Be Our Guest 8am Breakfast Reservation Review, The Rope Drop Situation to Seven Dwarfs and Anna/Elsa, Magic Kingdom Morning Touring Over Spring Break – 3/27/15

It’s been a while since we’ve been on the monorail as the sun is rising, so we’ll check out the new Be Our Guest breakfast situation with an 8:05am reservation.

With a 9am regular open (even with an 8am-9am morning Extra Magic Hour), the transportation schedule is usually:

  • Resort Monorail: Starts at 7am
  • Express Monorail: Starts at 8:30am
  • Ferry: Starts between 8:15am and 8:30am
  • Epcot Monorail: Starts at 8am

With an 8am regular open without morning EMH:

  • Resort Monorail: Starts at 7am
  • Express Monorail: Starts at 7:30am
  • Ferry: Starts between 7:15am and 7:30am
  • Epcot Monorail: Starts at 8am

With an 8am regular open with morning EMH from 7am-8am:

  • Resort Monorail: Starts at 6:30am
  • Express Monorail: Starts at 7:30am
  • Ferry: Starts between 7:15am and 7:30am
  • Epcot Monorail: Starts at 8am

These hours are usually misquoted to and by cast members, even in official documentation.

It’s Friday March 27th at 7:30am. With just two days to the Sunday before Easter, which marks the beginning of the third or fourth busiest week of the year, we already have about 90 minutes worth of extended queue set up for the Express Monorail. And they’re going to need it.

So with our 8:05am breakfast reservation, our only option from the Magic Kingdom parking lot is the resort monorail, which will make stops at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts before pulling into Magic Kingdom.

The minimum amount of time the trip takes is 15 minutes, assuming a resort monorail arrives within a couple minutes of your arrival and departs shortly thereafter.

To be conservative, I’d bank on it taking 25 minutes. If you’re staying at a Disney resort and have a car, the usual advice is to take the bus in order to bypass parking at the Transportation Center and relying on aging infrastructure. My advice is the same – even if you end up waiting 20 minutes for the bus, you’re still going to arrive ahead of where you’d be if you parked and took the monorail, even under the best of circumstances. Disney is supposedly going to release a My Disney Experience app update that will include information on when the next bus to each Park will arrive at the resorts, which may make the decision about whether you want to walk or drive easier. If the next bus to Magic Kingdom departed just as you leave the room and the next one isn’t scheduled to arrive for 20 minutes, then you may want to gamble. On the other hand, if you usually drive to Animal Kingdom but the bus is two minutes away, you may opt to take the bus and order a second Emperor’s Margarita with lunch.

Fortunately, we didn’t run into any delays. After arriving at the parking lot at 7:25am and arriving at the resort monorail at 7:30am, we found ourselves at bag check just 15 minutes later at 7:45am. This early, virtually nobody is getting on or off at the Polynesian or Grand Floridian, so trips are on the short side, barring (common) technical problems.

Guests with early dining or tour reservations head to the far left of the Mickey floral/main entrance. There are cast members stationed here that will scan your ticket or MagicBand to look up your breakfast reservation. If you have a tour reservation or your ticket won’t scan, they can check by name.

Those without reservations wait in front of the tapstiles/Mickey readers until around 8am, at which point they’ll be let in to wait in front of the train station for the opening show, which is typically scheduled to start 13 minutes before open.

This picture from this post will give you an idea about how quickly crowds form in the morning:

With a 9am open, 8:15am is the sweet spot. You won’t arrive needlessly early and you’ll be there just before the onslaught. By 8:30am on a day with crowds anywhere above a “3,” you’re going to find yourself waiting outside the entrance waiting to scan your ticket after the opening show concludes.

Here at 7:48am, the line for those with reservations is already backed up to the tapstiles and we were actually the last people allowed to scan our tickets before the line started to move just two minutes later at 7:50am.

An empty courtyard as the reservation line snakes around.

Stepping on to Main Street at 7:52am, 13 minutes before our reservation.

The “empty Main Street” pictures are sort of a myth these days, at least between 7:55am and 8:15am, when the couple hundred people who also want pictures of an “empty Main Street” funnel into their 8am to 8:15am breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest, Crystal Palace, and Cinderella’s Royal Table.

While the main drag may see congestion, there are opportunities to be had. In front of Crystal Arts for example.

Or perhaps with your favorite scrim.

Or maybe you are a weird blogger and want to take a picture to chronicle the fact that there are now more tables outside Plaza Restaurant/Parlor.

Or perhaps a shot of dad doing snow angels on the AstroTurf.

Basically, you have free reign over the walk up Main Street, into the central Hub area, and then back through Cinderella Castle to Be Our Guest Restaurant. There are ropes blocking the entrances to the various other lands.

Through the Castle, which recently added new turrets waiting to be unveiled.


A look back.

Castle Couture.

The Carrousel.

The line at the entrance began moving at 7:50am and we were back at Be Our Guest ten minutes later at 8am after moseying around and snapping a few photos.

An example of one of the ropes in the distance blocking people from traveling much further than the bridge with a cast member standing guard out of frame on the right.

The Be Our Guest breakfast menu:

The meal is currently a fixed priced affair. According to Disney, breakfast here is a “test” that will continue through June 18th, which means reservations are only available until then. I would expect breakfast to continue after that date, though Disney may change the meal to an a la carte affair or whatever else. Currently, reservations are available between 8am and 10am with lunch beginning at 10:30am.

The instructions are the same as lunch:

Remember that despite ordering at a kiosk and a cast member delivering your food tableside, that this is still a quick service meal that costs one credit on the Dining Plan.

There was absolutely no wait in front of the restaurant and we marched inside to order our breakfast at a kiosk. Pre-ordering breakfast is currently available up to 30 days in advance via My Disney Experience or as soon as five minutes before the reservation begins. Pre-ordering will bypass the kiosks, resulting in even short waits. You pay in a separate line at the restaurant after confirming your order, which you can change if you change your mind at the last minute.

We arrived at 8am and completed our order at 8:05am only to find a mostly deserted ballroom. There was maybe one other table occupied and the Rose Gallery was curtained off with a cast member standing guard.

Our food arrived just five minutes later at 8:05am.

I ordered the Eggs Florentine – Puff Pastry Shell filled with Scrambled Eggs, Cheese, and fresh Spinach served with Country Ham and Roasted Plum Tomatoes.

Anybody that’s ordered the $26.99 Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops at dinner will recognize the puff pastry. The breakfast version was pretty good, but suffered from one of the problems inherent with the dish at dinner – the puff pastry has little flavor on its own and doesn’t contribute much to the dish other than empty calories. But the eggs were cooked well and arrived hot with a nice texture, in addition to the melted cheese. The only problem was a couple of the bites of spinach were cold.

The two small bites of ham were kind of useless, but would increase your daily intake of sodium just in case you’re not sure if you’re going to get it all at Pecos Bill in a couple hours. The tomatoes were probably okay, but I am not British enough to eat them before 9am.

Lisa ordered the Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich Poached Eggs, Applewood Bacon, Brie Cheese, and Arugula on a toasted Baguette. Poaching eggs en masse is difficult, but Disney has somehow figured out how to do it. The thick slices of tomato were ripe and there were several nice slices of brie underneath with the arugula adding some crunch. The bacon was the same thick cut style they have over at Animation Courtyard – very good. The bread was fresh and had a nice flaky crust underneath.

The fruit is the usual assortment of not-quite-ripe-lower-than-grocery-store-quality that you’ll get in just about any Disney “fresh fruit” cup. The addition of a couple small strawberries was nice and it helped freshen up the meal a bit.

The “pastry platter” situation is a little bit goofy. What you see above is what you get whether you’re a party of one, two, three, or four. Tables of five through eight receive two “platters.” So there are a couple of tricks here if you want to go Full Prudence. The first trick is to make multiple reservations if you’re after more pastries. For example, if you’re a party of four, you could make two reservations for two and receive two platters. You can sit wherever you want so your party can still sit together. The second, sneakier trick is to simply all pay separately as each receipt receives a full platter as Disney doesn’t have any idea if you’re actually alone or not. Disney has no way of keeping parties together once they enter the restaurant. So your reservation for four can easily break up into any size party you want for the sake of ordering and paying.

While it’s a fixed price meal, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get around ordering a meal for each person if someone wants to share or doesn’t like anything on the menu. Simply order as many meals as you want at the kiosk and you’ll only be charged for that many people. Or have those that don’t want food find a table before the ordering process starts. There are a lot of options. The meal does require a credit card for a $10 cancellation charge per person, but you’ll only be charged if nobody shows up. So if you have a reservation for four and only three people want entrees, you can make a reservation for four and just order three meals once you get there. It’s not a big deal.

The pastries are otherwise what you would expect from a Disney quick service – largely defrosted and taste okay. They have cardboard to-go boxes, but you may want to bring a Ziploc bag for heavy pastry stowage.

Like lunch service, fountain beverage cups are available for soda products, iced tea, cocoa, and coffee at the dispensers themselves. You can read my thoughts on lunch here, including a bit more information on how beverages and the rose system works.

Since we had our food by 8:10am, we had a good 30 minutes to sit back, relax, and enjoy it before it was time to start thinking about heading out to see if we could beat the mob from the main entrance to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The ballroom had filled considerably in that time, but there were still plenty of tables for those just arriving.

Still no wait to get in at 8:35am.

After your meal, you are welcome to exit the restaurant at your leisure and head back to Main Street for pictures or hang around here waiting to hurry to either Mine Train or Princess Fairytale Hall for Anna and Elsa.

It’ll be about 15 minutes before anyone from the main entrance arrives here. If you were headed to Anna and Elsa first, this cast member would hang out with you until it’s time to continue to the queue.

Since we were headed to the Mine Train first, we were held just across the bridge from Be Our Guest, maybe 50 feet away from the entrance. There was some confusion as there were already people riding Mine Train as part of commercial filming.

The 8:42am crowd of about 15 people.

Nobody from Cinderella’s Royal Table or Crystal Palace seemed to have made it this far at this point.

We could hear the welcome show end and seconds later we were off toward Mine Train at 8:47am. This is just about the entire group of people headed over.

We were funneled straight through the FastPass+ line to get us through as quickly as possible.

And at 8:54am, riding through the mine just before anyone from the main entrance even arrived at the attraction.


And we’re back out front at 8:58am or two minutes before the Park officially opens. It’s hard to see here with the entrance on the far left, but the line extends all the way back into Storybook Circus, which translates to a 70 to 90 minute wait. We were on and off in under ten minutes.

So…”Is breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant worth it?” A dumb question, but I’ll try to answer it the best I can compared to what else you could put your 20 bucks towards for breakfast.

This is your standard Bounty Platter breakfast available at most resort quick services – Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Potato Casserole, French Toast, and Buttermilk Biscuit for $8.99. The overall quality is going to be a lot greasier and a little lower quality than Be Our Guest (BOG). For the sake of comparison, we’ll say the BOG entree is worth ten bucks. We’ll assume you ate a croissant or pastry from the platter, which would cost another $3 and ordered a bottled orange juice, which costs another $3.79. So:

$10 for food

$3 for pastry

$3.79 for orange juice



+ $3 fountain beverage you didn’t pay for because you lack morals



+ 20 cent ambiance charge (or $3.20 ambiance charge because you want to go to heaven)



It’s not necessarily a terrible value even if you ignore the head start to the Mine Train or Seven Dwarfs. Crystal Palace (all you care to eat plus the Winnie the Pooh characters) is $26.99 for adults and $15.99 for kids. Cinderella’s Royal Table is ~$55 for adults and $~32 for kids. Add tip and you’re looking at Crystal Palace costing about 50% more and Cinderella’s Table coming in closer to 200% more expensive. It’s an apples to oranges comparison, but Be Our Guest is significantly cheaper, though no characters appear and it’s not all-you-care-to-enjoy.

With that said, I would only recommend the early breakfast. From an efficient touring perspective, just about the worst place you could be is breakfast between 9am and 10am when standby waits are among the shortest of the day.

But the head start on the incoming riff-raff may be worth the price of admission on its own, not to mention enjoying some air-conditioning waiting for the Park to open instead of this mass:

The head start is most worthwhile if you’re headed to Mine Train or Anna/Elsa and to a lesser extent, Peter Pan’s Flight. Otherwise, an 8:15am arrival at the main entrance would put you at the ride around the same time as we’d be able to get there from Be Our Guest.

It would be smarter to head straight to Peter Pan’s Flight after Mine Train, but we opted to go to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in an attempt to kill some time and sort of simulate where we’d be if we had been in front of the herd headed to Mine Train instead of getting such a big head start. In other words, where we’ll be after Winnie the Pooh is around where we would be if we rode Mine Train after heading in from the main entrance.

From the queue, you still can’t see the end of the line to Mine Train.

So we were off Mine Train at 8:58am and in line for Winnie the Pooh at 8:59am.

And back out front just five minutes later at 9:04am. And you still can’t see the end of the Mine Train line.

Anna and Elsa were also backed out into their extended queue – easily a 120 minute wait with FP+ returners receiving priority.

Peter Pan’s Flight remains the other high Fantasyland priority.

At 9:06am, the posted wait is 20 minutes.

Disney finally unveiled the interactive queue, which is indoors and takes the place of the old Fantasyland bathrooms.

There’s some fun artwork.

A couple neat set pieces.

The shadow effect on the wall is probably the coolest effect.

We arrived at the standby/FP+ merge point 11 minutes later at 9:17am, which is about the amount of time it takes to walk the interactive queue portion.

And after getting stuck here for about eight minutes.

We were back out front at 9:32am with no posted wait due to the technical problems.

Haunted Mansion is next – a much higher priority in the FastPass+ era than it was in the good ole days. A look at wait times over the course of the day:


Magic Kingdom was highly recommended with an overall crowd level of “8” for well above average and these wait times really aren’t bad at all. The weather report had been threatening rain, which didn’t appear until 3pm.

Anyway, we got to Haunted Mansion at 9:38am and boarded our doom buggy at 9:45am.

And were back out front at 9:54am, for a total wait/ride time of 16 minutes.

Tom Sawyer Island on the walk over to Frontierland. Disney opened Aunt Polly’s on the island for spring break, just serving snacks and kids’ Uncrustables. You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned Polly’s may reopen after the extensive renovation of the Liberty Square/Adventureland kitchen. Since Polly’s hasn’t operated in years, the snack service may be a prelude to a more regular schedule. Or it may not.

We arrived at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 9:58am to a 20 minute posted wait and a lot of FastPass+ returners already arriving.

Most of the interactive queue was in play here as well.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but the queue at Haunted Mansion is almost nearly filled already, indicating a wait of 25 to 30 minutes.

Otherwise the posted wait was too short.

We got in line at 9:58am, boarded at 10:27am, and were back out front at 10:35am for a 37 minute total experience time. Such is life three days before Easter.

Splash Mountain was up to a 35 minute posted wait.

With the line stretching all the way back here, the actual wait would be at least 40.

We checked FastPass+ availability right after at 10:40am and Splash Mountain didn’t have any availability until 7:50pm that night:

That’s one of the reasons why the website doesn’t advocate using your FastPass+ beginning with the 9am-10am window and hoping to use your third as early as possible. Even around 11:15am, 4th FastPass+ availability isn’t going to be great. If I wanted to get Splash Mountain, that means I’d schedule it now and not be able to schedule any more FP+ until I used that one in the evening. And if I had already used my other three FP+, I’d be sitting here at 11am with no FP+ and long standby waits almost everywhere.

That’s why we’re using our first FP+ now at 10:43am at Pirates of the Caribbean.

The reality of the FastPass+ era…a 30 minute posted wait into the extended queue at Pirates of the Caribbean before 11am.

With FP+, it was exactly five minutes between the time we got in line and the time we were seated in the first row.

Not a particularly memorable voyage. Even in the first row, we only got a light splash.

Back out front at 11am for a total experience time of 17 minutes.

The FastPass+ for Jungle Cruise wasn’t for another 15 minutes, so I went over to check the standby time to make sure it was worth it. 45 minutes.

With a few minutes to kill, we checked the next show time for Enchanted Tiki Room. 12 minutes.

So we went through the shortcut into Frontierland that’s now next to Aloha Isle Refreshments to check the next showtime for Country Bear Jamboree.

And did that instead.

Back to Jungle Cruise at 11:21am with a 35 minute posted wait.

With FastPass+, we were on in six minutes.

And back out front at 11:38am for a total experience time of 17 minutes.

No wait for Sunshine Tree Terrace.

That’s about as far as we go this time around. The original plan was to head to Tomorrowland for lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace and then a FastPass+ at Buzz Lightyear, but we left to try the new menu at Studio Catering Co. instead.

But to continue a tour like this, we’d plan to start visiting a couple anytime attractions, using the third FastPass+, getting a fourth FastPass+ at a kiosk, and grabbing lunch. The picture above is otherwise hub construction on the Adventureland side.

And on the Tomorrowland side.

Speaking of lunch, bad news for the taco salad crowd:

It’s no longer available at Tortuga Tavern, after being removed from the Pecos Bill menu last year. The nachos are also gone. Instead, you’ve got the same Southwest Chicken Salad as Pecos Bill and a new Beef Rice Bowl.

The back side is the same.

The Nutella waffle wasn’t listed on the main menu at Sleepy Hollow:

But it was at the register:

It used to be available all day, unlike the other two that are only available from 11am-5pm. I’m wondering if they weren’t doing the Nutella waffles in the evening with the heavier expected crowds.

The four concretes of The Hub.

Both Wishes FastPass+ viewing areas have been opened up exclusively to FP+ users. You may remember the first night we visited that the East side wasn’t reserved for FP+ users. Since then, both sides have been significantly busier with cast members requiring all guests to stand shortly before the show starts. Consider that if you’re thinking about a Wishes FP+.

This print caught my eye.

Cinderella merchandise from the movie is somewhat widely available.

Some City Hall facade work.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are meeting in Tour Guide Gardens leading up to the holiday from 9am-6pm.

That’s what’s going on at Magic Kingdom.

It’s worth noting that Disney tested letting guests visting Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom pick four FastPass+ choices instead of three on March 30th. Guests that had already selected their FP+ in advance were issued a fourth FastPass+ for an additional non-priority attraction (It’s Tough To Be A Bug, for example). But that fourth attraction was modifiable to another available FastPass+ experience and time.


  1. Staci says

    Thanks for another great “you are there” report for us, Josh. Actually, since I don’t comment very often and never get a chance to say it… a great big “Thank You!!” for all the effort you put into this site. Glad I could get the book to show a bit of financial appreciation for all you do. 😉

  2. Linda says

    What a wonderfully descriptive account of a morning at the Magic Kingdom. Thanks for the great advice! So people have to stand in the reserved area while watching Wishes too? I didn’t understand what you meant by taking that into consideration when choosing it for a fast pass. I thought people just sat and relaxed in the new areas….

    • keri says

      Yes: the Wishes FP+ allows a lot more people into those areas now than it did at first. So instead of 100, there are 200, or whatever. No more room to sit down if they want everyone to fit. (or so they’ll say)

  3. George says

    Poaching eggs en masse is actually pretty easy, and once you get the technique down (right water temperature, right amount of vinegar in the water), perfectly poached eggs can be held for hours until needed for service without the danger of overcooking.

  4. RebeccaMcK says

    The BOG breakfast looks to be worth it, IMO. It was a good idea to switch the locations for Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace…helps ease the pedestrian traffic a bit. Can anyone tell/remind me: Who are the usual princesses who meet at the fairy tale hall besides Elsa and Anna? Is it usually Aurora, Cinderella, or who? I know they can change sometimes. And does anyone know if Flik (the ant from “A Bug’s Life”) still meets anywhere? He used to do meets at AK. Thanks.

      • RebeccaMcK says

        Thanks. It seems like it’s usually those two. I’m passing it along to a friend whose daughter really wants to meet Cinderella, but they won’t be there for at least another year. I think it’s hardly ever Aurora or Snow White.

        • Anne says

          Snow white and Aurora might be back at fairytale hall when Anna and Elsa move to their new meet area at Epcot. But with Disney construction pace who knows when that will be.

          • RebeccaMcK says

            If the new meet area opens when the Frozen ride opens it should be “early 2016,” but, yeah…who knows if it’ll still be winter or early spring, really.

    • K says

      When I went last summer, Anna and Elsa were 1 shared M&G. Aurora was next to them, so an A&E FP was actually an Aurora FP too! Cinderella and Rapunzel were the others, but it looks like they’ve given Anna and Elsa their own sections and bumped Aurora out.

      • RebeccaMcK says

        So, with Anna and Elsa being separate now….do you still decide whether to line up for A&E or the other princess choices (two lines available, total)? Maybe once they’ve moved back to Epcot, there will be four non-Frozen princesses again with two lines for us to pick which two to meet. I’ll have to re-check all this when the time comes for my friend who’s taking her Cinderella fanatic kiddo in 2016.

  5. Katie says

    As always, AWESOME post with all kinds of important details. Thank you again for all you do! I had a question: what do you think you would do if you were going to MK for an early ADR with a double stroller? Would you drive and ride monorail or take the bus? I’m certainly going to drive to the other three, but I’m a little stumped about Magic Kingdom. I think the little ones might enjoy the monorail ride though, so that adds to the calculus.

    • keri says

      The bus would mean fewer loads/unloads for the stroller, wouldn’t it? (I can’t remember if a double stroller fits on the monorail or needs to be folded up. I think you’re supposed to fold it up, but if it’s a slow traffic time, lots of people get away with just rolling them in.)

      You could always take the monorail during the afternoon break, especially if you’re doing lunch or dinner at one of the monorail resorts.

    • Disney Deb says

      Rather than driving to the Grand Floridian I would drive to the Contemporary. You can just take the short stroll to the park. If you park at the Grand Floridian and the monorail has one of its “technical difficulties” you are then either forced onto the tiny transport boat, a NIGHTMARE with a double stroller, or are put onto a bus and again forced to do dismantle the double stroller.

      On that day I would plan a lunch at the Wave in the Contemporary. After lunch I would drive my car back to the hotel and allow those little kids you carted around in the double stroller to take an afternoon nap.

  6. Zappa says

    If you are staying at a Disney resort and have a car … Instead of taking a bus or parking at the transportation center – do this: park at the Grand Floridian and take the monorail.
    Can this still be done? My family did this many times in the past.

    • George says

      The only “legal” way to do it is if you valet. Self-park is technically only supposed to be valid for three hours, i.e., going in for a leisurely meal, and sometimes you’ll even be issued a permit which would have to be displayed on the dashboard.

  7. Juliana says

    Great post, Josh! I have the same doubt as Linda above. I already have Wishes FastPass reservations for April 10th. Do you think it is worthwhile? Tks!

    • Colleen says

      I’m wondering the same thing. Before the new construction, there was always lots of room to stretch out in the rose garden. It would be a shame if they did all this just to cram more people in, taking away the benefit of the FP in the first place.

      • josh says

        With the number of people stuffed into the Wishes FP+ viewing areas these days, I’d schedule something else unless you only plan to be there at night and using FP+ doesn’t hinder using a 3rd FP+ earlier and then getting a 4th earlier in the day.

  8. keri says

    the photos of the folks waiting for the Mine Train in the morning, especially the two pre-teen girls in shorts, and basically no crowd (at least at that part of the park), had me suuuuuper nostalgic for when I was that age and roaming around with my little sister, gosh, 18(?) years ago. The crowds were a lot lower back then, at least in part because there were so many fewer strollers/ECVs.

    I miss the days when I could go with just my RV key and AP ticket, maybe $10 for Mickey bars for the two of us, and a pair of sunglasses… now I’m so loaded up with things to make an afternoon comfortable – still got my sunglasses, keys, AP ticket, and cash, but also regular glasses, water bottle, AP card (for the discount), ID, sunscreen, handkerchief (for when my sunscreen sweats into my eyes – way better than relying on the recycled paper napkins), and of course my phone + charging cord, to take photos and use the MDE app.

    Anyway, thanks for these photos and reports, Josh. I was thinking about trying BOG breakfast, but none of those menu items sound appetizing for the cost of getting there so early to beat the crowds, tbh. I’d rather pick up a bowl of cantaloupe or something from Publix on the way to the resort for a morning snack, then sit down to a huge meal at The Wave or Kona or something for an early lunch! 😀

    • Anon says

      If I’m going to the park, I’m parking at the PVR, going to MK then back to Trader Sam’s, off to Epcot to end at Tutto Gusto and a beautiful, empty park stroll to the monorail back to the PVR.

  9. Tiffany says

    If I ever manage to eat at BOG for breakfast, I’m definitely ordering the Scrambled Egg Whites *with scrambled egg whites.

    Thanks for the update!

  10. Andrew says

    “By 8:30am on a day with crowds anywhere above a “3,” you’re going to find yourself waiting outside the entrance waiting to scan your ticket after the opening show concludes.” is this really true? It’s been a while since I’ve been to the park and I’m going back in a few weeks on a 5 and I want to verify this, since this post was made on an 8. I’m going with a 7 and 4 year old and want to make sure they see the welcome show but I don’t want to have them waiting around too long if we dont have to

    • Michelle UK says

      We were there just after Easter last year and tended to arrive at the tapstiles around 8.30 to 8.40 am. Pretty much every time we visited MK (crowd levels of around 4, 6 and 7 for our visits), we ended up watching the show from just outside the tapstiles as the area in front of the station was too crowded and they stopped letting people through.

      I’m definitely taking Josh’s advice this year and making sure we arrive at the tapstiles at 8.15 like he suggests :-).

    • Patrick says

      Josh is exactly right, in our (limited) experience. On our MK day that was a 5, we tried to show up at 8:15 but got to bag check at 8:28, and we got just inside the tapstiles (back right, on the brick ledge, facing the welcome show). There was a huge herd behind us, and more buses pulling in constantly. The time before opening flew by. We brought breakfast bars, fruit, and milk for the kids. They didn’t finish breakfast until after the train pulled up for the welcome show (at which time the crowd starts to surge forward a bit). It would have been perfect if we had arrived at 8:15; 8:30 is just a bit too late. (Also, once you pass the tapstiles, go left or right – not middle….)

  11. Jen says

    Figures I was in Epcot today – no 4th FP. Crazy day there today! Rushed to Soarin for first ride of the day and was off by 9:10. Already a 70 minute wait when we left. Not long after went to 120 minutes. Thank goodness we seemed to stay mostly ahead of the crowd and hightailed it out of there by 1:30 pm to head back to resort for a swim….

  12. dusty cheatham says

    ahhhhh for the days when you could ride pirates over & over & over again .just because you could . if you read between the lines PLANNING . DISNEY = $$$$ PLAN get joshs book & do your homework really it is not hard to do . and at the end of the day you will be so much more happy about it . puff pastry no spinach for me . look at everything josh did BEFORE using his FP+.

  13. Linda says

    Thanks Keri for your update…Josh is a busy guy and it is wonderful how everyone here helps each other.
    Juliana…good luck on the 10th! Maybe you can let us know if you thought it was worth it for the Wishes fast pass. I just was hoping for that “sit down and relax” atmosphere. :)

  14. Michelle UK says

    Thanks as always Josh, great post. Our trip is in two weeks so it’s good to get a Magic Kingdom update.

    $11.99 for a kids’ portion of Kellogg’s cereal with fruit?! I’m torn…. I know that BOG breakfast wouldn’t be good value for us as we don’t eat much at breakfast time. But I like the idea of Josh’s chilled experience with Mine Train compared to the Main Street rope drop chaos which looks pretty rough. At least we have several Mine Train FP+s booked during our visit.

  15. Amy says

    Just want to say thank you for all you do! I’ve been dying to read your BOG breakfast review. Since we’re allowed to share food it looks like it will definitely be worth it for my family in May to get to the front of the Mine Train line.


  16. says

    The last 2 times we have eaten at Cinderella’s Royal Table (once for breakfast, once for lunch) it has no longer been ‘all you care to eat’. When we tried to order an additional entree each time, our servers let us know that ‘we aren’t supposed to do that anymore’, but then snuck us out an additional plate of French toast only and short rib without any of the sides. With the crazy high cost we will probably not eat there again, as it was always our big, filling meal of the day.

  17. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for sharing about how to get more pastry baskets! There are 8 in my family, and 5 of those of growing boys with big appetites. Two baskets to share between the 8 of us didn’t seem fair when I’d read reports of 1 guest getting his/her own basket. I’m glad to know that there are ways around it. Thanks, Josh!

  18. Monica says

    ” …Or perhaps a shot of dad doing snow angels on the AstroTurf””

    delighted by this concept, I squinted at each little astroturf chunk trying to make out that happy-go-lucky dad…to no avail *sigh*

  19. Shelly says

    Right, to get a decent value, everyone in the party would need their own pastry basket for breakfast. Disney will eventually catch on this and somehow, someway, and put a stop to that, I would think. With the early entry and ride on the Mine Train, that does up the value of the breakfast some. If not for that, I would have to go to Boma for very close to the same price after my 10% off. Great report. Thanks so much.

  20. Cornel says

    We have BOG breakfast ADRs for 805AM on a crowd level 8 day. We have ridden Mine Train a few times (only with FP+) but my DDs (5 and 4) have never had a chance to experience the interactive elements of the queue. Do you think the CMs would let us through the regular line at rope drop rather than the FP+ side? I know it would wast precious touring time but it would likely be our only time to do it without waiting 70+ minutes.

    • josh says

      Worst case scenario is you could just wait another minute or two for the group from the main entrance to approach and then enter the standby line once it’s open. But I think they would let you into the standby early…I didn’t even realize we were headed down FP+ until I was in line there.

  21. End the Fed says

    Wow, has the FP advantage of Wishes FP already been ruined?? What’s the point of it if they’re just going to cram herds of people into the area???

  22. Dorliss Chambers says

    As I was reading I was thinking what a ripoff the BOG breakfast is, but Josh’s logic (and photos) caused me to readjust my thinking. There’s an A&E m&g in my future, and with the FP+ so difficult to attain, I may very well employ this strategy.

  23. Maria says

    Hey Josh, I have an 8:15 breakfast scheduled for Be Our Guest. I need to rent a stroller. Since they let you in on the left side of the turnstyles but the rental is on the right, will there be an issue going across to rent the stroller? It seems from your pictures there is a rope not allowing you to walk across.


    • josh says

      Hmmmmmmm I have never tried to rent a stroller that early, but I would imagine there must be a mechanism if you inquire.

  24. Allie R says

    I have to say thank you for all the work that you put into these reports, crowd calendars, cheat sheets, etc. On 3/29, we arrived at MK at 8am and completed all of Frontierland and Adventureland. Those rides had just opened, so less than 10 mins for everything! Also, we were at MK yesterday w/ a crowd level 9, but we came right at the 7am EMH and were the first people to ride Space Mountain. We finished all of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland in just three hours, leaving enough time for a nutella waffle at Sleepy Hollow. We never waited for a ride more than 5-10 mins, loosely following your trip plan. On the boat back, people were amazed at our efficiency. Again, thank you so much for your dedication to this site. You made our trip even more magical!

  25. Jo D says

    We were at MK today. Crazy crowds (space 120m, 7DMT never less than 90, even buzz over an hour at one point) but got a lot done by getting there early & having a plan. Aurora met at the wall in Fantasyland between Pinocchio haus & storybook treats at about 10am this morning. We just happened to have a quick stop to apply sunscreen & she came over so our little girl was almost first in line. Aurora spent ages talking to her & made her feel really special.

  26. JayStemple says

    POTC??? Wait, I thought it was closed for refurbishment because some kid from the UK cut his finger off on the ride?

  27. jomass says

    We have 8:05 at CP. If we can get to Fantasyland by 8:45, should we have a shot at A&E before the masses roll in? Did you notice lines forming while you were waiting for 7DMT?

    • John says

      On the 22nd just after 8:50am the mass of people from rope drop were passing Sir Mickeys and rounding the carousel clockwise just as the CMs let us pass the rope to go to the Princess Hall.

      Also the rope drop mass of people was amazing and intimidating being in front of it.

      • josh says

        The key is to be at the front of the crowd headed up Main Street. Somebody is going to get to Anna/Elsa first and experience a short wait – whether or not that’s you depends on your ability to stay ahead of everyone else.

  28. John says

    In regards to the comment about breakfast at BOG “Currently, there is no way to pre-order food.” I was at BOG for breakfast on the 22nd with an 8am reservations and there were 2 separate lines. To the left side of the rope for pre-orders and to the right side for people who did not pre order. I looked several times online to see if we could pre-order but I did not see any place to do this. Maybe you have to call it in?

    At 7:55 there was a line on the BOG bridge. Then after the pre-order people went in and were seated they started to let in the rest of us who did not pre-order. The line to get to the ordering stations was another 10min to get thru before we got to the dining rooms. The ball room was over half full and rather noisy so we sat in the West Wing which was mostly full but it much more quiet.

    I definitely agree with your flavorless take on the puff pastry for both the breakfast and dinner items. Though the Scallops were the best that I have had in over 6 years. I was not a fan of the warm tomato with no additional seasoning or oil but my wife did not mind them. As far as the platter of pastries goes we were a table of 6 and only received 1 platter. Though we did not finish everything from it so I really don’t mind that we only received the one plate.

    Our table of 6 ordered 4 meals, shared everything and still were unable to finish the platter. So as for the cost you can definitely split it without feeling hungry and get the huge bonus of getting on SDMT, seeing Anna/Elsa or even riding Peter Pan then getting in line for a second attraction in the area like you did the normal rope drop.

    We left the restaurant at 8:45 and ended up being the first group to see Rapunzel that day. We then had less than a 5min wait for Pooh.

    If we are ever fortunate to go to WDW again the BOG breakfast would be a must do for the day we go to MK.

  29. Christen S. says

    Thank you for this report. It answered a lot of questions for me. However I have a question. We have an ADR for 8am at BOG and plan on getting in line for mine train. But we have 3 children who will not be riding and 4 adults. So we will need to use the rider swap option how will that work with us being of the first to get on?

  30. cgulls says

    Other than the fact that 7DMT is a few steps further from the front of the park than A&E, is there any reason to think this same strategy wouldn’t work with A&E just as effectively as it worked for you with 7DMT? You sort of imply it might work the same. We have an 8:15 a.m. on 5/1 (a “5” day). And, with our 8:15 ADR, once we get to BOG (stupid question alert) we check in and can enter and order only after the 8:05 ADR people, right?

    • josh says

      I am not sure if they will make you wait or let you enter closer to 8am. It may depend on the cast member and how busy they are. They weren’t at all on this particular day that early.

  31. cgulls says

    Can my 10-year old order of the Kids menu? And, if so, is it still the Kids menu price or does she just get the Kids menu item at an Adult price?

    • josh says

      You can order as many kids meals as you want for the $11.99 price. Disney won’t require that you produce a child or ask how old anyone is.

      • cgulls says

        Thanks. That’s good to know. Oddly, my kid’s taste buds and appetite didn’t dramatically change on her 10th birthday.

  32. Ellie says

    Did you spend enough time in the PP interactive queue to see “Tink” move around one of the rooms – the water spurt in the pitcher, or globe turn, trunk try to open, picture tilt/untilt, etc? Ringing the shadow bells was fun. The butterflies did not want to land on my hand’s shadow for some reason but liked everyone else.

  33. Melissa Brown says

    I’m very interested in this “you don’t have to buy as many breakfasts as you have people on the reservation.” This is certain? I hate breakfast food of any kind, but my husband reallly wants to do BOG breakfast. You are saying I can make a reservation for 2, and only order one meal, and only be charged $20? Cuz that would be awesome.

    • Michelle says

      I’d love to know this as well .. I can’t eat until at least 11am, but my 10 year old would love that croissant donut thing.

  34. Sharona says

    Hi Josh. Any notes on how the BOG breakfast crowd now impacts those at CP? Does that put us that much further back for 7DMT?

    We have a pre-RD ADR at CP and are debating either heading directly to 7DMT or going to Frontierland for BTMRR, Splash, POTC, HM etc… We have a 7DMT FP+ for later in the day. I would love to get 2 rides on 7DMT but I don’t want to waste precious RD time standing in a 30/40 minute stand-by line for one ride when I could get 3 or 4 rides in another part of the park. PP and A&E are not on our agenda. It’s a 9am opening on a MK recommended day/ crowd level 5.

    Thanks for your advice!

  35. Rachel says

    “STRAIGHT CHILLIN” @8:45 made me laugh out loud… at work… and everyone looked at me weird. So funny.

    • Paula says

      “this cast member would hang out with you until it’s time to continue to the queue.” = my LOL moment. The side-eye from my husband made me chuckle louder.

  36. Zach says

    We have an 8:25 BOG reservation. I read the entire post you put but can’t figure out what FP+ reservations you all had made. I am torn on making my FP+ reservations for that evening for for that morning, I see you made some for that morning, did you than make more for that evening? We are doing two days with Adventureland on day 2, we are sticking around Fantasyland for the first day….opinion on below? It sounds like I dont need FP+ for Seven Dwarfs and Enchanted Tales with Belle if we are doing BOG right away and I can do something else with those.

    Be our guest Restaurant – Enter park 8:00am – 8:25am Breakfast Reservations

    Magic Kingdom Morning right after breakfast (do some of below)
    Peter Pan’s Magical Flight
    Winnie The Pooh
    Journey of the Little Mermaid
    Ariel’s Grotto
    (Any FP+ Selections with short wait – Maybe Mine Train)

    Late Lunch quick service:

    FP+ Morning /Afternoon Reservations:
    Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train
    Princess Fairytale Hall
    Enchanted Tales with Belle

    Make new FP+ Selections

    FP+ Evening Reservations:
    Buzz Light-years Space Ranger
    Space Mountain (Kim & Kathy takes Break)
    It’s a Small World (Or later in evening )
    Astro Orbitor

    Magic Kingdom Early Evening
    Tomorrow Land
    Carousal of Progress
    Tomorrow land People Mover
    Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

    Walk around Shops & Shows at dark – Fireworks Show

  37. Mira Bush says


    your blog is absolutely amazing! Thanks for all the insight! I have a few questions you might be able to answer?

    would u mind emailing me back?

    Thanks Mira

    • RebeccaMcK says

      To Mira (and anyone else with specific touring questions), the Forums are a good way to get answers from seasoned WDW visitors like Josh and others.

  38. Clayre says

    Just got back off our holiday and discovered we’re in your post! We’re about 10 people in front of you waiting to enter. Can just see the back of our heads. And for the record we’re British and enjoyed the tomatoes :)

  39. RebeccaMcK says

    Starting today, according to wdwmagic, “guests will be able to pre-order menu items from 30 days out, up to 5 minutes before the reservation time. The ordering is done through the My Disney Experience website or app under My Reservations. An email will be also sent out at the time of placing the reservation with more information on the pre-order process.
    As with lunch, you do not have to use the pre-order system, as selection can be made at kiosks inside the restaurant upon arrival. If you do make selections, they can also be modified once inside the restaurant.”

  40. Cat says

    Looking at the Sleepy Hollow menu, I noticed the funnel cake doesn’t have the DP symbol next to it. Can we no longer get that using a snack credit??

  41. Jessica H. says

    Thanks for all the awesome reviews! I have been following your blog for the last few months and it has helped me so much with planning. We are going to WDW 5/3-5/9 and doing be our guest breakfast on 5/5!

  42. cgulls says

    I’m a little late to the party with this comment, but DD10 and I did an 8:05 BOG ADR and ended up being among the first few in line at Anna & Elsa. We pre-ordered and were about 75 or 100 people back in the early ADR line. It worked beautifully.

  43. Terri says

    Thanks Josh. I just booked breakfast at 8:05 for our trip in early June. Was still able to get a table of 2 on Wednesday, the 10th. Looking forward to not fighting the crowds and getting some (mostly) empty photos. Will be our first ride on Mine Train. Quick question-what’s your number one choice for your breakfast meal? We are paying OOP, no DDP this year :( Oh, and we will be ordering separately to max. out our pastries…thanks for the tip!

  44. Terri says

    Oops, looks like I need to pick another day. I was looking at the park hours I had copied a month or so ago and I had MK opening at 9. Now I see it is at 8. Drat!

  45. Zac says

    Is there any similar benefit to an early dining reservation at HS or Epcot? I’m wondering if we could make it to the Jedi Academy sign-ups before the rope-drop crowd arrives, and then book it over to Toy Story w/o needing a FP. P.S. Love the site!

  46. Laura says

    Thank you so much! I decided to do an 8:20 ADR at BOG instead of doing a “rope drop”, because heck, an ADR puts me at the back of the park in Fantasyland BEFORE rope drop. Makes total sense to me. I really love your helpful posts that walk us right through with you and your humor : )

  47. evy says

    Thank you thank you for this post, I have an ADR for BOG on Easter Sunday and I am definitely going to follow your Plan of attack. My daughter hates roller coasters but its my husbands FIRST time @ Disney and he wants to go on the SDMT, So we are going to split up and attack A/E meet and SDMT during the same time . Thank you for giving me hope. With all the reviews of how busy it gets for spring break I was feeling a bit stressed . Do you have any other suggestions for Spring break week??

  48. Lisa says

    I was wondering if you have been here since they changed the rope drop location? We are going on a Tues (Valentine’s Day) and will have some of the folks who bought the 69 tickets to ride on the FantasyLand rides to consider but wondered if it is still a good idea to use a Be Our Guest reservation to get on 7DMT early?

    • Laura says

      I would like to know the same thing. I’m guessing it gives rope-drop crowds at least another 5 minute advantage of time now, compared to before. We have an 8:25am ADR at BOG in first week of May ’17 and I just don’t think it’s going to make any difference : ( Maybe if we had an earlier ADR it would help but it’s hard to find one now


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