Baymax Character Meet and Greet Added at New Epcot Character Spot Location in Innoventions West

Disney quietly added a Baymax Meet and Greet to Epcot yesterday. A revamped version of the costume arrived backstage about a month ago, so it was only a matter of time until we saw him live. You’ll find the marshmallow-esque character  across from the regular Character Spot location along the Innoventions West breezeway. If you kept walking straight, you’d end up walking up the hill towards the Land Pavilion.

The line is only accessible from these sliding glass doors, so don’t walk through the main Innoventions West entrance expecting to get in line. In other Innoventions West character news, the Disney Visa Meet and Greet no longer provides a physical photo. You’ll now receive a code to download your digital photo. That Meet and Greet is still available from 1pm to 7pm and is the only other thing currently operating inside Innoventions West.

A lot of people were sad when Hiro and Baymax were pulled from the Animation Building to make way for what is now Star Wars Launch Bay over at Hollywood Studios. Baymax’s backdrop is similar, though perhaps a little less extravagant. Hiro also does not appear.

You would think Baymax would be ripe for some interactive talking, but he is saving his voice like most other characters. Considering the average adult speaks something like 16,000 words per day, one wonders how chatty characters like Minnie and Goofy will be once they finally find their voice. I imagine trying to say hi to Donald only to have him tell you about a camping trip from 1983 at an auctioneer’s pace.

Baymax otherwise meets from Park open through Park close. He also currently appears during evening Extra Magic Hours until 15 minutes before evening those end. So on a regular evening Extra Magic Hours day, he’d meet from 9am through 10:45pm.

The Meet and Greet is inside, air-conditioned, and relatively pleasant, particularly if you don’t mind construction walls and garbage bags covering up what’s left of Innoventions West. When I visited on Saturday December 19th at 3:30pm, I waited 27 minutes. I’d otherwise expect afternoon waits in the vicinity of 20 to 30 minutes moving forward. Baymax does not currently offer FastPass+ and I doubt he will in the future. There is a lot of chatter that FastPass+ will be removed from most characters and some shows in the near future. While the website believes FP+ is useless at the majority of shows, Disney does benefit from the additional FP+ capacity that shows like Lights, Motors, Action and Finding Nemo the Musical offer. Remove those and you have a lot less overall FP+ experiences to offer. But we’ll see what happens.

Over at the “old” Character Spot, a sign over the top says “Featuring Mickey and Friends” with pictures of Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. The wait over there was just 15 minutes with about 20 people in the standby line. The line was considerably longer for Baymax, which makes some sense since this is the only location you’ll find him.

Otherwise, Baymax is a nice addition. It’s somewhat surprising since Big Hero 6 doesn’t seem to sell a lot of (read: any) merchandise, so you have to give Disney some amount of credit for adding a legitimately futuristic character to Future World. It’s still early, but I’d try to visit Baymax as late in the day as possible. Those arriving for rope drop and skipping Test Track/Soarin’ will want to start here and then hit Mickey Character Spot right after. I’d expect to wait less than ten minutes in either scenario.


  1. EJ says

    He was removed from DHS a few weeks before my August trip and was placed in Epcot a week after my December trip. Praying he makes it to August 2016!

  2. says

    “Otherwise, Baymax is a nice addition. It’s somewhat surprising since Big Hero 6 doesn’t seem to sell a lot of (read: any) merchandise….” My family has a poor record of identifying with characters for this purpose. We love Baymax, and would buy Baymax everything if it only existed. Is he too soft and cute for boys, but not enough princess for girls?

  3. Kacie says

    We were there on the 19th! And my daughter met Baymax. I was like, whut I didn’t know he was here…but yah first day. We checked in earlier in the day and it was around 30 mins, so we came back around 4:30 and it was … 30 mins.

    My daughter really wanted to wait and she enjoyed giving him a fist bump.


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