Harambe Popcorn

by josh on September 9, 2012

10/3/14 Update: Menu updated and items added.

Location: Harambe Popcorn is located just over the bridge that connects Discovery Island and Africa on the right side, across from Tamu Tamu Refreshments.


Harambe Popcorn is good for a quick snack and it added the popular Jungle Juice in August 2012.  Jungle Juice is a mix of guava, orange, and passion fruit juices and is popular at nearby Tusker House Restaurant and at ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort, among other locations.

Only this variety is frozen, unlike the concoctions you’ll find at Tusker House, ‘Ohana, and Boma.  And it would taste mighty fine with some rum or something in it.  I’m just saying.

I’ll go ahead and give this one the death blow – it was very good and a very good value for the price, compared to the $3.99 frozen drinks offered around property.  That said, it’s extremely sweet.  Extremely.  And it’s going to take some time to consume.  As I was thirsty, I just wanted to guzzle some juice and hop on Safaris, but I ended up sitting trying to drink this instead.  The Animal Kingdom straws don’t work very well and it’s so thick that it’s difficult to consume much at one time.  It’s so sweet that a few people can probably share one too.  It cooled me down about 20 degrees.

The Ocarina cups are a lot of fun and arrive alongside a tutorial booklet with some songs. Jungle Juice is available without the souvenir cup.

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