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10/3/14 Update: Menu updated.

Location: Pizzafari is located in Discovery Island to the left of the Tree of Life on the walk up to Africa.

Food Type: Pizza, Salads, and a Hot Sandwich

Dining Plan: One Quick Service or One Snack

Discounts: 20% Tables in Wonderland with no gratuity added.


Breakfast menu:

Unique Items: Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Salad.


  • Plenty of indoor, air-conditioned seating in a pleasant atmosphere.  Outdoor seating is also available.
  • Ordering process is usually quick.
  • Convenient from Africa, the main entrance, and DinoLand.
  • The Hot Italian Style Sandwich is delicious.
  • Portions are large, especially the Sandwich and Pasta Salad.
  • Serves breakfast.


  • Although it’s not bad, the pizza isn’t anything to write home about.
  • Limited menu choices.
  • Inconvenient from Asia.
  • Closes one hour prior to official Park close.

Value: Average.  The menu here is similar to Catalina Eddie’s at Hollywood Studios and your resort also probably serves the same pizza in its food court.  If there’s more than one of you I would suggest ordering a few different things and sharing them.  The sandwich, pizza, and Caesar salad are all good and complement each other nicely.

Reputation: Pizzafari is overshadowed by the superior Flame Tree Barbecue, but it isn’t a bad choice in its own right.  And let’s be realistic, once your kids find out there’s pizza at the Animal Kingdom you’re going to be coming here anyway.  I don’t usually advocate lying to children, but if you want to eat at Flame Tree you might have to tell them Pizzafari means “Broccoli Palace” in African or something.  Anyway, Pizzafari is a decent stop if you’re in the mood for pizza, salad and sandwiches rather than barbecue.  It may even be a better stop than Flame Tree if you want to get out of the heat or aren’t in the mood to fight off the birds and ducks.  The comfort level in the summer heat really can’t be overstated.

Food Items:

Pepperoni Pizza with Side Caesar:

I’ve always enjoyed Disney pizza, knowing that it’s basically Digorno/Pizza Hut/Costco quality stuff.  It’s not going to win any awards, certainly, but it’s hot, well covered in cheese, and has a decent number of pepperonis on it.  It’s nothing special and the side Caesar salad is a little on the sad side, but it’s a decent meal if you’re in the mood for pizza and I don’t have any qualms about recommending it.  You’ll find the same recipe at Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios, Cataline Eddie’s also in Hollywood Studios, and the Pizza Cart in Liberty Square over at Magic Kingdom.  Order the pizzas without the salad to save $2 and you may be able to request a bag of chips in place of the salad.

Hot Italian-Style Sandwich:

Unfortunately, my photography skills were not up to snuff back when I sampled the Hot Italian-Style Sandwich.   It may or may not be larger than it looks, depending on how large it looks in the picture.  It’s got ham on top, lettuce with Caesar dressing, pesto-marinated tomatoes, provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, and turkey anchoring the bottom.  It was a nice, large portion that tasted like it was made fresh to order with light, fluffy bread and high quality ingredients.  It’s a nice alternative to Pizzafari’s usual pizzas and at least a healthier-seeming choice than the Meatball Sub you’ll find at Toy Story Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios.   A similar sandwich is served at Catalina Eddie’s in Hollywood Studios as part of Sunset Ranch Market.  Request it without the boring potato chips to save $2.

Vegetable Pizza:

I did not have high expectations, but I deemed it pretty good.  The vegetables present were finely chopped and added a little crunch to the pizza.  I think I see green/red onions and tomatoes.  People hate on Disney pizza.  And this is basically DiGiorno quality.  But I like Digiorno, so whatevz.  One nice thing about heading here about an hour before close is that the pizzas are baked fresh, rather than sitting under a heat lamp until someone orders them.  It’ll add five minutes to the wait, but it’s worth it, assuming they remember to make your pizza of course.

The side salad is best skipped.  You’ll save $2.  This was drenched in bottled Caesar dressing, making the lettuce limp.

Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Salad:

The menu picture seems a bit more optimistic about the amount of zucchini, lemon, and tomato that are going to be included.  On the other hand, the salad was full of chicken, pasta, and arugula(?) topped with a tastier-than-usual vinaigrette dressing.  There were a couple of pieces of “vegetables” near the bottom, in the form of a lemon, two pieces of zucchini, and two piece of tomato.  I enjoyed this one quite a bit.  As a full size boy that can easily scarf down one of Disney’s 1/3 Pound Angus Bacon Cheeseburgers and Fries, Disney salads usually leave me wanting more.  The pasta in this salad added heft and my particular salad was full of chicken.  It was probably the most filling quick service salad I’ve had on property and comes recommended.

Bread Sticks:

This is a lot of bread that is probably an unnecessary side if you’re also ordering the bready-y pizzas. But they are seasoned well and dip nicely into the marinara. It’s a lot of calories for the money.


Beso Del Sol is a decent boxed sangria that ordinarily costs $20 for a 3-liter box. It won’t win any awards, but it is refreshing. Note that it comes in at 8.5% ABV, which is about 3.5% higher than Budweiser and 4% lower than the other wines.

Uncrustables Kids Picks:

This includes everything on the tray to the right of the breadsticks.

This was my first Uncrustables and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  As you might imagine, it’s basically two pieces of soft bread pushed together with peanut butter and jelly on the inside.  I enjoyed this one for what it was.  It’s on a lot of menus here at Disney World and Uncrustables should be widely available in stores.  You may want to pick one up and see if the kids like them prior to your arrival, as it will make choosing Kids Picks easier.

The grapes are hit or miss.  These were soft and yucky.  The Danimals yogurt is par for the course as well.  You can sub in apple sauce, fries, a cookie, and/or a soft drink if you prefer.  I’d skip the grapes more often than not.

I’m not sure if Mickey Milk is a weird name or not.  If you think about goat’s milk, soy milk, etc.  I’m not sure I want to think about where this stuff is coming from.  The Kids Picks are usually a decent amount of food, particularly if you order the heftier french fries and cookie


Pizzafari enjoys a lot of air-conditioned seating, along with outdoor patio seating. Like Restaurantosaurus and Backlot Express, you’ll find a variety of fun themes throughout the seating sections expressed in the murals, tables, and chairs.


Not a lot to write home about in the condiment section, unfortunately – red pepper flakes are about as exciting as this one gets. You’ll also find packets of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, artificial sweetener, salt, and Coffee-Mate.

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Terri (in So. Cal. and wishing I was in WDW!) February 13, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Love the decor here. Each room is uniquely beautiful. While the pizza is not great it’s not bad either and I really like that it now comes with a salad. Great use of a CS credit. The Hot Italian Style Sandwich is really good! My mom and I shared it along with the salad that came with the pizza and it was more than enough for the 2 of us. The Chocolate Mousse was not bad but the Strawberry Parfait (no sugar added) was just yucky!

Like you said it can be a nice place to take a break in the air conditioning when it’s hot.


Amy April 5, 2012 at 9:27 am

Just wondering, does the salad automatically come with the pizza for 1 cs credit. Or are you using another snack credit to get the salad?


Christie September 10, 2012 at 7:16 am

Amy, the salad comes with the pizza.


Angela September 10, 2012 at 3:15 pm

The pizza is so-so, sandwiches are good, and the walls are painted pretty cool. We enjoy eating here when in AK.


Sarah April 17, 2013 at 8:05 am

The pasta salad doesn’t look any bigger than the side salad. Am I just looking at it wrong or is it really that small?


josh April 17, 2013 at 8:07 am

The pictures might not do it justice. It’s much larger.


MTC May 30, 2014 at 5:33 am

DiGorno – Thanks!!! I knew the Disney pizza reminded me of some other pizza I’d had years ago, and that is right on the money! Its really not bad if you don’t compare it to a NY slice.


dusty cheatham October 4, 2014 at 6:17 am

josh when did a they start selling fries at pizzafari ???


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