Be Our Guest Breakfast Review and New Rope Drop Touring Plan Strategy – 1/26/17

Last week, in this post, I wrote pretty extensively about what to expect from the new rope drop procedure at Cinderella Castle and what it meant for those touring in a variety of different situations. At the end of about 3,500 words, there’s a brief conclusion that revisits the majority of the main points.

This time, we’re arriving at 7:25am with a pre-opening breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

This is the scene at 7:25am – there’s maybe 100 people here already and no wait whatsoever for bag check or security. The scrim on the Train Station is quite believable until you get to the sky…they should position a cast member up there with some velcro clouds and move them around as the day progresses.

Before Park opening, cast members on the far left of the entrance will check for breakfast or tour reservations. At 7:45am, after everyone present is let into the Park, the reservation check is inside the Park on the left side of the Hub near the entrance to Adventureland. As usual, anyone with a reservation before 9am is admitted as if their reservation was for 8:05am. So if your Be Our Guest reservation is for 8:40am, you can still enter the Park at 7:45am and you’ll order and be seated as quickly as you can make it back there and accomplish it.

Once the cast member scans your ticket or MagicBand, they will hand you this piece of paper:

This outlines the situation pretty well.

At 7:30am, there’s maybe 150 people waiting.

I like to fill in the far left rather than just getting behind the clump of people that typically mass together in the center, but there is really no rush to get back to Be Our Guest.

It might “feel” like there are a lot of people present after you’re let into the Park at 7:45am, but the massive size of Main Street distributes the crowd well and in addition to Be Our Guest, people are heading to Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and a number of tours.


There’s eight or nine PhotoPass photographers around Main Street and the Hub area to take photos.  Here you can see one is placed every ten steps or so.

While there’s no risk in enjoying the atmosphere of Main Street and taking photos, those with breakfast reservations probably don’t want to spend any time shopping at the Emporium or other stores that are already open for business. Remember that now everyone can enter the Park at 7:45am, but only those with dining reservations at Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table will be admitted back into Fantasyland.

This post, which was also linked up above, covers what’s open before 9am and reviews some of the new breakfast items at Casey’s Corner and Plaza Ice Cream, including the Doughnut Sundae and Hash Brown Dog.

While the shot on Main Street with nobody else in the frame is probably not going to happen, there are plenty of opportunities in the various nooks and crannies around Main Street to grab some choice pictures.

Just make sure they’re artsy.

7:48am looking back.

And forward.

I’m not sure if they were actively picking anyone up on the Main Street vehicles, but riding up top is a fun opportunity at any time of day.

We’re headed to the left for breakfast, but the entirety of the Hub area is open for pictures.

Just a cast member in front of Cinderella Castle at 7:51am. The ramps to the left and right are what I recommend for those heading to Peter Pan’s Flight, Princess Fairytale Hall, or another Fantasyland attraction other than Seven Dwards Mine Train for those attempting regular rope drop.

For Mine Train, the path to the right towards Mad Tea Party is the one you want. You would also want to take the Mine Train path for the Merida meet. Walking that way to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh would cut down on walking slightly, but I don’t think I’d want to deal with the jostling as nearly everyone will continue up to Mine Train. So if you take the path through the Castle for Winnie the Pooh, you’ll arrive at the attraction a minute later, but it should prove more pleasant.

A little early for an Adventureland rope drop.

Crystal Palace no longer offers any touring advantage for pre-opening breakfast. My advice is usually to book something like 10:45am and enjoy a much more leisurely meal after spending the first 90 minutes of the day taking advantage of some of the shortest waits of the day at the priority attractions. Otherwise, you’re racing through an expensive breakfast only to find yourself in the same rope drop crowds as everyone else.

This is the “crowd” in front of the rope where we’ll flash the handout we were given at the front of the Park. Between 7:45am and 9am, this is where guests with Be Our Guest/Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations will have their tickets/MagicBands scanned.

The sun rising offers a pretty color palette.

If you have the opportunity, taking a picture in the Cinderella Castle tunnel is smart.

“Orion” in the lower left corner of the frame is headed to the Sword in the Stone.

Most of Fantasyland will be roped off.

There’s a cast member to the right of the wall here.

Another one to the left of Pinocchio Village Haus in front of Peter Pan’s Flight. This is where we’ll head after breakfast and Mine Train.

I’m already thinking ahead to lunch.

Here at the restaurant, a cast member will scan your ticket/MagicBand to see if you’ve pre-ordered.

Yes child, I am also excited for breakfast. To check on pre-ordering, mouse over the “My Disney Experience” tab on the far right of and click on “My Reservations and Tickets.”

Then scroll down to the reservation and click on “Place Your Order” on the right. Disney also makes it a lot easier to change reservations online. I booked my original reservation for the morning of the 26th on the 24th and it was for one person at 8:25am. But I was able to change it the following morning to two people with 8:05am being available. If you don’t initially get the reservation you want, keep checking back, particularly the day before the date you’re trying to reserve. People are constantly cancelling and modifying their reservations after they realize just how much time everything takes.

But as is typical with Disney IT, pre-ordering never worked in the couple of days leading up to the breakfast. All I saw was Stitch. If you are able to pre-order, the cast member will send you down the left lane towards the restaurant directly to a cashier so you can pay. If you haven’t pre-ordered, you head down the right lane to a kiosk. Here’s the breakfast menu:

Adult meals are $24 with Kids’ Meals coming in at $14 – each includes a beverage and “assorted pastries [are] presented tableside.” As with other quick service meals, anyone can order anything on the menu and you can share if you prefer.

The “Be Our Guest souvenir cup” is a relatively recent addition and to my knowledge, this is the only place that you can pick up the version served with hot beverages.

The cold fountain beverage version is available at the popcorn carts on the left and right sides of the Hub in front of Cinderella Castle.

I arrived at Be Our Guest at 7:59am or about 15 minutes after we were let in the Park.

There was no wait to order and within about two minutes I was fumbling through the order screen. In case you’re concerned that the Croissant Doughnut won’t be enough sugar first thing, “The Master’s Cupcake” is available and you have some allergy options at the kiosk if you need to take advantage of that.

Beverage selection. Still no option for a shot of Bailey’s.

If you ever have the misfortune of running into me in the Parks, I will probably be taking pictures of a wall or souvenir cup, as I was on this particular morning. Ed and Jill were nice enough to say hello and invite me over to their table.

It was exactly 15 minutes between the time that I paid for my breakfast and it was delivered to the table. Each separate order/receipt should receive the tray of five pastries and they should bring you two trays if your order is for five or more entrees. If your party is four people, you could conceivably identify yourselves as two separate parties of two people when you get to the front of the line to score two trays. If you’re pre-ordering, you would need two separate reservations to do that. It seems like it would make sense for each person to choose one pastry that they would like along with the beverage, but Disney seems to favor efficiency over food waste. I bring a plastic bag for the extra pastries for a snack later in the day, but some number of hundreds of these must go straight in the garbage every day.

Yes, this is what a $24 Be Our Guest breakfast looks like.

The Feast A La Gaston – Scrambled Eggs, Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Apple Smoked Bacon, and Sausage served with Fresh Fruit is a relatively new addition.

You might remember that this was the original menu that debuted in early 2015:

There have been a few other changes. For one, the price is obviously up $4 or 20% over the last two years. The number of beverages has also been cut down dramatically – you no longer have the option to order juice or sparkling water. In addition to the Feast a la Gaston, the Croque Madame is a new addition, the Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich is now served on a croissant instead of a baguette, and the Scrambled Egg Whites come with Chicken Sausage.

The Eggs Florentine, pictured here, is no longer available.

The previous Open-Sandwich.

But back to this meal, the Feast a la Gaston could have just as easily been named, “Adequate Breakfast a la Gaston.” Nothing about it was memorable or tasted particularly fresh. The eggs were cold; the chicken sausage was soft and didn’t have much flavor; the bacon was brittle; the potatoes had a nice flavor and a bit of a snap to them, which I appreciated; the fruit wasn’t ripe. The serving was plenty for me though I had no trouble polishing it off. It would be one of the more shareable entrees in its presentation, even if the portion isn’t overwhelming. “No one makes powdered eggs in large batches like Gaston.”

The review on the Croque Madame – Open-faced Ham Sandwich topped with a Fried Egg, Gruyere Cheese, and Béchamel was much more positive. I regretted not ordering it myself.

On a previous visit, Tom over at ordered the Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich – Poached Eggs, Applewood Bacon, Brie Cheese, and Arugula on a Croissant served with Fresh Fruit. He said he “loved it” with “phenomenal” coming up at least three times over the course of a two sentence review.

The scene at the ordering kiosks as we exited at 8:32am. Still no wait.

Out in front of the restaurant.

At 8:37am, a short line of about 15 people had formed in preparation for heading to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

And at 8:42am, we were walked to the ride entrance and through the FastPass+ queue:

And back out front at 8:49am for a total experience time of just seven minutes.

With the previous rope drop procedure at the Train Station, the Welcome Show would ordinarily begin at 8:40am and guests would be able to enter the Park and throw elbows on the way to Mine Train at 8:47am. The first guests would arrive daily at 8:52am. With the new rope drop procedure at Cinderella Castle, the Welcome Show doesn’t begin until 8:55am with guests not on their way until 8:59am. That means the first guests don’t arrive at Mine Train until 9:01am or about ten minutes later. That provides an additional advantage for Be Our Guest breakfast users as they potentially have an opportunity to ride a second time before the rope drop crowds arrive and potentially also make it over to Peter Pan’s Flight before 9am or ride a third time.

I rode again:

Back out front at 8:57am and there’s still nobody from the main entrance in sight. Back in December, this would be a 60-minute wait.

Ed and Jill opted to ride a third time with no waits while I decided to head over to check on the Peter Pan’s Flight situation.

Ahead is the line for Peter Pan’s Flight that’s formed at 8:58am.

It’s full of people that either went directly to Peter Pan’s Flight after breakfast, rode Mine Train once and then headed over, or beat me over there after riding a second time. As if I could be beaten.

Disney typically holds these people here until right at 9am. It might “feel” like there are a lot of people in front of me, but there is nobody in the actual queue, so my wait with 50 people ahead should only be a couple of minutes.

And back out front at 9:11am for a total experience time of 11 minutes.

Last week, when I watched the Welcome Show and did regular rope drop, I was out in front of Peter Pan’s Flight at 9:16am and obviously didn’t ride Mine Train twice before making it over there.

The line for Mine Train at 9:13am as it spills out of the queue and all the way back to Storybook Circus. If you were to get in the standby line to ride twice at some other point in the day, it would take you at least two hours. This is a solid 60-minute wait assuming few FastPass+ users arrive.

So Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Breakfast Worth It?

In my last review, when breakfast was 20% less expensive, I came to the rationalization that there was some value here after considering the opportunity to add a second beverage and the head start to Mine Train versus the clustercuss that was waiting outside in the sun in front of the Train Station and then jostling over here for a single ride at rope drop.

And even at $24, I think there’s still a considerable amount of value when you consider the touring benefit of being able to ride Magic Kingdom’s most popular attraction, and one that almost always hits a 100-minute peak wait, at least once without any fuss.

Strictly based on food, compared to other quick service entrees like the Bounty Platter that runs $9.49, I’d say the breakfast entrees at Be Our Guest are worth $12 each – while I wasn’t impressed with mine this time around, it’s still going to be a reliably higher quality product than what they’re typically serving at most resorts. Add $3.50 for the fountain beverage and $3.50 for two pastries, and you’re at $19. That means we need to derive $5 worth of value for the hassle-free rides on Mine Train and the benefit of getting a few pictures around Fantasyland with fewer people around.

Obviously, not everyone is going to care that much about riding Mine Train a couple of extra times. But considering how long waits are and how difficult securing convenient FastPass+ times for the attraction can be, riding Mine Train without a wait first thing in the morning for $2.50 per ride is worth it, in addition to putting me in front of Peter Pan’s Flight without much of a wait immediately after. In my opinion.

At $24/adult, it’s also a great use of a quick service dining plan credit.

But the pre-opening meal is the only time I recommend spending the time to eat here during breakfast hours. For lunch, you can order an entree, cupcake, and fountain beverage for around the same money and come away with a larger, more satisfying meal and not waste precious morning touring time eating.

In part two, we’ll continue morning touring with visits to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Space Mountain, Dumbo, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, among others, in addition to stopping for a Chicken Parmesan at Pinocchio Village Haus for lunch.


  1. erika says

    Thanks Josh! I have an early ADR for BOG in may so this was perfect timing for me….but since there are 9 of us I don’t think its worth it for the early ride,,,We’ll prob just head to PP first thing.

    • SouthFayetteFan says

      Not sure if you’re huge eaters but sharing is definitely an option. Our family of 4 shares 2 meals – saves money – everybody wins.

  2. Caroline says

    Thanks Josh! Quick question: If I wanted to head to Space Mountain after riding MIne Train, is this possible or is it roped off?

    • josh says

      It should be possible though it’s not such a rush over there. On this particular day, I arrived at Space Mountain at 9:35am, was on the ride at 9:46am, and was back out front at 9:54am with a posted wait that was still 15 minutes.

      • Nathan says

        It is possible, when I went in August we went from Be Our Guest to Mine Train then ran over to Space Mountain and waited about 15 minutes for it.

    • josh says

      It depends on the cast members working that day…but I would expect to get just one ride on Mine Train as they would likely hold you back longer.

    • Camille says

      When we went to early morning magic last week, they had the breakfast guests use the stand-by line and the EMM people in the fast pass line. The breakfast people were still able to get one or two rides in before park opening.

  3. John says

    Any idea if the opening procedures differs for a 8am open? Obviously prepark breakfasts wont be happening but will main street open at 6:45am?

  4. Lance says

    Josh did you see anyone going to the Keys to the Kingdom Tour? We have an 8 am tour coming up in March on a 9 am opening day. I booked way before the changes, when I booked the tour they told me to be there at 7:30 am (so we could meet our group and guide). Do we go in at 7:45 like everyone else? Do you know where the tours meet?

    • Anne says

      I’m not Josh, obviously. But someone on the message boards had posted they were let in with everyone else at 7:45 am for their tour. They had been told to check in even earlier (7:15 maybe?) and were understandably irritated at losing sleep just to sit in front of the park for an extra 30 minutes.

      • josh says

        I didn’t see anyone heading into the park until they let everyone that was there loose just before 7:45am. They then send tours and breakfast reservation people to the same area where the star is on the handout.

  5. Will says

    Josh, agreed that train station scrim looks pretty good but what is that beige scrim wall at the Emporium meant to look like? Tatooine Sandstorm or pantyhose? Honestly, is that as unattractive in person as it is in photos?

    • Natalie says

      I’ve seen a similar one before, and yeah it’s pretty ugly. However, in my experience, they don’t stay up long.

      • josh says

        They hang the brown tarps up first and then the printed scrim goes up typically about a week later. The day after I visited they had begun hanging the picture scrim. I should have a picture of it tomorrow.

  6. Jemnifer says

    I’m no Disney expert here so forgive me for not knowing this… If I have a pre opening reservation are you saying we could eat breakfast, ride Mine Train and still go watch the opening show if we wanted? This is a once every few years trip so I don’t know if I want to sacrifice the show but I really want to get on Mine Train quickly too.

    • Hizouse says

      You should be able to do this. You may not be able to get a particularly good view of the show, however, depending on how quickly you exit 7DMT and the routes the CMs allow people to take behind the castle. But I know at least one person has been able to watch the show after a ride on 7DMT.

        • josh says

          It would depend on how early they let you go to Mine Train. I was off of Mine Train for the first time at 8:49am, which would give you six minutes to retrace your steps back down the ramp near Liberty Square and back out in front of the Castle. I’m not sure I would plan on being able to do that though.

  7. Al says

    I have a question about this sentence: “As with other quick service meals, anyone can order anything on the menu and you can share if you prefer.” For sharing, if for example you make a reservation for 6, can you only order 4 entrees and share, or do you need to order an entree for each member of the party? If you do order fewer entrees than people, do you get charged a no-show fee for the other two people?What about pre-ordering? Do you have to pre-order an entree for each member of the party? Using the same example, if I have a party of 6, and pre-order 4 entrees, can I just go and sit down, or do I have to order something for the other two people?

    • Ashley says

      We never order for everyone in our party at Be Our Guest for breakfast. We are a family of 4 and we only order 2 breakfast entrees because the plate of pastries in addition to the 2 entrees is more than enough food for all of us. We’ve never been questioned that we have 4 people in our party and only 2 orders placed. On our last visit, just my husband and I went to Be Our Guest for breakfast – we only ordered 1 entree, both ate from the plate of pastries, and still left behind a few on the tray.

      • andrew says

        Ok so I was wondering the same thing. If I made a reservation for my wife and I we could only order the 1 entree so it would then only cost $24 total? If that how you did it Ashley?

          • josh says

            I always hesitate to say “yes” because then you have people that book for a group of 40 and order one thing because “Josh said we could.” But it’s not a $24 per person charge…it’s a $24 per entree charge…

      • Ava says

        Do you order adult entrees, or child’s, or a combination? Wondering if it’s possible to make a reservation for 2 adults and 2 children, but just order 2 kids’ meals. We’re vegetarians & none of the veg options on the adult menu appeal to us, but no-showing would cost us $40. If we could pay just $28 for 2 kids’ meals, that would make this a viable option for us.

        • josh says

          I mean technically you can check in for the meal and then just sit there and not order anything and not pay any fee. Don’t tell anyone though.

        • Aimee says

          We did this exact thing in Dec 2015. Reservation for 4 (2 kids, 2 adults). My husband can’t eat restaurant food, so he didn’t order. I just ordered 2 kids meals and shared with my 2 kids (they are not breakfast eaters). No one said anything. Worked for us.

      • Jenny says

        That’s what I’m hoping to do in October as well. As a family of 4 with two younger children, this will not only be a little better financially for us, but we won’t waste as much food. And still get to Peter Pan or the Mine Train with all of us, depending on if the kids want to ride the Mine Train or not.

    • Christine says

      Yes you can. We ordered 3 adult entrees for 2 adults and 3 kids, and they have us 2 trays of pastries. We took a whole box of pasties to go.

  8. Marco says

    If I wanted to make a throwaway breakfast reservation at BoG (and take the $10 per person hit), where is the best place to hang out and kill time after crossing the Fantasyland bridge but before heading over to line up for 7DMT?

  9. Mark says

    I have an 8:30AM BOG reservation on 3/26. It looks like I can enter the park at 7:45AM and can get to the reservation check in point. My question is will I be held by Sleepy Hollow until 8:15AM or so, or will the CM there allow me access to Fantasyland immediately? I’m hoping that I can get in line at BOG by 8:10AM. This would allow me to eat earlier than my 8:30 reservation and take advantage of 7DMT rides before the park opens. If we can not order our food until 8:30AM I may as well cancel the reservation.

    • Kathy says

      As Josh states in the post: “As usual, anyone with a reservation before 9am is admitted as if their reservation was for 8:05am. So if your Be Our Guest reservation is for 8:40am, you can still enter the Park at 7:45am and you’ll order and be seated as quickly as you can make it back there and accomplish it.”

      You will be let back to BOG as soon as you can get back to the Hub check-in point and can begin ordering/eating right away.

  10. Kim Buettner says

    Thank you for the article. I have been debating cancelling our PPO breakfast for some time now. I think we will keep it now. Get a ride or 2 on the Mine train and then get in line to Meet a set of the princesses at the Fairytale Hall.

  11. Megs says

    Much better! We were the at BOG for the first day of the new opening. They held the BOG at 7d, then walked them slowly thru the entended line. We didnt have much time before the RD people came. I’m glad they are using FP now, which is much faster!!
    Also, we split entrees and the CM was a complete jerk about it. 3 entrees for 5 of you? Really. YES REALLY. HAHA

  12. Shelley says

    Thank you for the article. I read it and immediately scored an 8:50 a.m. breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest for our trip in May. I hadn’t realized we will be seated as soon as we can get in in the morning. This is fantastic. Thank you!

  13. Anon says

    Speaking of the sword in the stone… is there still an opportunity to lift it? I haven’t seen any pageantry around it in many many years, but I could just have bad luck.

  14. Carrie says

    Thank you for this, Josh! I had the open face sandwich in Oct. 2015 and it was super delish. These new items look dismal at best. UGH… We greatly appreciate all the detailed information. Thanks again!

  15. DEAN says

    Josh, I’m assuming that after riding Mine Train, you exited and got back in line, rather than Cast Members allowing you to stay in your seat. The two minutes that it would take to walk around isn’t that bid a deal.

  16. Molly says

    Great info! I wonder if an 8:20 ADR would be worth it if I’m staying off-site and there is an 8AM emh that day. Does anyone know if breakfast guests are still allowed in the 7DMT queue earlier than 9 during emh, or would the lines be so long by then (spring break) that there would be no advantage?

    • Anne says

      Do you mean early morning magic or extra magic hour? EMH mine train opens for resort guests at 8 am and by 9 am it will be an hour wait with no special line for those with breakfast reservations.

      • Anne says

        I should add, I don’t know if they are scanning bands still at the ride entrance during EMH or just at the check points to get into fantasyland to verify you are a resort guest with the new opening procedure. I would think they would still want to scan at the ride as off site guests can do pre-9 am meals. But even if they don’t scan at the ride at 8:50 am and you get in before the off site RD crowd at 9 am the line is alteady going to be LONG.

        • josh says

          I wouldn’t go on an EMH day if you can avoid it. The queue would already be pretty full of people with EMH access. Mine Train is the highest priority ride at Magic Kingdom and the vast majority of people are headed straight there regardless of opening time or EMH.

          • Molly says

            Unfortunately all but one day of our 7 day spring break trip is an mk emh day! But I’ll make the best of it! Thank you both for your replies!

    • josh says

      You’d have to order and be out of there by 8:40am to have a touring advantage. A meal that expensive wouldn’t be my choice to rush through.

      • Melissa says

        If we get out of CRT pre-park breakfast before 9, will we have access to mine train like how you did with your BOG reservation?

  17. Dawn says

    Josh, Hi
    I was able to secure separate reservations for my party of four, three for 8:50 and one for 9:00, do you think that they would hold the 9:00 reservation person or let them in at 7:45 with the rest of us?

    • Amanda says

      Hi Dawn, we did this in November. We were a party of 5 and we had two reservations, one for 2 and one for 3, that were about 20 minutes apart. We explained to the CM at the podium that we wanted to eat together and they let us all check in at the earlier time. Once inside, you sit wherever you’d like, so we all sat together.

  18. Jennifer Aguirre says

    We are going in early June. We have an 8:30 BOG breakfast and we plan to arrive by 7:45. I am trying to decide between going straight to 7 Dwarfs from breakfast and getting a Peter Pan FastPass for later OR going straight to Peter Pan and getting a 7D FastPass for later. Many in my group have never ridden either so both are a must. Given the summer crowds, which would you think is the smarter move?

    • Dawn says

      you could ask on the forums but I am pretty sure that Josh said you should be able to do both in the morning with one 7DMT ride then heading straight to Peter Pan..I am doing similar and I will be getting a FP for 7DMT for later in the day to be ‘sure’ we get on it.

  19. Kathleen says

    We are staying off property and have a car. Is it better to park at Magic Kingdom or go to Transportation Station and ride the Monorail, not sure of how early the Monorail runs. Made our reservations for 8:50, plan on being there to go in at 7:45, hoping to get in earlier than our reservation time, eat and head out! After we eat we are heading to 7DMT, when do they start running the ride?

  20. Beth says

    Question…is the breakfast food at BOG still STONE COLD? We’ve tried it 3 times over the last 2 years and each time, the food has been cold. Not just lukewarm, but cold to the touch.

    We never bother with asking for a hot replacement because the CMs always seem so annoyed when you ask them for anything.

  21. Sean says

    Any idea if the pre-order computer will allow an adult to order something from the kids menu? I’ll admit that I am a terrible eater and the only item that really appeals to me is on the kids menu. Thanks.

  22. Brittney says

    So if we have a reservation for 840am did breakfast van we actually be seated prior to that? Like closer to 8 ? Or will we have to wait until 840? Just wondering if it’s worth the cost of eating there to potentially get to Mine Train.

  23. Tara says

    I’m confused, what do you mean when you say paying 2.50 to ride the mine train? What can I pay to get on it quicker and also I’m preordered going my breakfast now for be our guest. We have the meal plan. It’s has dessert just the cupcake on the breakfast menu is that included in our meal plan or would we have to pay extra for the desert with breakfast? We come twice a year but still always learning. I searched all over the internet and can’t find the answer I don’t want to add it to my order and than be charged for it or not add it and find out I could have. Thank you Tara

  24. Jennifer says

    This is very helpful. Thank you. A question for you – I have an pre-opening reservation for BOG, and I was wondering if it would be worth my time to get in line for Enchanted Tales for Belle before the crowd comes. We are traveling with a 3.5 year old, and don’t plan on riding the Mine Train or Peter Pan. What do you think? Also, is it only Mine Train that is available to ride before the park opens?

  25. Meghan says

    I have a question about the new Be Our Guest hot beverage mug… When I am doing the pre-ordering how can I make sure I get that mug and not the regular BOG souvenir mug? Also, what is your favorite breakfast item at BOG? We are going to breakfast for the first time next month (we usually do lunch or dinner) and I have no clue what to order!

  26. Mike says

    We have a Nov 30 ADR for be our guest breakfast at 8am. Disney has since changed MK opening hours to 8am on this day. Any advantage this adr had for getting a jump on the crowd is now LOST. What Gives???

  27. Jamie says

    We have a BOG reservation at 8:25. Since we get in at 7:45 does the time actually matter? Will we be able to eat earlier than our reservation?

  28. Amanda says

    Ok, I have read through this blog post like 4 times and I am confused! Not because you did not put in a lot of detail and do a great job explaining, but just because I have never been to disney world and I am trying to plan our Feb trip without knowing how everything works! So when you say that “Remember that now everyone can enter the Park at 7:45am, but only those with dining reservations at Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table will be admitted back into Fantasyland.” do you mean that the crowds gathered outside the park are all allowed in at 7:45 AM but only those with dining reservations at BOG or Cinderella’s Royal Table are actually allowed through the castle and into the Fantasyland part of the park? (I am studying a map and reading your post trying to figure it all out, lol). For example, I specifically made a BOG reservation for 8:20 AM because I wanted to get some un-crowded pictures in front of the castle before everyone else comes in. The plan was to get some amazing shots without tons of people (like yours!!) and then go grab breakfast. So do you mean to say that only those with dining reservations get through into fantasyland and all the rest of the people without reservations have to stay in the East, South and West side of the park? If that is correct then are the shots you got of the castle pretty much empty taken from inside Fantasyland? Because the dining reservation crowd is smaller?

  29. Stacy says

    Both your write-ups on this are fantastic. Our FIRST visit is coming up in a couple weeks, so be patient with my ignorance. We have a 9:00 BOG reservation on a non-MH day. Am I reading correctly that this grants us no early rope drop perks? But 8:55 would? There is an answer on the moms panel site stating a 9:10 reservations get the special ticket at the gate.
    Could one conceivably get cleared to enter the line you entered and then ride around 8:45 and then sneak right on in for breakfast?

  30. DJS says

    We had a 8:05 reservation at BOG . We were able to get in to the park at 7:40 . We took a few great pictures on Main Street with the castle in the background while hardly anyone was in the photo. We quickly made our way to BOG and got checked in. The line to place an order was a lot longer than the line that ordered ahead. Kids had French toast which they loved. Adults had the open face breakfast sandwich and croque madame., both were excellent. We were served and out the door by 8:40. We made our way to SD Mine and noticed a line of about 40’people already waiting. At 8:45 they let us in, rode the train twice and quickly made our way to Peter Pans flight. As soon as we boarded our Jolly Roger it was 9 am and the “flood gates” I mean , those who weren’t lucky enough to have breakfast reservations, were let in. As we exited PPF the wait was already 45 min. So I fell pretty good that we were able to ride the 3 top rides with no wait before our day even started.


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