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Thread: Akershus breakfast

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    Akershus breakfast

    Our breakfast at Akershus was a 0 out of 5. Before I tell you why, I want to tell you this:
    *it was the only bad meal experience of our trip & actually our only bad memory
    *we all decided it was probably a fluke & just goes to show you we can't live without computers (you'll see why)
    *despite the fact we all thought it was probably a fluke, we wouldn't risk going back

    Our ADR was for 10:45. We arrived around 10:35, 10 minutes early as we'd planned for all our meals. There was a huge line outside. This being our first visit, I figured it was the checkin line but wasn't 100% positive. I asked someone who assured me it was then told my mom we'd never get to the front by our ADR time. Other arrivers went up to the desk to ask if it was the checkin line which probably just slowed things down more. We finally checked in. I didn't look at the time, but later found out it was 10:54 when we checked in. So basically 9 minutes after our ADR, 19 minutes after arriving. This was the only time we waited our entire trip. I don't mind waiting, had expected it, and prepared for it. The problem was what happened next and what we later figured out on our own happened though we weren't really given the right info...
    So we are standing, sitting, waiting patiently in the sun waiting our turn to go get our picture with Belle. My mom went into a nearby shop to look. People were being put into the Belle line. And more people and more. Many who came after us. At first it was not a problem because it was 2s or 3s and we were a family of 5 so I could see we wouldn't fit at that table. My mom felt she'd looked around long enough, pops back out of the shop and notices what's going on. "Are you going to go ask about it?" Argh. Mind you, this is our first full day at WDW. Not wanting to start it off like this. I told her I would if I saw them call anyone else. Meanwhile, my husband beats me to it. They tell him the computer is down. One person tells him they are calling in order of checkin. When he says we checked in before many of those people, another says in order of ADR. Then they see they don't have our checkin card. They go to the kitchen to get it. Apparently it was sent back there because of my husband's pork allergy and never sent back, so we would have never been called until we said something. So, they call us in to get sweaty, grouchy (kids) pictures with Belle and we're seated.
    I wish I could say it got better but it really didn't. Due to my husband's allergy, they brought eggs, hashbrowns, & turkey sausage, but no separate plate with the bacon & sausage for the rest of us with no allergy. The breakfast food started disappearing of course because it was almost lunch time. And none of us were all that hungry between being hot & trying hard not to be irritated. So we basically ate a little and took pictures of DD8 with the princesses. What we did eat of the buffet food did seem good if you could enjoy it, but the experience was kind of downhill by then and we all just sort of wanted to leave.
    Of course, I can't say this would be anyone else's experience. It's just ours on that day. Just cross your fingers their computers aren't down, especially if you have an allergy because like I said, I think that was the whole problem and I don't necessarily think it would happen again, but we all agreed we wouldn't want to take the chance.

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    So sorry your meal experience was such a downer. You are so right about hearing people's reviews though - every ONE IS diffeent.

    BUT glad to hear you had so many more positive experiences! Thanks for your review!

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    Ugh, that does sounds miserable.

    A question for the experts ... with the new charge for no-shows, could you just punt in a situation like that? After reading that, I think I'd rather just get counter-service rather than deal with such a situation. Of course, we're not going to be on a dining plan, either.
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    I actually wondered about that myself too and since it's such a new policy I haven't seen any reports on how that was handled. My guess is they would be pretty gracious but who knows...
    I do have other very positive reviews but currently trying to figure out how to resize my pics because it says they're too big. I'm too new at this.

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    At our breakfast there about a month ago, the computers weren't down but the check-in was very confusing. People waiting everywhere, it wasn't clear where to go or which line was which. I couldn't understand why they didn't have someone directing people. I didn't get an answer as to whether they were seating people as per ADR or time of arrival. It was after our ADR time by the time we got in the "real" line even though we were there a few minutes early. We did enjoy the breakfast though!

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