guests for dinner, do you need a wristband for that too?” with my patented sad puppy dog blogger eyes.  The wristband refers to anyone that is officially part of the “Preview.”  She replied, “Oh, you want to dine at Be Our Guest?”  I said, “I’ll do anything” and she led me back.

For the best opportunity for dinner seating, I would head over at 4:30pm.  They should also be allowing guests in for quick service lunch over the coming two weeks.  For that, head over around 10:45am.  This will afford the best opportunity to get in as you’re arriving just before they begin service.  If you’re admitted, you’ll proceed up to the arrowed area.  For dinner, you can opt to be seated immediately or  another person off to the right will be signing people up for reservations later in the evening.

The good news is that once you’re through the initial gate, you can tour New Fantasyland to your heart’s content.  No one is going to give you trouble about not having a wristband.  This is mine train construction from November 1st.

And you can meet Ariel at her grotto, which is located at the end of the area past Under the Sea, Journey of the Little Mermaid.

And ride said attraction as a walk-on as many times as you want.  For cast previews, the longest wait I’ve seen here is 5 minutes.  And that’s the amount of time it takes to walk the queue.

Gaston’s Tavern will be serving LeFou’s Brew, Pork Shanks, and the rest of the menu.

Meet Gaston earlier in the day or pop into Bonjour Gifts:

They seem to be running out of items already, including the low ball glassware and drink coasters.

But back to Be Our Guest.  Whether you opt to dine immediately or make a reservation for later, you’ll be handed one of these nondescript pagers and then proceed to the exterior of the restaurant where you’ll wait for a cast member to escort you into the Castle.  This is where I saw the first potential problem.  While standing outside the restaurant is no problem during a cool November evening with the sun shining, it’s going to be much less comfortable in the summer or during a rain storm.  I’m not sure what the contingency plan will be for that as no one is going to be willing to stand out there for 20+ minutes when it’s 90 degrees and raining.

Speaking of Previews, we’re not quite there yet.  That’s a scrim underneath the bridge to make it look like there are logs.  And scaffolding was up around Maurice’s Cottage.

Once your buzzer goes off, you’ll be escorted into one of the two dining rooms open for dinner.

The Grand Ballroom is much larger and most diners will be seated there.  It isn’t quite this dark in the Ballroom, but it’s pretty close.  More on this later.

The other seating option is the West Wing, which looks terrible in this picture.

But we’ll return here to take a slightly better look later, hopefully before the last petal falls.

Tabletops in the Grand Ballroom are a nice faux(?)-marble(?) and the chairs are comfortable.

And the napkins folded into roses are a nice touch.  Unless you’ve been sitting under a rock for the last few months, you’ve probably seen the restaurant’s dinner menu, but here it is if you haven’t.  Pricing is surprisingly decent.  We’ll take a look at a few specific items later, but you can theoretically get out of here with spending just $16 each on entrees.

Which includes bread service.  These little French rolls were good, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I prefer the Mama Melrose rolls from a couple of days ago.

Accompanied by a nice salted butter reminiscent of California Grill.

A couple of things while we stare into this cup of Onion Soup topped with a Crouton and Gruyère Cheese ($6.99).  Service was abysmal.  This is an early preview and I would imagine terrible service won’t be the norm once the restaurant opens.  We saw our server, Brenda, exactly four times – once to order drinks, once to order appetizers/entrees, once to order dessert, and once to pay the bill.  Someone else brought out the food – every time either before we had completed the previous course or before the last course’s dishes were cleared.  That included the entrees where the runner asked, “Are you ready for these?”  I’m not sure what he would have done if we said “No.”  The appetizers came out before I even had a chance to take a picture of the bread, let alone butter a piece.  No one offered to refill Jeff’s Coke.  I asked for a glass of water before the appetizers came out and didn’t receive it until I asked again with dessert.  The server basically threw the bill on the table with an outstretched arm and didn’t run the Tables in Wonderland card separately, as they usually do.  It was just atrocious.  But you can probably ignore my experience unless it becomes typical come December 6th.

Speaking of living under a rock, I ordered the:

Seasonal Salad Trio – 6.99
Three individual bowls of:

  • Roasted Beet, Gold Raisin, and Orange Salad
  • Green Bean, Tomato, and Roasted Shallot Salad
  • Watermelon, Radish, and Mint Salad

without really looking at what was in it.  I was just looking for something light since I had consumed a gut bomb for a lunch at “Bodie’s All American” just a few hours before.

Watermelon and radishes wouldn’t have been my first pairing choice, but this was my favorite of the three.  The watermelon wasn’t particularly ripe, but it’s certainly one of those hit-or-miss things.  I didn’t care much for the mint.

I may not be the target audience for this orange tomato, red tomato, green bean, and onion concoction.  I found it to be disgusting, but you may like it if it’s your thing.

Another of what I would call an odd combination, this time oranges, roasted beets, raisins, and potato.  Disney is definitely going for something “a little different” here and they’ve certainly achieved that.  I wouldn’t order this again, but it may have just been my mistake in ordering it.  If you like this sort of thing, I think it would be very good.

Despite being short, the beer list is pretty fantastic.  I’ve discussed the Hoegaarden and Kronenbourg numerous times in the past, so I won’t retread those.  Basically, the Kronenbourg is your Budweiser option and the Hoegaarden is a light, citrus-y beer.

Saison Dupont is a world class saison style beer that comes in at 6% ABV.  A 750ml (25.36 ounce) bottle is going to run you $9 – $10 in stores or a four-pack of the 11.2 ounce bottles would be $16 – $20 if you can find them.  The $7.25 price tag is really pretty decent considering Disney’s usual beer upcharge is 500% or more.  They have no problem charging you $6.50 for a Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada that you could buy in a 12-pack for $12.99.

I was bemused by our server haphazardly pouring the 11.2 ounce bottle (directly above is le expertly poured glass from a 750ml bottle) into the glass.  It was 37.4% beer, 56.9% foam, and 5.7% empty glass.  Like the menu says, this is a refreshing farmhouse ale that should taste of citrus and clove.  It’s surprisingly easy to drink and my favorite of the four offered.

Wow, Chimay Blue at the Magic Kingdom.  Color me surprised.  This is another world class beer – this time a 9% Belgian Dark Ale.  A word to the wise if you’re picking one of these up at home – opening one is similar to a bottle of champagne.  You’ll twist the cage six times to remove it.  Then you want to ease the cork out of the top of the bottle.  Pull it right out and the beer will sort of explode all over the place.  This is one of the smoothest Belgian ales that’s a little too sweet for my tastes.  Considering the high alcohol volume, you really aren’t going to taste it.  Well known as one of the best Belgians available, it’s complex and fruity with a creamy texture.  I prefer the Dupont, but I’d probably order one of each at the restaurant.  In stores, a 750ml (25.34 ounce) bottle runs $10 – $12 or a four-pack of 11.2 ounce bottles would run $18 – $22 if you could find them.

When I mentioned Jeff earlier, I wasn’t talking about that Jeff.  I owed Scarlett from a favor for getting me into an early Enchanted Tales with Belle preview, so I sent her a text seeing if she wanted to join me for dinner since I was standing at the podium waiting to make a reservation.  She couldn’t, so she sent her boyfriend Jeff as an agent.  He ordered the Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic-Herb Butter and Pommes Frites – 29.99.  As you can see, the portion is huge and it was grilled perfectly to medium rare.  The seasoning was spot on and the meat was tender and flavorful.  This is hands down the best piece of meat in Magic Kingdom.

The “Pommes Frites,” or “French Fries,” were way over-salted.  The menu advertises a “garlic herb butter,” but the lump you see next to the “frites” is actually a truffle mayonnaise meant for the fries.  This caused some amount of confusion at the table as it looks exactly like something you’d slather on the steak.  With the dip, the fries were much better, but probably still well over-seasoned.

I opted for the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops with Seasonal Vegetables served in Puff Pastry with a Creamy Lobster Sauce – 22.99.   In this case, the seasonal vegetables seemed to be carrots, green onions, spinach, mushrooms and bamboo shoots(?).

It was nicely presented with an additional puff pastry to the right and a single shrimp and scallop off to the side with a generous serving of the sauce layered on top.

This was easily the best entree I’ve ever had at Magic Kingdom.  I’d say there was easily eight each of the shrimp and scallops inside the pastry.  The vegetables and puff pastry did an excellent job of soaking up the sauce, which was rich and creamy.  In some ways, you might compare it to a lobster bisque full of seafood and vegetables.  The dry puff pastry on the side seemed to be overkill.  Since it hadn’t been soaking up sauce for the duration of the meal, it was overly dry and flaky.  And by the time you consume the 500 grams of saturated fat from the heavy cream in the lobster sauce itself, you’re probably not going to be looking to add more.  But this was extremely satisfying and one of the best meals I’ve had on property.  No question.

A dessert cart is brought tableside after you finish your entrees.

The options are:

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

  • Vanilla Sponge Cake, Strawberry Mousse Filling, and Cream Cheese Icing

Triple Chocolate Cupcake

  • Chocolate Sponge Cake, Chocolate Mousse Filling, and Chocolate Ganache

Lemon Meringue Cupcake

  • Vanilla Sponge Cake, Lemon Custard Filling, and Flamed Meringue Icing

Chocolate Cream Puff

  • filled with Chocolate Mousse topped with Whipped Cream

Passion Fruit Cream Puff

  • filled with Passion Fruit Mousse topped with Whipped Cream

Lemon–Raspberry Cream Puff

  • filled with Lemon Custard (Gluten-free and No Sugar Added)

For the sake of bloggability, we ordered one of each.  I could have sworn I saw Disney Parks Blog say that a cupcake or cream puff is included with dinner, but they’re not.  We paid $3.99 each and they’re listed on the menu as such.

I opted for the Passion Fruit Cream Puff.  It was not particularly good with an artificial tasting filling.  Still, Jeff and I agreed that the cream puff is overwhelmingly a better choice than the cupcakes, which are pretty boring.

The chocolate cupcake.  I’m not sure if it looks small in the picture, but it is.  We’ll take a look at the lunch menu momentarily, but it sounds like the same exact desserts are offered for $2.39, or about half price, at lunch.  That’s about what they’re worth compared to Disney’s regular cupcakes.

I can understand why Disney is offering these simplistic desserts as they’re easy to prepare, easy to sell, and don’t take long to eat.  And at $3.99 a pop, even those completely full are likely to order one or two for the table just to try once the cart appears.  They are presented very nicely though with the drizzle of chocolate on the side, Be Our Guest chocolate topper, and raspberry or whipped cream topping.

Food-wise, this is a giant leap ahead of anything else available at Magic Kingdom.  Tony’s Town Square is blah at best.  Crystal Palace is a buffet that’s only getting more expensive as the quality and choices  deteriorate.  And Cinderella’s Royal Table is far more expensive and the food isn’t nearly as good.

To a point, I’m wondering what exactly Disney is up to back here.  They’ve got the newest, most immaculately themed restaurant on property that’s also one of their most reasonably priced.  It also serves the best, most unique food at Magic Kingdom and gives most of the Monorail Resort restaurants a run for their money on pricing and quality.  I mean, the dinner steak at Kona Cafe is $28.99 these days and the steak served here is (arguably?) just as good, if not better.  And my $21.99 Scallops/Shrimp entree is less expensive than all but one entree at The Wave at the Contemporary Resort.  And if you want to go cheap, you can get out of here with a $15.99 Cornish Hen or vegetarian Ratatouille.  And this is the only place on property to get a picture with Beast.  As we’ll see shortly, it seems like whoever is in charge of food and beverage in New Fantasyland doesn’t really have a grasp on how things are run at other property restaurants and quick services.  I can’t imagine things are going to stay the same here for long.

Atmospherically, the restaurant doesn’t work for me.  It’s hard for me to accurately show how dark it is in here.  It’s much darker than this.  So dark, that the table next to us asked for a flashlight to read the menu.

The restaurant is basically lit with these chandeliers, that the cast member walking us inside the Castle was proud to point out were constructed in Italy and put together here in Florida.  I guess Beast tows the company line with outsourcing.

You’ll also have a candle on your table and there are a variety of other chandeliers and lighting fixtures around the restaurant.  But it’s very dark, and not in the same charming way as San Angel Inn at the Epcot Pavilion.  If you’ve eaten there, it’s just about as dark here, though not quite.  When I was eating the salad appetizer, I asked Jeff what he thought a few of the items were.  He had to use his phone as a flashlight.

In the back of the ballroom, there is a neat mural effect.

With snow falling on the countryside.

Otherwise, the Ballroom doesn’t feel like much more than a cafeteria with chandeliers above.  There’s certainly no privacy as it’s just one big room.  While we were seated in the corner, noise wasn’t as big of a problem as I was expecting, but we didn’t really have anyone nearby.

And speaking of up above, the “cherubs” in the mural on the ceiling all have the faces of Imagineers’ children.

I find this to be a little creepy.

The cast member leading us into the Castle said something to the effect of, “But you might notice that not all of them look like cherubs.”  I honestly have no idea what she was talking about and I was harassing her so much about trying to get her to admit that they were creepy that I didn’t want to press.

The other room open for dinner is the much smaller West Wing.

These pictures don’t do the room any justice, but it is even darker than the Ballroom, and virtually impossible to photograph.

I was kind of creeping about after dinner so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities with all the people around.  But the room is true to the movie with a picture of the prince slashed.

I realize Disney is cheap, but you’d think they could replace these torn tapestries!

I mean come on!  Someone tell WDWMAGIC.

Of course, the rose makes an appearance here along with the mirror.

I’m not sure how else they would theme Beast’s Castle other than dark.  But it’s really, really dark.

EXCEPT!!!!  The Rose Gallery, which is open for quick service lunch, but not dinner.

I like the bench seating that runs the length of the room along with the paintings and bright atmosphere.  The room is probably even brighter than it looks.

The centerpiece of the room is a Belle and Beast music box, gifted by Maurice, underneath the rose light fixture above.

A few more while we’re here:

Anyway, I’m going to be eating lunch in this room.  If I wanted to eat a turkey sandwich in the dark, I would just go home to my computer.

Back out near the front of the Castle, we’ll take a look at the lunch menu and ordering process.

On your walk inside, the suits of armor discuss Belle and Beast’s relationship status.  One hopes Belle will fall for him instead.  Another doesn’t like Beast’s chances.  They either haven’t seen the movie or hearing/visibility aren’t great inside the helmets.  Or maybe they’re confused by the fact Beast is both the Prince and the Beast at the same time.

This is the lunch menu. Larger:

I’m all for expanding the horizons of children’s palettes, but this might be a little much.  I’m trying to subtract 20 years and look at the menu as a seven year old, and I’m not sure there’s anything “I would eat” off this menu.  I’d be particularly concerned whether or not there were any onions or “ickies” in the marinara sauce.  And I wouldn’t be in the same building as meatloaf.   With broccoli florets and zucchini?  LOL.  Sauteed Pork with Green Beans?  Are you serious?  Even the Turkey Sandwich comes with Sweet Potato Fries and Peach Applesauce.  Please.

This is the picture Disney Parks Blog released of the “Mickey Meatloaf.”  Yeah, good luck with that. I’m taking bets on how long it takes for a hamburger and chicken nuggets to land on the menu.  But I don’t recommend betting longer than three days.

Back to the most popular, newest restaurant thing.  These adult entrees are less expensive than virtually any other comparable item.

This cold, boring turkey sandwich from Cosmic Ray’s with generic Disney fries is $9.59.  Why would anyone order that over a “Carved Turkey Sandwich served warm on a Baguette with Dijon Mayonnaise and Pomme Frites?”  FOR LESS MONEY!  And we’re not even taking into consideration atmosphere here.  At Be Our Guest, they bring the food to you!  Everything at Be Our Guest looks to be better than the alternatives.  And it’s less expensive!

And standard Disney fountain beverage pricing is $2.59 for a Regular and $2.99 for a Large.  At Be Our Guest, you can refill your cup as many times as you want for $2.23.  And heck, no one’s watching!  You could get two drinks for four people and fill them up as often as you want.  And as far as I know, this is the first time Coke Zero has been available at a Magic Kingdom quick service.

If you know how Disney works, the company is basically 37 heads that look the other way whenever one of the other heads is talking.  You may remember Disney Parks Blog went live with the $7.99 Pork Shank at Gaston’s Tavern as a snack credit, which is ridiculous.  The snack credit symbol was quickly covered up and Parks Blog “updated” their pictures, but it’s indicative of the disconnect between whoever is behind New Fantasyland Food and Beverage and what the rest of Walt Disney World Food and Beverage is trying to accomplish.  And not to mention, dessert was originally supposed to be included with an entree.  Now that the restaurant is open, it’s not.  I’d be surprised if more interesting desserts aren’t offered by this time next year, if it even takes that long.

Otherwise, the ordering area for lunch is tres cute.

You’ll select what you want to purchase onscreen.  Once you complete your order, you’ll be given a “rose” with a chip that will let the person delivering the food know where you’re seated.

With better food, cheaper prices, and newer, more impressive surroundings, I have no idea what Disney is going to do for lunch come Christmas Day, not to mention just about any day during the summer.  Demand is going to far exceed supply, as evident by the fact Be Our Guest dinner reservations are completely full months in advance.  The only detriment I see is the potential for the kids not being crazy about the offerings.  But with Pinocchio Village Haus just a three minute walk away, it would be far from impossible for a parent to run over and buy a pizza while the rest of the group waits at their designated table for their food to arrive.  I’m personally looking forward to the riots and parents in line for lunch at 9:30am.  Extremely bloggable.

While we’re here, let’s take a look at Enchanted Forest at night.  We’re headed over the bridge to Gaston’s Tavern and the rest of the area.

Here’s a few more:

I think the area will contrast well with the much brighter Storybook Circus.

And finally, a new scrim over Fairytale Hall.


  1. keri says

    You are a hero among heroes, Josh! Those photos are fabulous.

    It’s disappointing about the dimness of the dining rooms. I hope they brighten it some, because I was really looking forward to fancier food at the MK for dinner, and there’s no way I can eat somewhere dark.

    I’m also curious to see what happens with the service and pricing of the restaurant. You’re right about it being way out of line – I mean, several of those items are identical (or nearly) to the ones on the menu at Chefs de France right now, but at serious discounts – I believe the Croque Monsieur at les Chefs is $12 or $13, and here it’s only $9, but they’re the exact same description. Well, it has fries here and a salad at les Chefs for the side, but that’s not enough for the price difference.

  2. Clover says

    Great pictures! I can’t wait for our visit next year to check it all out. I loved the rose napkins but I think the West Wing could be a little spooky for small children. And Micky meatloaf made me cringe in horror.

  3. Tim says

    With the Phil Holmes portrait and now the cherubs how many other eerie renderings of real-life people will we find throughout the parks in the future?

  4. Britkate says

    I remember a comical meal we had at the restaurant inside POTC in Disneyland where we couldn’t see anything. Well that’s an exaggeration, we could see people floating by on the ride but not the food.

    I don’t think those kids options are that bad. A turkey sandwich? Macaroni cheese?its not exactly liver and onions is it.

  5. cupcake says

    Uggggggggggh! I have an ADR for the 19th but I just can’t WAIT. I work all weekend but I am going to be at the entrance to FLE on Monday night and beg for dinner at BOG. If they don’t let me in I’m going to say “BUT EASYWDW IS TELLING THE WORLD BOG IS OPEN!” 😛

    Actually, I think passholder previews are Monday night. I’m a passholder. Who didn’t sign up for a preview, since we’ve already been into FLE. I wonder if they’ll hold that against me. I don’t need to ride Ariel again! Just let me eat at BOG! BEFORE they raise the prices! Which they’ll most likely do if they read this post! Thanks a lot JOSH!

  6. tanya says

    Fantastical. We were hoping for a late lunch, 3-ish, at the end of the month. I wonder when we’d have to get in line…. noon? :)

  7. Pod says

    I agree, Shares. Like to see some grey stuff. Colored mashed potatoes would do the trick. Hey, kids like green ketchup, so why not?

    The place looks terrific and the menu quite tasty, Josh. Thanks for the review. It’s a relief to know my two hours/400 phone calls to Disney last August 20th are going to pay off after all. (I wish I were joking about that phone effort, but I’m not!).

  8. RebeccaMcK says

    Maybe by the time I’m there in 2014 the dining rooms will be lit more brightly – I’m okay with dark-ish but not too dark. And I think I’d have lunch there if I was dining solo, but my hubby and daughter wouldn’t be keen on the lunch menu so we’d do dinner if anything. The kiddo eats mac’n’cheese anywhere it’s served but she might not want marinara atop it. As long as there’s a steak of some sort on the menu Hubby would be happy. And the one you described looks good. The pics look great. Can’t WAIT to get into new Fantasyland! But I have to.

  9. JasonMiler says

    I was really hoping it had been “that” Jeff.

    Although he is probably out at the gate telling people it isn’t open.

    Sup’ Jeff.

  10. RebeccaMcK says

    LOL I just got back from Disneyland and have pictures from our lunch at Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside POTC that you mentioned)…they are indeed dark. Had to use candlelight setting on camera to get any of the food and ambience to show up. Delicious though.

  11. Bryan says

    Wow I knew drinks would be refillable but I didn’t know they would make up a new low price of $2.23 instead of the usual $2.79. That’s amazing. What crazy thing will they thing of next, AP discounts for food?

  12. says

    Thanks to this blog i am so hoping to be able to find my way into the Be Our Guest Restaurant sometime during my son and my visit nov. 7-17 2012…if not our jan.29-feb.11 2013 trip !
    thanks josh

  13. Anonymous says

    I like dark restaurants, call me weird. The room is reminiscent of a couple of wedding/ event halls I have been a guest at in the northern New Jersey area.
    Thanks Josh

  14. paul says

    Technically you should have more head and effervescence with most bottle fermented Belgians. But, if she was pouring too quickly and the head turned into foam, that’s just a waste and training is needed. Not to mention, she’ll pour the dregs into your glass. I’m not a fan of floaties, myself. Some day good beer will get the same respect and proper care as wine. Send me your address so I can send you a Chimay chalice and you can swap out the above photos. Pouring a wonderful Trappist ale or farmhouse saison into a pint glass is the same type crime as drinking PBR out of a champagne glass. It’s just not right. Great blog post and info. Cheers.

  15. Ejrj says

    The food looks great but that seating is terrible. So much effort on the walls and ceiling ruined by a sea full of square tables and chairs. The ballroom would have looked amazing with a variety of seating styles. Plush benches around the room. Or booths along the sides. Anything but an entire room filled like that. There is no sense of personal space per table at all. Kills me.

  16. Ejrj says

    laughing at my comment. This was in no way a ‘shut it down’ comment! Still looking forward to our dinner here, just disagree with the designers table layout choice!

  17. Melissa says

    i can’t believe no one’s jumped on “the best piece of meat in the Magic Kingdom.” of course most of the princes have disappeared but i bet gaston has dibs on the title.

  18. Bryan says

    The lunch prices have been adjusted. It’s now 10.99 for the steak sammich, 11.99 for the pork, 13.49 for the tuna etc etc

  19. Ondina says

    Love the night pics Josh! Kids and I can’t wait to go back in August 2014. Hopefully all of NF will be finished.

  20. shalom says

    Putti are supposed to be innocent human souls, so I don’t find the *idea* of them having the faces of the Imagineers’ children creepy. If you’re talking the execution, though, there I’m with you.

  21. Amy says

    We did the same begging yesterday and got into the area in the morning. Josh, where to on Sunday? We’ve been keeping an eye open for you. (Stalking)

  22. Barb says

    OK is it just me or is that unicorn tapestry the same one in Rumplestiltskin’s castle in the TV show Once Upon a Time AND the Griffendor room in the Harry Potter movie? Except they aren’t ripped, of course.

  23. LisaCat says

    My ADR is in just 20 days! Can’t wait! Hoping to squeeze in a lunch there as well, but we’ll see how bad the line is. LOL

  24. Bunny says

    The food looks delish, I just…want to like the design of the dining room more…it’s so big that it’s kind of oddly generic/wedding hall-ish. Maybe photos (not your specificallly, Josh!) don’t do it justice and I need to see it in person.
    Definitely not digging the “cherubs” and “not-really-cherubs” however. Maybe it’s best that the place is dark enough so you don’t see them…

  25. Abharmagic says

    I agree with you regarding the kids meals. I am all for WDW trying to create more interesting offers- but every time I see the picutre of that meatloaf all I can think of it how terrible it looks. I know, I know, us fat terrible Americans with our awful kids who only eat chicken nuggets- but really? The kids menu is for 9 and younger, keep the meatloaf and other offerings, but also offer some “crappy” kids food like a burger, chicken sandwich or nuggets, or pasta.

  26. Aileen says

    I agree about the design of the dining rooms. I’d much rather have dinner in the Rose Gallery room. I have reservations for Jan 9. Maybe by then they will turn up the lights a little. If they are only using the Rose gallery for QS during the day I wonder why they can’t use if for Table Service in Evenings.

  27. Jlyle says

    See I’m the opposite and i am happy the kids menu has some varied substantial choices. I was excited about the mahi mahi. My dd, 4, will get tired of Mac, pizza, hamburgers or chicken nuggets and will be ready to eat some veggies and some real food and finally she’ll get the opportunity with kids meal prices at this local. Besides if it’s French inspired we should step up the food quality. Crappy food (nutrient wise) is fun to eat but it’s for concession stands not castles.

  28. Christie says

    My kid would also eat the stuff from the kid’s menu. Veggies included. Looks way better than Uncrustables and mushy grapes!

  29. says

    So many questions…

    1) Are the counters in your dwelling not level? Your Chimay Blue picture makes me wonder…

    2) Do you have assigned seating at Lunch or do you sit where you want?

    3) Also, is the Rose Garden the only “room” open during Lunch?

    Josh, let me tell you. The only reason the lighting at San Angel Inn was charming on our last visit was because of you.

  30. vinotinto says

    Yeahs for Josh getting in (oh, the blogger’s sacrifices for his audience), the Chimay, the kids’ CS mahi mahi and pork, the shrimp and veggie in lobster sauce at BOG, the CS atmosphere and menu, and the ‘dark’ surroundings.

    Nays for the cafeteria seating at BOG (seriously, not one banquette? Not one booth? Not one plush chair?) and a big, fat nay for cupcakes as the only desserts.

    Overall, more yeahs than nays. Wish we were going back soon.

  31. Scott says

    reservations are very hard to get made one today for their first saturday dinner opening and it’s in June (the end of June!) crazy so I guess I will have to wait till then to find out if it’s worth it

  32. Gael says

    The cherubs are not just imagineers’ children but also pictures of imagineers as babies and some as adults. I’m guessing when it looks creepy is when they’ve put an adult face on a cherub. Not all imagineers have babies, and some with kids wouldn’t want to single out just one child, would they? I think it’s kind of a nice touch, but they really needed to stick to baby pics.

  33. Mickie Streets says

    We just returned from Disney world. We ate at Be Our Guest with no reservations. We got in line at 4:00 and were eating our appetizers by 4:45. I have seen many reviews about the strip steak and the garlic herb butter. Let me clear this up.. The butter is served on top of the steak(it usually has melted) and the truffle mayo is served on the side for the fries. This entrée was by far the best in all of WDW. The steak was so soft you could cut it with a butter knife (and I did). I have been craving the mayo since I left Disney and would do anything for that recipe. My family just returned 2 weeks ago and we are already planning another visit. It was really amazing!!

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