All-Star Music Intermission Food Court Food Court Post-Refurbishment Review

I am crestfallen and rather despondent in admitting to you, my treasured audience, that the website has failed in providing you with up-to-date information on the All-Star food court refurbishments. BUT THAT ENDS TODAY with a very brief look at All Star Music’s Intermission Food Court. Oh boy.

Prior to the refurbishment, which concluded in December of last year, the food court’s seating section was very bright.

And delightfully tacky in its terribleness.

I don’t necessarily mean terrible in a bad way, either. Like Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld is a terrible ride. But it’s so fun.

The refurbishment eliminates much of the color and in doing so, much of the fun I think.

The space is a lot classier than before and significantly more sleek.

The colors and overall “feel” reminded me a lot of the rooms at the Contemporary.

There is not a lot of overt theming here. Some of the backs to the booths are in the shape of orchestral instruments. Shapes on the ground are musical notes. The paneling on the far wall sort of looks like guitar strings. A couple pictures above this one, the bar window looks like it’s lined with trumpets. The beverage station sort of looks like drums overhead. But I don’t think anybody really notices these things.

The musical notes around the menus are apparently to the tune of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” The food court was very crowded when we visited on the evening of Monday July 13th around 9:30pm. The All-Stars use the same food court setup as the other Values and Moderates, which means you have to visit different stations for different food. The pizza/pasta and hot dog/hamburger lines were slammed with 30+ people in line at both. I didn’t want to wait 20+ minutes in line, which resigned us to the only other line with a variety of entrees like salmon and roasted chicken. Here’s what they’ve got going on:

Station 1:

Like the theme parks, taco salads are no longer offered.

Station 2:

Station 3:

Station 4:

Station 5:

The lineup is very similar to the other All-Stars and Pop Century. It may be worth noting that the lunch and dinner menus are also different. While the pizzas, hot dogs, and burgers are available for lunch and dinner, most of the entrees at Station 1 are substituted for items like a mahi sandwich and grilled steak sandwich during lunch. The changeover to the dinner menu starts at 4pm.

Other tiems are available in the case:

You’ve got Chocolate Truffles up there in the left, in addition to some healthier fruit cups, side salads, hummus with pretzels, etc.

California Rolls down there on the bottom – it’s the same thing you’d get at Katsura Grill at Epcot, Starring Rolls Cafe at Hollywood Studios, and most other resort quick services, if not all of them.


Bottled beverages.

Larger for pricing:

“” />
“” />

Tiered pricing on the Refillable Mugs is out, instead offering just one “length of stay” price, which I’m guessing is a standard 14 days. Somebody with recent experience may need to interject if they’re scanning MagicBands or quizzing guests on how long they have the pleasure of gracing Intermission Food Court.

The food court was directly catering to the palates of South Americans with a variety of items like those chocolate truffles we saw earlier, in addition to items like the cheesy bread, chicken croquettes, and rice and bean stew

Lisa ordered the $12.49 Salmon with choice of two sides, which also includes things like stuffing and rice, in addition to the mashed potatoes with turkey gravy and green beans, pictured here.

These salmon portions are popping up all around the resort, whether we’re talking about it topping salads at ABC Commissary or served as its own entree at Columbia Harbour House. They do a nice job of baking it from the frozen portions with some garlic and the diced tomato, but we’re not talking about the fresh Copper River variety here. Still, it’s probably healthier than a lot of the other items available and packed with protein.

I ordered the surprisingly inexpensive $7.59 Chicken Pot Pie, which arrived alongside a surprise side as well; this time it’s macaroni and cheese. The filling and puff pastry crust are housed separately before they’re served, so you get a nice soft, flaky pastry to go along with the filling. It needed salt, but it was a nice portion for the money with several hearty bites of chicken along with the creamy sauce and a few vegetables. Overall, it was a little bland for my liking, but not off-puttingly so. The macaroni and cheese, which is the same as what’s served with the Kids’ Picks, is reliably cheesy with a creamy sauce.

Who needs Top of the World Lounge when you can see the Frozen Fireworks through the bushes from the pool? A few lousy nighttime pictures:

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Music in particular is really pretty during the daytime.

Inside, not much has changed.

It’s not The Hard Rock.

The All-Stars have picked up some somewhat unique resort merchandise, though each piece doesn’t differentiate the specific section of the resort.

Six bucks for a 10-cent magnet is kind of rough.

That’s your food court news.


  1. April says

    Josh, I don’t remember anyone saying the site is irrelevant! That or you need a sarcasm font. Very nice post, thank you!

    • Stacey says

      The whole site would be written in a sarcasm font if that was the case. And that is why I read it. 😉

  2. Grover's Bathtub says

    Thanks for the pic of the beverage fridge. Assuming that’s a full-sized (750 mL) bottle of wine for $11 in the case, it’s a much better deal than the $6-7 beers and 187 mL splits of wine.

  3. says

    Just got home yesterday. We checked in on the 10th and every time we’d fill up our mugs it would say refills good until 24th, so that’s a little longer than 2 weeks.

  4. Mark says

    I just got back from WDW three weeks ago. I have no future trip currently planned. I have not ever stayed at All Stars and I am unlikely to in the future. I just read this entire post. What is wrong with me?

  5. kim says

    We just stayed at music a few weeks ago. We have stayed at the all stars quite a few times and I didnt even notice the new decor. Its a disney hotel food court. Who cares what it looks like. They should have just saved the money and hired a character to come out and dance once and hour.

  6. Dana says

    Is it just me or does it look like a gym floor with school cafeteria tables and school chairs? Maybe that’s just what will withstand the heavy usage.

    • Traci says

      Not just you on the look of the floors and the tables and chairs. But, gosh of gee those tables are the WORST!

  7. Vickie says

    Thanks so much for this josh! Staying in November at music, my favorite of the all star resorts. Your posts are so appreciated, all the hours you put into it. Your crowd calendars are spot on!! Enjoy your book also!! Thanks for giving us a little piece of Disney between trips!!

  8. Phil says

    The new look kinda screams “McDonalds” to me. Complete with large french fries in the ceiling above the registers.

  9. Claytonia says

    I feel like the Pop Century food court had more options than this one? I remember getting sesame chicken one night. I liked your lousy pictures. I think the Calypso section is cool-looking.

    • Steve Milz says

      Wikipedia (yeah, I know, not always the most definitive source for info) says otherwise. Under the “Equipment / Guitars and keyboards” section:

      July 1973 – May 1974: Fender Stratocaster CBS era (thought to be a 1972)

  10. Kim G says

    Thanks for the post. We stayed at Music once and you’re right the grounds actually are quite pretty. I for one would like to thank Lisa for this post. I imagine the conversation went something like, Josh:”So tonight we are going to swing by All-Stars Music for dinner”, Lisa:”Wait, what?!”

    • kim says

      It was edible. It all comes out medium well. The sauce was yuck, luckily it was in a tiny bowl on the side.

    • Mary says

      I live in London and I have never heard of ‘London Broil’! Is it roast beef, perhaps, by the look of the picture?

  11. Wayne B says

    I shall be at All Star Sports in Sept so shall be interesting to see how their refurb went after I was last there in 2012.

  12. Lance says

    So are regular Ice Cream, Shakes and Sundaes out? Is Gelato really the replacement? How long before it’s (cringe because I hate this word) fro-yo? I’m on vacation I want Ice Cream everyday…

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