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by josh on November 26, 2012

10/8/14 Update: Menu and seating updated.

Location: At the end of Main Street USA on the left side as you walk toward Cinderella Castle or on the right as you head toward the entrance/exit.

Food Type: Hot Dogs, Nachos, Snacks.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and a couple items count as snacks.


This souvenir cup is actually kind of neat with etching that makes it “feel” sort of like a baseball.

Unique Items: Chicago and Barbecue Slaw Hot Dogs are unique takes on the typical Disney Dog and the Polish Sausage is only available here and Herbie’s at Hollywood Studios near Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Spectacular.


  • Casey’s Corner is famous for their hot cheese sauce, which is an ooey gooey “plastic cheese” that tastes great on French Fries and Corn Dog Nuggets in particular.
  • The Ball Park Nachos are a large, easy to share snack.
  • Look out for Jim playing the piano outside the restaurant from around noon to 7:15pm in 20 minute sets most weekdays.
  • An expansion of the seating section inside and out makes it significantly easier to find an available table.


  • Ordering area is cramped and loud. Service is often slow.
  • The menu is fairly limited with just hot dogs as entrees.  They are no longer kosher all-beef.

Value: Average. Pricing is pretty standard for Disney. The hot dogs aren’t great quality, but the toppings help quite a bit.

Reputation: Some people swear by Casey’s Corner.  I love the Corn Dog Nuggets, but the new Disney dogs don’t have much flavor and the buns are too thick.

Food Choices:

Chili Cheese Dog

In my humble opinion, a chili-cheese dog needs to be three things:

1. When presented, it should look daunting.  You should think to yourself, “Am I going to be able to pick this thing up?”  It should make you want to pick it up.  It should convince you to pick it up.  And when you try to pick it up, you should fail.  It should require a fork and knife.

2. It should be a little spicy.  Not necessarily “five stars” hot, but there shouldn’t be any question that you ordered the chili-cheese dog and not the little-girl-dog.

3. It should hurt to finish it.  But it’s so good you finish it every time.

A Casey’s Corner dog is none of these things.  The chili is bland, the hot dog is no longer kosher all-beef, and the whole package is ultimately forgettable.  Casey’s does have a few things going for it, including a fun theme, Cracker Jacks, cotton candy, and a limited number of tables that overlook Cinderella Castle.  It wouldn’t be my choice though.

Barbecue Slaw Dog

(With a small bite missing)

I was apprehensive about the whole hot barbecue pork/cold coleslaw combo, but I think it worked.  I say “think” because it’s virtually impossible to take a full bite and get your mouth around the entire hot dog.  You might have a jaw that unhinges or something, which would be convenient in instances like this one, but the rest of us are out of luck.  I sort of gnawed at the top and then took a bite out of the bottom.  It’s definitely not a good “first date” choice, though that’s never a concern for me personally.

Overall, this was very good.  The whole pork/dog/coleslaw combo wasn’t as off-putting as I was expecting and the bun didn’t disintegrate on me, which is usually what happens.  It was difficult to eat, but certainly not a bad choice.  I preferred it to the Chili Cheese Dog.

Polish Sausage

This is it.

The sausage is topped with onions that I think are higher quality than what you’d spoon out of the condiment bar, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t usually add onions.

The polish sausage is spicier than the regular hot dog, as one might expect. The flavor profile is similar to the more prolific $1.50 Costco Polish Sausage. Most of the onions slipped right off the top of the dog as I held it up, which was fine with me. The mustard added a bit of texture and additional spice. The fresh bun was an improvement from that whole wheat nonsense they served for a while. Soft and airy, it didn’t “feel” like I had a mouthful of bread when I took a bite.

Ball Park Nachos

It’s a pretty simple concoction.  Chips.  Chili.  Cheese.

But the real attraction at Casey’s is the hot cheese sauce.  As is usually the case with nachos (that I don’t make myself), there aren’t going to be enough toppings to go around.  The hot cheese sauce is going to do a nice job filling the gap.  It’s basically like a better version of the “queso” type cheese that you might actually find on nachos at a baseball game or similar sporting event.  Overall, these were really good, but it’s mostly due to the cheese sauce.  The biggest disappointment was the lack of punch in the chili, but that’s par for the course.  It’s a ton of chips that would probably make a better heavy snack for two or more people to share.  You might also want to split these and one of the more substantial hot dogs.  I like nachos as much as any normal person, but a whole plate is going to be a lot of nachos.  Overall, they’re recommended if you like the hot cheese sauce.  You’re going to be eating a lot of naked chips otherwise.

Corn Dog Nuggets

The Corn Dog Nuggets are the best hot dog item on the menu at Casey’s (in my opinion). You get ten of these suckers for $5.49 and you can guzzle hot cheese sauce until you’re sick.  I recommend dipping the Nuggets in hot cheese sauce first, taking a small bite, and then filling in the excess areas within the Nugget with hot cheese sauce.  Remember how Disney is always telling you to fill in all available space?  Apply the same principles here.  Add a Dole Whip Float for the ultimate snack.


No more bleachers or cartoons indoors.

Additional tables added outside.




Casey’s offers a condiment bar that includes sauerkraut, salsa, jalapenos, diced, onions, and hot cheese sauce along with your usual ketchup and mustard.

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Brent February 11, 2013 at 1:20 pm

I miss the old “spicy relish” they used to serve here, but the jalepenos will do in a pinch


Tricia July 5, 2013 at 8:21 am

You’ve sold me on the corn dog bites.


Beverly September 14, 2013 at 11:22 am

Are the corndogs counted on the dining plan? Like can I get them with fries and a drink for a quick service?


Brad September 24, 2013 at 6:52 pm

Beverly, you can turn the nuggets into a quick service meal, at least you could a year ago. Also, you can get the cotton candy as your dessert.


Nicole February 19, 2014 at 4:04 pm

This was our last meal at the MK during our last trip and we all enjoyed it. The kids (3 and 5) loved the corn dog nuggets and the cheese sauce. I liked my nachos and My husband liked the BBQ slaw dog. On the meal plan, you can get the nuggets, fries (I think) and a dessert for a QS credit. The nachos also count as a meal (plus dessert). We brought home crackerjacks for the plane!


dusty cheatham June 28, 2014 at 5:53 am



Lunafysh August 4, 2015 at 7:41 pm

This is my eldest son’s FAVORITE place to go in MK. He loves the free flowing nacho cheese and puts it on virtually everything. The bleacher seating inside is pretty terrible, but there’s usually space, as no one wants to put up with eating food in bleachers while watching the same goofy clips on a loop.


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