by josh on April 15, 2010

Pavilion Setting: Although they are not necessarily known for their architecture, the Canadians did an impressive job constructing their World Showcase Pavilion.  The Hotel du Canada, modeled after Ottawa’s Fairmont Chateau Laurier, is the Pavilion’s largest and most magnificently detailed building.  Although visitors are not allowed inside the Hotel, Le Cellier is located directly underneath it.  You can also walk through the gorgeous Victoria Gardens and gaze out at the Canadian Rockies complete with 30-foot waterfall.  Overall, the Canada Pavilion is surprisingly sublime.

Attraction Info: Canada features a Circle-Vision 360 film similar to “Reflections of China.” Updated in 2007 with new commentary by Martin Short, the 18-minute “O’ Canada!” is projected onto nine individual screens that surround the theatre.  The film is presented in such a way that each screen shows the view looking out in that particular direction, so you feel like you’re right in the middle of the shot.  It’s a neat technique and I would recommend taking the time to experience it.  Wait times are usually only as long as it takes for the previous show to end, but be aware that the theatre is standing room only and there is no seating.

The other attraction at Canada is the high-energy Celtic Band, “Off Kilter.”  I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing in Canada, but no one seems to mind.  If you like Celtic music, or just men in kilts, then I would grab a beer and enjoy the show.

Dining Options: Although Canada does not offer a counter service, it does have one of the most popular restaurants in all of Walt Disney World.  Le Cellier is an excellent restaurant that offers a variety of expertly prepared, high-quality meats.

Drink Around the World: Beer is the drink of choice in Canada.  You’ll find a kiosk that serves a variety of Canadian beers including Labatt and Molson along with a cosmopolitan type drink.  Le Cellier offers a more interesting variety, including Maudite, Blanche de Chambly, La Fin du Monde, and more.

Character Sightings: Characters are not usually present in Canada, but check your Times Guide to make sure.

Shopping Opportunities: There are two main stores in Canada.  They’re conveniently connected to each other so you don’t even have to leave one in order to buy more stuff from another.  The usual suspects make an appearance – clothing, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, candy, pins, mugs, and similar items.  You’ll also find hockey jerseys and memorabilia, maple syrup, ice wine, and flannel shirts. 

Overall Ratings:

Setting: 9/10

Attractions: 7/10

Dining: 7/10

Drinking: 6/10

Shopping: 6/10


Le Cellier

by josh on March 16, 2010

Food Type: “Canadian” – Steak, mostly

Location: Canada Pavilion. The entrance is down the same path as O’ Canada with the restaurant sitting in the cellar of the large (and inaccessible to guests) Frontenac Hotel.

Dining Plan: 2 Table Service credits.

Cost:  Appetizers: $10 – $17; Entrees: $27 – $64; Kids: $8 – $15. Steaks start at $40.

Discounts: 20% Tables in Wonderland.

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