Cooke’s of Dublin Quick Service Review at Downtown Disney

by josh on March 12, 2010

Wondering how Cooke’s of Dublin stacks up against the other Downtown Disney Counter Service Locations? Check out The Best Downtown Disney Quick Counter Service Locations for a comparison of the three Downtown Disney counter services in a variety of categories including Most Unique Menu, Best Value on the Disney Dining Plan, Best Value Out of Pocket, Best Seating, Best Food, and Best Overall Counter Service.

Food Type: Scallops, Dublin Style Pot Pies, Fried Fish, Chicken, and Sausage.

Dining Plan: One Quick Service or One Snack

Cost:  Entrées: $9-$12

Unique Items: Everything

Advantages: An interesting and tasty variety of fresh Dublin meat pies and fried foods.  The scallops are particularly delicious.  Food is freshly prepared.  Similar entrée choices to the more expensive sit-down restaurant Raglan Road.  If the weather is pleasant you can sit outside and enjoy the scenery.  Homemade tartar sauce.  Deep fried candy bars.  Diverse choices on the kids menu.

Disadvantages: There are only a handful of indoor tables and a small outdoor seating area.  Dublin pies are made in limited numbers and often sell out.  Most everything else is deep fried, including the desserts.

Value: Above average out of pocket or excellent on the Dining Plan.  The entrées are in the $11 range which puts them on the expensive side for quick service meals.  However, the food is fresh, interesting, and tastes good which makes the pies, scallops, and fried fish worth the extra few dollars.  It’s possible to put together a $20 meal at Cooke’s on the Dining Plan, making it an excellent value.

Reputation:  Cooke’s isn’t a particularly popular counter service, but it deserves to be.  The food is better than what’s found at most of the quick service restaurants in the Parks or resorts, but lags behind the Wolfgang Puck Express and is substantially more expensive than the Earl of Sandwich.  Overall, I would add Cooke’s to your short list of quick services to try at Downtown Disney, especially if you enjoyed Raglan Road or have already eaten at the Earl and Wolfgang’s.

Overall Rank on The Best Downtown Disney Quick Counter Service Locations: 3rd out of 3

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carol June 8, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Being ex-pat Brits we LOVE Cookes! And as for it not being popular, we have yet to go there and not find it busy. It is always our first meal when we arrive at WDW, as it is always too late to go to a park. The downside, as you correctly point out, is extremely limited seating indoors and out. But the food is good quality and fresh, and for folks like us, it gives us a wee taste of ‘home’. What I find most annoying is it’s usually full of vacationing Brits (and you can tell who they are as opposed to expats like us). I want to shout “Try something different, you’re on vacation, you can eat your fill of this stuff the other 50 weeks of the year!” Then maybe WE wouldn’t have wait so long to get a seat!


Terri in So Cal September 11, 2011 at 10:44 am

We used our QSDP here last fall. We checked Earl of Sandwich and both Wolfgang Pucks and their lines were out the door! And WPE was out of most desserts (I checked before we decided). We went to Cooke’s and had a wonderful meal. We got an inside table. We loved the food. We were limited to the fresh fruit cup as our dessert choice but it was really fresh and made a nice breakfast in the a.m. We were there in late Sept. on a Tuesday night, around 7:30-8 p.m. We will going back again in October. Maybe we’ll try one of the pies, but the Scallops were so good! :)


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