A Magic Kingdom Holiday Main Street Rope Drop – 12/13/17

We’ll take a walk up Main Street before rope drop on the morning of Wednesday, November 13, 2017.

With Disney moving regular Park open to 8am on all Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party dates this year, in addition to a lot of other non-Party dates, there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to enjoy an hour on Main Street prior to the rest of the Lands that make up Magic Kingdom opening.

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Hear My Voice in a Rare Interview

In a rare opportunity to hear my voice without Tom Corless cackling in the background, I appeared on the 12th episode of the Grim Grinning Guys podcast. You can pull up the stream here and listen to me ramble on about subjects that include what happened to the crowd calendars, the most bizarre things that I’ve witnessed in the Parks, some of my favorite memories, why I’m so mean, and how saving money at Walt Disney World is something that never crosses my mind. The episode is also available on iTunes under Ep. 12. Yes, my voice is annoying. Yes, I really am this manic. But it might be a fun diversion to hear a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes around here.

The Grim Grinning Guys otherwise do a nice job covering complex planning topics with easy, actionable advice. You might consider adding them to your rotation if you’re looking into insightful commentary about what’s going on around Walt Disney World.

Save $5 on The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit 2018 – Today Only

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You’ll find reviews and recommendations on every resort, theme park, and restaurant, in addition to detailed planning advice, tips on when to go, daily itineraries, touring plans, FastPass+ priorities, expected wait times based on anticipated crowd levels, and a whole lot more in the 300+ pages. As the only gift that I’ve given anyone in the last five years, I can assure you that people will at least feign gratitude during the unwrapping phase. The next time someone asks for Disney World advice, simply hand them this book that your friend Josh wrote.

I appreciate your support and every purchase increases the quality of the content found on this website. I think we’re only 15 to 17 sales away from the next post being readable. Keep that in mind as you click the “X” button.

Review: Disney’s Contemporary Resort Tower Room

After spending some time in the Crescent Lake area, we move back over to Bay Lake for a look inside a room at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The Contemporary has a lot going for it – principally, its location makes it the only walkable resort to and from Magic Kingdom. Anyone that’s ever been at the mercy of waiting for a Disney bus, monorail, boat, etc. knows how important it is to have the freedom to be able to walk the ten minutes back to the Contemporary versus dealing with the hoards exiting Magic Kingdom after something like Happily Ever After. After watching the fireworks from Main Street, it should take about 15 minutes to arrive back inside your room at the Contemporary Tower. Those staying at the Beach Club Resort will have to walk nearly as far out to their bus stop that’s shared with the Yacht Club. Then it’s 10-30+ minutes for a bus to arrive that actually has room on it and the high probability that you’ll find yourself standing for the duration of the 20-minute trip. A stay at the Contemporary eliminates those long waits and uncomfortable bus rides, which can make for a much more magical end to the evening. Of course, you can mitigate those crowds and lines by hanging out at Magic Kingdom after the fireworks end. It’s a good opportunity to shop and enjoy the nighttime atmosphere with fewer and fewer people around.

But let’s ignore those facts and focus on what else the Contemporary offers.

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A Holiday Walk Up Main Street and a Spooky(?) Haunted Mansion

We’ll take a quick walk up Main Street on a particularly festive evening.

Hopefully the Walt Disney World Railroad won’t get in the way of any more pictures:

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