Finding Nemo The Musical

Opened: January 2007

Location: The entrance is located along the walkway that connects DinoLand USA and Asia. In the picture of the theater above, you’ll notice Everest in the background with the roller coaster’s entrance around the corner on the right.

Extra Magic Hours: No shows usually scheduled.

Show Length: 40 minutes.

Show Schedule: There are usually five to six shows scheduled daily. The first show is usually scheduled at 11am, followed by 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, and the potential for an additional show added at 6pm given heavy crowds.

Scary Factor: Low. Nemo gets into some trouble with a shark puppet, but that’s about it.

When To Go: See the first or last show of the day to minimize crowds.

Expect to Wait: The theater holds 1,500 people, which is usually adequate, but you’ll want to be lined up for the Musical about 30 minutes before it’s scheduled to start to ensure the best seats. For recommended shows and overall crowds that are five or less, arriving closer to 15 minutes before the show is scheduled should result in good seats.

Length: 40 minutes.

What to Expect: This is an elaborate stage show that features the characters from the Finding Nemo movie. The show is housed in an air-conditioned theater with fairly comfortable bench seats with backs. Tony Award winner Robert Lopez and his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez, now of Frozen fame, penned 16 original songs for the show and Michael Curry, who helped design the wildly successful Lion King Broadway show, served as lead designer. The show is similar to the Lion King in that the actors and puppeteers wear costumes and are just as much a part of the show as the puppets themselves.


While technically “puppets,” many are as large as domestic automobiles, so don’t be put off by this being “just a puppet show” because it’s much, much more than that.


Where to Sit: Seating is bleacher-style with backs, though the slits make for a less comfortable seat than you might expect. Most seats afford a good view of the stage because the stage and characters are so large. Unfortunately, the height of the person in front of you comes into play because it’s difficult to see over tall people’s heads and shoulders. With little ones, it will probably be more about finding seats where they can see over whoever is sitting in front of them. Other than that, plan to sit at least half way up in the middle seating section. Sitting any closer may result in a cropped view of the stage that requires a lot of head turning to see the action. Seats more than half way up on either of the two far sections should be just fine too. If you’re nervous that the kids will be able to make it through the show or you may need to cut out early, the exit is located at the top right of the theater as you’re looking at the stage.

Exiting the Theater: Everyone exits at the back right of the theater. With about 1,500 people exiting from your average show, it can take a while.  If you’re sitting on the left side of the theater, it may be faster to walk through an empty row rather than trying to walk up to the top of the theater and proceed that way. After you exit, DinoLand USA will be on your left and Expedition Everest/Asia will be to your right. Consider waiting a couple of minutes for an easier exit.


FastPass+: Yes, low priority. The return window is between 30 and 10 minutes before a show starts (so for a 3pm show, the return window is 2:30pm-2:50pm) and you’ll need to arrive closer to the 30-minute mark to enjoy much benefit. Without FastPass+, your seat would be in a similar location in standby. If you’re planning to arrive just a couple of minutes before showtime, FastPass+ will benefit you as you’ll be guaranteed admittance into that show.

What You Miss Using FastPass+:


Nothing but the wait. FastPass+ users head directly into the theater, while those in standby wait off to the left until closer to show time.

Total Average Experience Time with FastPass+: 60 minutes assuming you arrive 20 minutes before show time.

4th FastPass+ Availability:

When to Arrive: 20 to 30 minutes before afternoon showtimes given moderate or heavy crowds. You can cut it closer to showtime for the first or last shows of the day or very low crowds.

Rating: 9/10

Commentary: Finding Nemo The Musical is an enthralling production that features out-of-this-world props, excellent music, and a large cast. It’s also a nice way to get out of the sun for an extended period of time in a dark, air-conditioned, moderately comfortable theater. The show may be too long for kids that have trouble sitting still, especially because the middle section isn’t necessarily in-your-face action.  You’re also looking at budgeting about an hour to see the show, which may be too much time if you have a long itinerary and Animal Kingdom is only open until 5pm or 6pm. Do your best to fit it in because it’s one of Disney’s best stage shows.


  1. Meg Hartenstein says

    We are not willing to give up either Lion King or Nemo. We love both shows. Flights of Wonder is nice but not something we feel the need to see every year. Usually we have two days at AK so we see Nemo one day and LK on another day. This year we only have one day so we will be squeezing both shows in on that one day. My kids are 15 and 18, they much prefer Nemo over Flights of Wonder.

  2. Terri in So Cal says

    I really enjoyed this show the one time we have seen it. (few years back) Hope to do it again this year, but sometimes it is hard to squeeze it all in when AK is only open 9-5.

  3. Trisha Johnson says

    I love this show! I usually do 2 days in AK, so we see Nemo one day and Lions King another. But if I only had 1 day, I’d choose Nemo.

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