Pinocchio Village Haus

by josh on October 7, 2012

10/8/14 Update Update: Menu updated.

Location: Fantasyland, near Prince Regal Royal Carousel. To the left is it’s a small world.

Food Type: Flatbread pizzas, Meatball Sub, Salads, Chicken Nuggets.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and some items count as snacks.



  • Usually plentiful indoor and outdoor seating.  Some tables overlook the loading of it’s a small world next door and balcony seating upstairs.
  • The Flatbreads are a nice, potentially lighter option.  They’re typically served freshly baked and hot.
  • The Mediterranean Salad is also a nice, lighter choice and is different than other salads on property.
  • The Tomato Soup is a great, hot snack and the gelato desserts are better than the usual pre-packaged cake, particularly in the summer heat.
  • Interior theming is among the best.  Make sure to check out the different themes in each of the rooms.


  • Limited menu now that the pasta dishes aren’t offered.
  • When it’s busy, there may not be indoor seating available.
  • Ordering process can be hectic when it’s busy due to the small ordering area.

Value: Average.  The Flatbreads are high quality, but cost a dollar or two more than most of us would like to pay considering they don’t come with accompaniments.  Pizzas used to be served with a side Caesar salad for similar money.

Reputation: Pinocchio Village Haus doesn’t have the best reputation, but it has improved along with the new menu.  Most guests seem to enjoy their Flatbreads.  The Mediterranean Salad also receives very good reviews and the Meatball Sub and Chicken Nuggets are what you can expect from Disney.

Food Choices:

Pepperoni Flatbread

Zoomed in, I feel like it doesn’t look as good as it was. You can’t really go wrong with a bunch of cheese, bread, and pepperoni, which is exactly what this is. It’s sectioned nicely for easy sharing. As I mentioned last time, sharing one of these and the Mediterranean Salad among two people would make for a very fine lunch. It was served hot, it’s a ton of food, and the bread underneath was softer than last time. Perfect.

Barbecue Chicken Flatbread (Note that it’s now Beef rather than Chicken)

The problem with the large size is that the toppings are on the skimpy side in comparison. You can see around the edges that we don’t have any toppings whatsoever, other than a scattered piece of onion or cilantro. You’re also looking at three sections that haven’t been touched with sauce. Those are things that could easily be fixed with another pinch of cheese and another round of sauce. There is a somewhat decent amount of chicken on it. You can see the six or so hunks scattered around. The crust was crunchier than I was expecting, but not necessarily in a bad way. Around the edges, it’s more cracker than bread. Overall it was good. I’m not sure there’s anything compelling enough about it to pick it over Columbia Harbour House’s Fried Shrimp, Soup, Sandwiches, Salmon etc. but it’s certainly a viable alternative if it sounds good. It was filling, but not overly heavy.

Caprese Flatbread

It’s pretty with the mozzarella melted over chunky tomatoes. Basil on top provides additional color. This one was very good too, though it relies heavily on the squirt of balsamic vinaigrette dressing that Disney seems intent on covering everything and anything with. Also a good choice and one that feels a little lighter than the Pepperoni or BBQ, even though it probably isn’t. If you’re into the balsamic and don’t want it on another salad, then this would be a good choice. An excellent choice for vegetarians as well.

Italian Flatbread Sub

Italian Meats, Cheese, Dressing, and Balsamic Glaze.  The meats were ham and salami on the bottom and it’s topped with banana peppers, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and cheese (mozzarella?).  There’s a little balsamic salad dressing on top – you know I love that.  It was filling, but extremely salty.  The vegetables were all fresh and added a nice crunch to the sub.  I’m not sure anyone else has tried it, but my only problem was the saltiness.  It was otherwise more interesting than most of the quick service sandwiches you’ll find in the theme parks.

Mediterranean Salad:

At the time I ate this, I was comparing it directly to the Antipasto Salad over at Pizzafari, which is no longer offered.  So I’ll be a little gentler on it. This is a pretty decent salad with black olives, red peppers, mozzarella balls, whole cherry tomatoes, red onions, chicken, and lettuce covered in balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing with a side of croutons.  I’d probably be looking at the Caprese Flatbread because salads topped with balsamic are so prevalent, but this works too.  It’s a pretty decent portion with the addition of the hearty mozzarella balls and chicken.  Recommended if you’re in the area and looking for a salad.

Meatball Sub Sandwich

This is the Meatball Sub Sandwich with Side Caesar over at Pizza Planet, but you can expect the sandwiches to be the same here and over at Electric Umbrella as well.  It tasted okay. I’m sure the meatballs are made with 70% lean ground beef, making it high in fat.  There wasn’t a ton of flavor, but the meatballs were quite soft and easy to eat.  The melted provolone cheese didn’t seem to add much flavor either, making for an ultimately forgettable sandwich.  It was quite filling and nothing about it was offensive, but it’s going to be a pretty heavy meal, particularly if you’re adding French Fries.

Caesar Salad with Chicken

This is about as basic as salads get with romaine lettuce, defrosted chicken, and a packet of Ken’s Caesar. Serviceable, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary or outstanding.

Tomato Basil Soup

Before the menu change, I enjoyed ordering the Kids’ Grilled Cheese along with the Tomato Soup.  The sandwich dipped in the soup was particularly tasty.  As far as the soup specifically, it’s served hot and creamy and is everything a tomato basil soup should be.  It’s not a huge portion, but I would guess it’s basically liquid saturated fat, so it isn’t necessarily such a bag thing.  I’m not sure I would pair the soup with one of the other tomoato-based entrees as it would seem to be overkill alongside the Pepperoni Pizza.  But it would pair nicely with one of the salads.

Four Breadsticks with Pizza Sauce

I would guess this is 1,000+ calories of bread.  These were a lot better than I remember them being.  They were incredibly soft and dipped nicely into the pizza sauce.  The pizza sauce is on the sweeter side and reminded me a lot of Pizza Hut.  For five bucks, this is more food than the $4.75 Mickey Pretzel and the pasta sauce is a nice change of pace.  They would also dunk beautifully into the Tomato Basil Soup they serve here.

Uncrustables Kids Picks

This includes everything on the tray to the right of the breadsticks.

This was my first Uncrustables and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  As you might imagine, it’s basically two pieces of soft bread pushed together with peanut butter and jelly on the inside.  I enjoyed this one for what it was.  It’s on a lot of menus here at Disney World and Uncrustables should be widely available in stores.  You may want to pick one up and see if the kids like them prior to your arrival, as it will make choosing Kids Picks easier.

The grapes are hit or miss.  These were soft and yucky.  The Danimals yogurt is par for the course as well.  You can sub in apple sauce, fries, a cookie, and/or a soft drink if you prefer.  I’d skip the grapes more often than not.

I’m not sure if Mickey Milk is a weird name or not.  If you think about goat’s milk, soy milk, etc.  I’m not sure I want to think about where this stuff is coming from.  The Kids Picks are usually a decent amount of food, particularly if you order the heftier french fries and cookie

Chocolate Gelato:

It’s served in prepackaged containers that are distributed by Molto Gelato, a local distributor of gelato, ice cream, and other frozen treats.  It has a very rich, deep, dark chocolate flavor.  It’s not a huge portion, but it’s so rich and so heavy that I’m not sure you’d want much more.  I think this would be amazing if you like dark chocolate.  I’m more of a “milk chocolate guy,” so it wasn’t necessarily to my taste.  It was certainly a high quality item, just be aware of the rich flavor.

Blue Raspberry Slush

A $4.49 Blue Raspberry Slush – A favorite of the blue fairy outside. This is your typical slushie with whipped cream and berry syrup on top. It’s a refreshing use of a snack credit in the afternoon heat and an average value out of pocket.


Pinocchio Village Haus has a ton of tables.  My favorites are the seats that overlook it’s a small world, though the patio/balcony seats looking over Fantasyland are also fun.

Plenty of indoor air-conditioned seating

Several rooms full of tables – some more private than others

Well-themed wooden tables, though they aren’t the most comfortable.  Stick to the non-bench seating unless you don’t mind the lack of a back.

Outdoor seating looking out at Fantasyland

When open, the balcony seating on the second floor is a great bet in cool weather. Head inside for air-conditioning, fewer people around, and views down below.

This is the view from inside the Village Haus, overlooking it’s a small world.  These are my favorite, though they are limited in number and difficult to get.

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Erika October 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm

My fave place for lunch at MK….kids love waving to the Small world boats! We eat at 11 so we are sure to get one of these tables!


Marianna October 8, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Fond memories of sitting with my sisters at the Small World window tables. :) Pepperoni. Pizza looks good! Don’t know if you know this, but Beaches and Cream has a grilled cheese/tomato basil soup menu item. Plan to try it on my next visit. :)


Cliff July 22, 2013 at 4:20 pm

They really need to bring back Figaro fries!


Persephone November 6, 2013 at 9:56 pm

How is that a Mediterranean Salad? Mozzarella is Italian, shouldn’t there be Feta cheese instead? I am confused!


josh November 6, 2013 at 10:04 pm

Italy is a Mediterranean country, genius.


Kara February 28, 2014 at 10:38 pm

No need to be rude. Mozzarella isn’t typically found on Mediterranean salads, especially mozzarella balls which are hardly found other then on caprese salads. So while you may be right, it’s not weird to find it strange.


dusty cheatham October 12, 2014 at 5:51 am

sniff sniff


Rachelle April 29, 2014 at 11:41 am

Hi Josh,
Just curious. One of your pictures shows the breadsticks as a snack credit and one doesn’t have the snack symbol. Do you happen to know which is correct?


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