Gardens Kiosk

Gardens kiosk is located across from Beastly Kiosk in Discovery Island. That’s also in between the Adventurers Outpost Mickey and Minnie Greeting and Flame Tree Barbecue’s main seating section.

The kiosk focuses on salads, edamame, and unique beverages.

The $5.49 Farmers Salad with Blueberries, Goat Cheese, and Candied Pecans is on the left with the $5.49 Trek Power Salad with Quinoa, Beets, Edamame, and Citrus on the right. Both are snacks on the Disney Dining Plan, which is a departure from how the Dining Plan used to operate.

The Farmers Salad arrived just about as described, with the exception of a couple of thick slices of cucumber underneath. The goat cheese created kind of a thick creaminess to the salad with the berries adding a fruity burst of flavor along with the sweet, crunchy candied pecans. It was tossed in some kind of a vinaigrette and there was far too much of it. This picture of the aftermath is kind of gross so you’ll have to click it if you want to see, but the moisture from the cucumber, coupled with the thinness of the dressing, created kind of a slimy overall texture. So while the main flavors were on point, I think I’d keep the cucumber off and go a little easier on the dressing. It might even make sense to serve the dressing in a cup on the side. Overall, it was a large portion – probably four times what you’d get at the Food and Wine Festival for about $2 more. I think I’d recommend it because everything was fresh and flavorful, but ask about the dressing.

The Trek Salad is a vibrant mixture of several fresh, colorful ingredients. Looking down at it in the carton, I expected the yellow slices to be papaya or a citrus fruit of some kind, but that’s actually golden beet. There’s also a mixture of edamame, red pepper, cranberries, quinoa, and lettuce. While each of the ingredients was fresh, they combined into something that was almost completely devoid of flavor. It was kind of strange – the salad just tasted very subtly of beets. It’s probably healthy, but I really expected it to pack more of a punch. I’m not sure where the citrus comes into play unless there’s something in the dressing, which if there was one, was also tasteless.

I figured the salads would be largely pre-made, but it took the cast member a couple of minutes to prepare them inside the kiosk. Overall, the portion size was solid for the money, at least compared to what you can expect from Disney snacks. But the flavors in the Trek Power Salad in particular weren’t there.

These are half-consumed because I’m really bad at this, but the $3.99 Chilled Green Tea Infused with Orange Blossom Honey is on the left and the $3.99 Cucumber-Mint Pomegranate Lemonade is on the right. Both were refreshing with a pleasant, natural sweetness and without any cloying syrupy-ness. Not a terrific value for the money, but you could do a lot worse.

They wouldn’t serve us the Raspberry Lemonade sweetened with Stevia without a sample first, which is indicative of how unpleasant the flavor is. It’s super tart, not unlike unsweetened cranberry juice, which nobody should ever consume. Definitely try it before you buy it. We nearly ran away from the kiosk after consuming a small sip each

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