A Holiday Walk Up Main Street and a Spooky(?) Haunted Mansion

We’ll take a quick walk up Main Street on a particularly festive evening.

Hopefully the Walt Disney World Railroad won’t get in the way of any more pictures:

With the sun setting before 5:30pm during this time of year, there are a lot more opportunities to enjoy some classic outdoor attractions under the cover of darkness. Swiss Family Treehouse offers some picturesque views of Cinderella Castle to the left and Tomorrowland in the distance.

This picture does not illustrate that.

The nighttime lighting is pretty.

We wouldn’t see this until around 9pm during the summer.

The Liberty Square Riverboat is a fun nighttime ride.

Its predictable schedule with departures on the hour and half hour makes it easy to board a couple of minutes before the boat is set to leave.

I like to get on one of the last rides of the night when it’s less crowded and Magic Kingdom is pleasantly lit. These pictures are from that 8pm voyage.

I thought the steam coming from the boat framed Haunted Mansion in a cool way.

A little Nightmare Before Christmas.

We’ll get to some more holiday stuff early next week. You might enjoy my look at the Festival of the Holidays at Epcot until then.


  1. RebeccaMcK says

    Great pics, as always. Thanks for all the hard work and consuming of calories this year, in case I don’t get to mention it next week. I leave in a week for CA (DLR for two days, the rest with family there). It’s cool the riverboat operates at night at MK; it doesn’t at DL (maybe because the water has to be ready for F! showing there, and the riverboat is a part of that show at the end). Happy Holidays, everyone!

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