Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

by josh on May 3, 2010

Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage

Opened: November 22, 1991

Location: Sunset Boulevard

Extra Magic Hours: No

FastPass+: Yes, lowest Tier 1 priority for most guests. There is no reserved section for FastPass+ users.

Type: Live Broadway-style theater show

Similar To: A smaller-scale Festival of the Lion King

Requirements: None

Scary Factor: Very low.  It’s a little iffy for Beast at one point.

When To Go: Like other theater shows, Beauty and the Beast is scheduled at certain times throughout the day.  Although the theater it covered, it’s still outside.  The first (usually around 11:30am) or last show of the day (usually around 5:45pm) are typically the coolest and least crowded.

Expect to Wait: Arrive 20 minutes early to secure good seats in the lower, covered seating section.  This show fills up faster than any of the other live shows at Hollywood Studios.  You may be able to cut it closer for the first show or if the crowd level is particularly low.

Length: 25 minutes

What to Expect: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage is a Broadway-style musical featuring characters, music, and scenes from Beauty and the Beast.  The show follows the same story as Beauty and the Beast, only it’s condensed into the 25-minute show time and features six of the most popular songs.  The sets are elaborate, the costumes are first-rate, and the acting is excellent as well.  Anyone who enjoys musicals or enjoyed any of Disney’s other theater shows will certainly love this one as well.  It’s one of the better live attractions at Walt Disney World.

Where to Sit: Like most older Disney live shows, seating is on long bleachers. Sitting as close to the center as possible at least a third of the way up from the stage.  This ensures that you can see the entire stage without a lot of head turning.

Exit: The exit is in the rear of the theater, in between the two raised bleacher sections in the back.  If you’re looking for an easy exit, sit in the very back of the theater.  It may be several minutes to exit if you’re seated closer to the front.  I don’t recommend heading to the standby line of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror immediately after a show gets out unless you’re among the first people to exit.  The entrances to both attractions are nearby and hundreds of people will be headed to both, espeically if the posted wait time is low.

Proof is in the Pudding: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage is the longest running stage show at any Disney Theme Park.

Rating: 9/10

Commentary: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage would be more relaxing if the theater was indoors, but it is well-covered and shouldn’t get so hot that it’s unbearable. The music and acting are top-notch and any fan of the movie or musicals in general should thoroughly enjoy the production.

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Scott February 6, 2011 at 8:52 am

On our first trip to WDW, our then 8 yr old son, balked terribly at attending this show. A CM came by to see what was wrong and talked him down just a bit.

Fast forward to end of show and my son, who was a boy and too OLD :) was swaying and singing along. This show is great and enjoyable for anyone.


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