Jungle Cruise

by josh on May 15, 2010

Opened: October 1, 1971

Location: Down stairs across from Aladdin’s Magical Carpets

Extra Magic Hours: No

FastPass+: Yes – Moderate priority. Consider using as a 4th, 5th, etc. choice later in the afternoon

Type: Boat ride

Similar To: A mashup of Living with the Land and Great Movie Ride

Requirements: None

Scary Factor: Very low.  You’ll enter a reasonably dark cave for a few moments, but there’s nothing here that should startle anyone.

What to Expect: The queue for the Jungle Cruise is deceptively long and winding so don’t ignore the posted wait time if the line appears short (or long) at first glance.  The queue is covered and cooler than many other parts of the Park, but it isn’t indoors or air-conditioned.  Once you make it to the front of the line you will board a slow-moving tramp-steamer themed boat that holds about 40 passengers and has a maximum speed of just over two miles per hour.  The boat will travel through several scenes that feature audio-animatronic animals from three continents and lush tropical landscaping.  Each boat features a live cast member that will narrate your voyage and tell a variety of bad jokes and puns.

Where to Sit: You want to be seated around the edge of the boat for the best views. There are seats in the middle that are less than ideal, particularly for photographs, but also because there’s no back and you’ll be staring directly into someone’s face. If a cast member loading guests sends you to the middle, ask if you can wait for the next boat.

When To Go: Before 10:30am, after 8pm, or with FastPass+

Expect to Wait: 30 to 70 minutes from 11am – 7pm. 15 minutes or less before or after.

Why So Serious? The original version of the Jungle Cruise featured a much more serious narrative, rather than the purposefully pun-ny, corny version you’ll hear today.  In addition, the water is dyed the dark color so you can’t tell that the water is less than five feet deep in most places.

Length: 9 minutes

Rating: 7/10

Commentary: Although it features mostly “dated” animatronics and effects, Jungle Cruise remains a lot of fun.  The experience hinges on your skipper who makes or breaks the experience.  Although a few lines are canned, the best skippers ad lib throughout the attraction, making each ride a relatively unique experience  Most kids are mesmerized by the scenes, effects, and sounds and adults generally find the attraction endearing.  It’s recommended, but may not be an absolute must do if you’re severely short on time.

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Matt December 27, 2013 at 9:24 am

This is one of my absolute favorite parts of WDW. It is about as much of a ‘must do’ as there is in any of the 4 parks in my book. If you haven’t done it after dark, I recommend that, it is really cool all lit up.


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