Frontierland Introduction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park

by josh on May 14, 2010

Home to Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and one of its most popular quick services, most guests will spend a considerable amount of time in this land. Fortunately, both rides enjoy hefty capacities that makes it possible to visit them in the second hour of operation. You’ll also find two anytime attractions in Frontierland – the comfortable serenading of bears in Country Bear Jamboree and Tom Sawyer Island, where adventures await.

Pecos Bill is the principal quick service, now offering a limited menu primarily of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Additional, more expensive items are available beginning at 4pm. Diamond Horseshoe once offered a lively evening show and table service fare, but its current iteration is rarely open and serves below average sandwiches and salads. Golden Oak Outpost is located at the Pecos’ side exit, serving snacks and chicken sandwiches. There’s rarely a line, making it a good stop for a Diet Coke. Westward Ho alongside the river serves snacks, in addition to corn dogs. Two to three carts also position themselves along the river across from Diamond Horseshoe, serving turkey legs, churros, and pretzels. Lines are usually shorter at similar stands around the corner in Liberty Square.

Of course, you’ll find several merchandise opportunities here too. Splash Mountain’s exit offers some attraction-branded merchandise, in addition to several shops in between Pecos Bill and Diamond Horseshoe that offer everything from freshly baked treats to limited edition pins.

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