2017 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise and Festival Center Walkabout

The Festival Center for Flower and Garden returns inside the old Wonders of Life Pavilion on the east side of Future World to the left of Mission: SPACE.

Topiaries for the Fab 5 sit outside.

You’ll only find it open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/flower_garden_festival_center_2017_epcot.jpg

The Hands-On presentations at the Greenhouse Stage may be worth seeking out.

Two presentations are typically scheduled each day – first come, first served.

The Festival Shop on this side has a variety of garden items and some art.

This same stuff was out for the Festival of the Arts.

Intermissions Cafe is available if, like me, you have trouble going 30 minutes without a drink or something to eat.

The Floriography wines look to be on the rare side whereas the Zonin is an $11 bottle.

Is it art?

Horticulture Heritage is located in the back:

The Garden Theater opposite shows a short film presenting some of the techniques described at the exhibit.

Of course, there is no shortage of merchandise:

Those interested in horticulture may find some value in visiting the Festival Center, but it probably isn’t a necessary diversion and even if you really want to visit, it’s only open on the weekends and only offers limited hours. But as temperatures heat up, it does offer a nice air-conditioned break and the various stores offer some interesting merchandise, in addition to the various presentations.


    • Laurie says

      Nancy, a lot of the items can be found on the Parks Merchandise Shop Online link on the MDE drop-down menu. They may also be available on the Shop Disney Parks app (including the Annual Passholder only shirts).

      • josh says

        MouseGear is a good bet. The Dooney bags should also be available at “World Traveler” which is the store at the International Gateway entrance/exit as well as “Port of Entry” which is the store right at the base of World Showcase on the right side as you look towards the U.S. Pavilion.

        • Nancy says

          Thank you for the info! We won’t be there until May, and only on a Wednesday, but I would love a new D&B.

    • Laurie says

      My dear GrumpyDad, that is ShellieMay. Duffy’s bestie.

      Josh: is there is ANY risk of those not still being in stock come 5/13?

      • josh says

        I actually only take one photo and edit everything from there. I would hate to say that there is “no risk” only to have an item sell out early. I have no idea how many of them they have.

  1. Barbara says

    Josh, did you know the glasses of champagne are up to $26 inside the Paris wine shop on Petit Rue? just went up today.

  2. Michele says

    Appreciate your service. You just saved us an hour of “meh”. I always visit the Center for each Festival wanting to finding something unique and interesting and yet…

  3. SherryL Reynolds says

    A little disappointed that annual Passholders don’t get a little gift this time. Last year it was 3 different prints for 3 different visits. Seems like they’re cheaping out a little. Could be my imagination but it seemed like fewer displays as well

  4. Amy says

    I was unable to find the large Minnie Tervis online at the Disney store, but do you recall the price?

    Also, thanks so much for keeping your website running! Valuable beyond words!!

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