A Few Animal Kingdom Holiday Pictures

I’ll be back in Orlando on Thursday and more regular updates will resume at that time, starting with the Arts Festival at Epcot on Friday. Since I only get back to the Seattle area twice a year, I spend the majority of my time here lounging around with the fam rather than sitting on the computer writing nonsense. Here are a few random pictures around Animal Kingdom now that the holiday decorations are down and it’s January:


  1. Pam From Montana says

    Ok You are forgiven..Gotta take time with the Fam! …but get crackin I need my fix. You cant just leave us in the hands of the Tom’s for too long! Risky business!

  2. heather says

    Disney missed a merchandising opportunity with the lantern-style animal ornaments (see pic5, lower right). The last ounce of novelty will be long gone next Christmas. I might still be persuaded :^) That rhino is cool.

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