Review: Disney’s Contemporary Resort Tower Room

After spending some time in the Crescent Lake area, we move back over to Bay Lake for a look inside a room at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The Contemporary has a lot going for it – principally, its location makes it the only walkable resort to and from Magic Kingdom. Anyone that’s ever been at the mercy of waiting for a Disney bus, monorail, boat, etc. knows how important it is to have the freedom to be able to walk the ten minutes back to the Contemporary versus dealing with the hoards exiting Magic Kingdom after something like Happily Ever After. After watching the fireworks from Main Street, it should take about 15 minutes to arrive back inside your room at the Contemporary Tower. Those staying at the Beach Club Resort will have to walk nearly as far out to their bus stop that’s shared with the Yacht Club. Then it’s 10-30+ minutes for a bus to arrive that actually has room on it and the high probability that you’ll find yourself standing for the duration of the 20-minute trip. A stay at the Contemporary eliminates those long waits and uncomfortable bus rides, which can make for a much more magical end to the evening. Of course, you can mitigate those crowds and lines by hanging out at Magic Kingdom after the fireworks end. It’s a good opportunity to shop and enjoy the nighttime atmosphere with fewer and fewer people around.

But let’s ignore those facts and focus on what else the Contemporary offers.

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A Holiday Walk Up Main Street and a Spooky(?) Haunted Mansion

We’ll take a quick walk up Main Street on a particularly festive evening.

Hopefully the Walt Disney World Railroad won’t get in the way of any more pictures:

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Review: Dinner and Chocolate Kitchen Sink Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

We conclude our visit to the Crescent Lake area with a fresh review of Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.  One of Disney’s smallest restaurants, Beaches has achieved cult-level status among Edy’s ice cream aficionados over the years for their larger-than-life sundaes and relatively inexpensive comfort food. Before this “old-fashioned soda fountain” began taking reservations a couple of years ago, guests waited up to two hours to “revel in the nostalgia of the Atlantic seashore at this boardwalk-style ice cream shop where every day is sundae.”

Now that reservations are available, grabbing a burger or sundae is typically a less-time-consuming experience for those that plan in advance:

Though as I write this review around 11am on December 4th, there’s availability around the time that I requested, in addition to a lot more openings over the course of the day. So it may not prove difficult to secure last-minute reservations.

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Review: ESPN Club at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort

ESPN Club is the restaurant and bar on the BoardWalk that you probably know is busy on Saturdays and Sundays during football season. And that may be the extent of your knowledge.

And you’re not wrong. It is exactly that. Typically, when somebody asks me where on property they should watch “the game,” I recommend Splitsville at Disney Springs. They’ll be showing whatever you want to see and the space is so mammoth that you won’t find a long line outside waiting to squeeze into a seat at the bar. Disney Springs is also typically easier to get to for those staying outside of the Crescent Lake area given the dedicated buses from every resort on property.

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Review: AbracadaBar at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort

We’ll continue our walk around the Crescent Lake area with a full review of AbracadaBar, the lounge attached to Flying Fish. You can pull up my last review of that signature restaurant dining experience here. Spoiler: it’s among my favorites.

You can also catch my Tratorria al Forno breakfast review, which features Ariel, Eric, Rapunzel, and Flynn, in this post along with a dinner review of the same restaurant here.

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