Primeval Whirl

Opened: April 18, 2002

Location: Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama in DinoLand USA. It’s located across from TriceraTop Spin in the middle of the area.

Extra Magic Hours: Morning.

Ride Length: 3 minutes.

Type: Spinning Roller Coaster

Similar To: Nothing similar at Disney World. It’s basically a “Wild-Mouse” roller coaster similar to ones found at many state or county fairs, except the ride vehicles spin throughout the ride.

Requirements: Must be 48” tall to ride.

Scary Factor: Medium.While technically less intense than other coasters, the spinning can be disconcerting and it “feels” like you’re higher up than you are.

What to Expect: Primeval Whirl is a short, spinning, “Wild Mouse” type ride that seems like it belongs in a carnival rather than a billion dollar Disney World Park. Nonetheless, this is precisely what Disney wanted and it fits in with the overall theme of the area which is full of other carnival games and rides. The idea behind it is that Chester and Hester, local entrepreneurs, wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the nearby dinosaur dig. Primeval Whirl is themed to be a cheap knockoff of the much more spectacular DINOSAUR attraction nearby. And when visitors arrive and inevitably can’t get anywhere close to where the action is, they inevitably visit Chester and Hester’s. The one problem with Primeval Whirl is that it’s extremely jerky and the attraction can stop abruptly, causing the head and body to snap back and forth against the restraints. Anyone with even a hint of back problems should avoid this ride. Despite potential jerkiness, it is a fun ride and the theme is distinctly funky.

Where to Sit: Each vehicle seats a maximum of four people side by side in a semi-circle. Each set of two people shares an overhead restraint. If you would prefer the ride to spin less, try to even out the weight on both sides of the ride vehicle. For example, have one adult and one child on each side rather than two children on one side and two adults on the other. This will result in the ride spinning less. Conversely, load one side heavier if you would like the vehicle to spin more. There is no way to manually control the amount of spinning like at Mad Tea Party. The ride does what it wants.

FastPass+: Yes – Moderate priority. With lower peak waits and waits that build slower than the headlining attractions, most guests will prefer to use FP+ at the likes of Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, and Kali River Rapids. But Primeval Whirl will cut 20 to 30 minutes off the wait from 11:30am to 4pm if you plan to ride during that time frame.

What You Miss Using FastPass+: Just the wait in line.

Total Average Experience Time with FastPass+: 10 minutes.

4th FastPass+ Availability:

Expect to Wait:

When To Go: Try to ride before 10:30am, after 4pm, or with FastPass+ in the afternoon.

Oops: Reverchon Industries, the amusement ride company that Disney purchased the Primeval Whirl from, filed bankruptcy in 2008 and closed down all manufacturing and operations.

Rating: 4/10

Commentary: Primeval Whirl isn’t a headlining ride, but it’s worth doing if there’s a relatively short wait. It’s extremely short and will be over before you know it. Skip it with back and neck problems of any kind.


  1. Terri in So Cal says

    I really want to like this ride. But it’s so jerky. Also, the line can be incredible slow (and hot!) My daughter was tall enough to ride this in 2009 but it was closed so she rode it last year for the first time. She thought it was okay, but not a must do. They did pair us up with a father and daughter which was fine. He took a picture of the 2 of us on the ride. :)

  2. Justin says

    This ride looks kind of lame and out of place for a Disney ride. I feel like Disney can do better and hopefully with the building of Pandora that will up Animal Kingdom’s appeal and entertainment.

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