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by josh on November 26, 2012

10/8/14 Update: Menu updated. standby/FP+ procedure updated, particularly in the “Disadvantages” section.

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a quick service for lunch and a table service for dinner.  Lunch service usually begins promptly at 10:30am, but it may be served as early as 10am during extremely crowded times like Easter and Christmas.  They aim to have the last people ordering at 2:45pm and you need to be in line by 2:15pm or you risk being cut off.  In order to minimize waits as much as possible, you’d want to be in line around 10:15am.  However, that puts you in line for lunch at one of the better times to tour in low crowds and short waits.  I recommend lining up for lunch right around 2pm.  Overall crowds will peak and you won’t be wasting valuable touring time in line.  Still, expect to wait 15 to 20 minutes and have lunch last 60 to 90 minutes. Information on potential FastPass+ opportunities follows.

Location: New Fantasyland in between Enchanted Tales with Belle and Belle’s Village.

Food type: Salads, Hot Sandwiches, and a Pork Entree.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit for lunch.


Unique Items: Everything.


Most guests with MagicBands won’t require one of these RFID-enabled red plastic roses, instead using the technology embedded in their MagicBands to allow food runners to locate your party at a table after completing ordering. Without MagicBands, a red rose may be provided.

Unlike most Disney quick services, guests using gift cards, credit cards, or room keys will order at a kiosk.  The screen will display the various options and you choose what and how many of each you would like.  If you’re using cash, you’ll be directed to a cast member at a typical register.

You then swipe your credit/debit/gift card at the kiosk and proceed to an open table.  Your food will be delivered.


Be Our Guest offers FastPass+ at lunch via this link: The forum follows availability as it opens up. Fortunately, lunch here doesn’t count against your three attraction FastPass+ experiences.


  • The theming, particularly in the Rose Gallery and West Wing, is pretty amazing.  It feels like you’re dining in Beast’s Castle.
  • Some of Disney’s freshest, most innovative quick service food options. For a resort known for its hamburgers and french fries, steak sandwiches and tuna nicoise salads are a welcome respite.  Quality can be hit or miss, but most people seem to enjoy their meals.
  • Self-serve soda dispensers so you can grab a refill on the way out. Don’t tell anyone, but the cups are out in the open for anyone to grab.
  • Food is delivered to you tableside with real plates and silverware. Once you finish, a cast member cleans up.


  • Potentially convoluted standby/FastPass+ procedure. Disney is constantly “testing” new ways to shorten or eliminate potential waits for FP+ and standby guests. During your visit, you may find that they are distributing return tickets to those without FP+ for guests wishing to dine. Return tickets have a 15-minute return window sometime in the future and are usually distributed right at 10:30am and again close to 12pm. Keep an eye on the forum and homepage as your trip nears to see if any tests are being conducted.
  • Food quality probably does not match the hype.  People enjoy their meals, but it isn’t exactly out of this world cuisine.
  • No “safe picks” for “picky eaters.”  There are no chicken nuggets or hamburgers on the menu.  Kids may not see something they like.  You can bring in food from another location – Pinocchio Village Haus is nearby.

Value: High.  For just a dollar or two more than a burger, you’ll have the opportunity to try some relatively upscale fare in one of Disney’s newest, most elaborately themed settings.

Reputation: People have strong feelings on this one and most will report either a very good or very bad experience with the food.  Just about everyone is enamored by the location.  It’s certainly worth having lunch here if the wait is tolerable.  Even if you don’t love your sandwich, the setting is fun and the drink refills are free.

Food Choices:

Tuna Nicoise Salad:

Warm Seared Tuna Steak, chilled Green Beans, Potatoes, Olives, Roasted Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and a Hard Poached Egg.

It’s served with a common vinaigrette dressing, which you can order on the side if you click “Show Details” on the order screen.

Half eaten for your viewing pleasure. I would describe it as an on point, high quality salad with nicely seared tuna next to mostly leafy greens. There are a couple bites of tomato and olive hidden underneath, but the salad is dominated by the lettuce. Just a bite or two of potato are placed on top and the warm egg sits next to the tuna. This is not the sort of thing I would ordinarily order, but it is certainly a nice lunch if you’re in the market for something that at least appears healthy.

Quinoa Salad

With Green Beans, Potatoes, Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, Golden Beets, and Tomatoes.  A tasty vegetarian entree that’s a little different than most.  The salad is fresh and the quinoa provides a healthy serving of protein.

Croque Monsieur

Grilled Sandwich with Carved Ham, Gruyere Cheese, and Bechamel with Pommes Frites.  “Good, not great” with a smaller helping of ham than you might be expecting.

I was hoping Disney would serve up the delicious fries that accompany the steak at dinner, but that doesn’t look to be the case.  These appear to be extra limp.

Carved Turkey Sandwich

Served warm on a Baguette with Dijon Mayonnaise and Pommes Frites.

Sorry Mom, but I can’t take credit for subbing the fries for green beans.  The beans came mistakenly.  I briefly considered logging into the DIS to complain about the TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, but the food delivery person promised to bring a side of fries, so I calmed down a bit.

The sandwich was okay.

Be Our Guest seems to be taking a page out of the Diamond Horseshoe playbook – there is no cheese.  It’s just a couple pieces of turkey, greens, four bits of red onion, and the mayonnaise which didn’t have a ton of flavor.

It wasn’t bad by any means, but it didn’t stand out as being outstanding either.  The baguette was indeed served warm and the meal was quite filling.

The green beans were quite good I thought.  I’m not sure how healthy they are rolled around in butter.  Originally, the ordering kiosk had a button that would tell you the nutritional information of each item, but I think it was removed.  It probably added to ordering time and Disney doesn’t necessarily want you knowing their steak sandwich weighs in at 1,100 calories.

Roast Beef Sandwich

Served warm on a Baguette with Horseradish Sour Cream and Pommes Frites. This is a large sandwich that should satisfy just about any appetite.  The roast beef is piled higher than most Disney quick service sandwiches.  The beef quality was similar to Boar’s Head from your local grocery store – cooked “medium (dyed pink)” and retaining some juiciness.  The arugula added a bit of a crunch.  While fresh, I thought the bread was a little thick.  About 75% of what you get in your mouth is going to be bread.  The horseradish sauce did not have a lot of flavor.  A jus would have taken this to the next level.  Or with Disney’s propensity to serve food on the bland side, a side of the horseradish would have been nice for those of us who like a little kick.

Overall, I was happy with the sandwich and would rate it highly among the other quick service options in the Park.  The fries remain a little sad – limp and lukewarm in this case.  I wish they would serve the “pommes frites” that are served avec the steak with dinner.  Those are really good.  With lines outside and wait times of 15 – 30 minutes at the Pinocchio, Harbour House, Pecos Bill, etc. the five minute wait outside wasn’t deplorable.

Braised Pork

Slow Cooked Pork with Vegetables and Bacon with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans Jardiniere – 492 calories according to the kiosk.  The Steak Sandwich is just north of 1,000.  I enjoyed the Pork quite a bit – it was tender and flavorful.  It was easy to cut with a fork.  The picture insinuated peppers and onions along with the green beans, but we seem to just have green beans here.  They were probably cooked properly – which is less than I normally do myself.  Still, very good.  Overall, I would recommend this highly, though it isn’t a ton of food for the money.  But the fact that Be Our Guest doesn’t serve up gut bombs is probably good.

Potato Leek Soup

It was served piping hot with a thin potato consistency, which kept it from feeling “heavy,” while still offering a steady potato flavor.  One of the best soups I’ve ever had.

French Onion Soup

Rich and decadent with a thick layer of cheese on top, this should satisfy anyone’s cravings for onion soup.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake

A favorite with a distinct strawberry flavor and creamy frosting on top.

Triple Chocolate Cupcake

Rich and chocolatey.

Lemon Meringue Cupcake

With a lemon custard filling inside of a vanilla spongecake.  It had a sweet lemon flavor balanced nicely with the meringue topping.

Tropical Fruit Cream Puff

It’s a pretty painless way to end the meal with another 500 calories of something sweet – topped with cream and a fresh raspberry.

The Master’s Cupcake

The Master’s Cupcake is a relatively new addition to the menu, most likely due to all the tourists clamoring for their “free” spoonful of icing during lunch service.

The Master’s Cupcake is the cleverest of the bunch with”the grey stuff” sitting on top of a moist chocolate cake surrounded by an inedible (for most people) wrapper. I prefer the lemon meringue cupcake because it’s a little different, but this is a fine choice.


Be Our Guest has three distinct rooms – the first and largest is the ballroom.

The Rose Gallery, off to the right, is brighter and comfier with bench seating and tables that aren’t quite so close together.  Don’t sit in the center near the Belle/Beast music box unless you want to be in 1,000 photographs while you eat.

Finally, the West Wing is the darkest, creepiest, and coolest room.

Here, you’ll find a portrait of the Beast.

And the famous rose.


You’ll need to ask the food runner for most condiment needs.  Fries are served with ketchup.

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melissa November 26, 2012 at 9:16 pm

We were there for lunch on Nov 24. They are part of the qs for the dp. However, the manager said they are part of the mickeys health check and the kids meal comes with 2 sides but no dessert. Wasn’t impressed, neither was the kiddlet in my party.


Dawn March 13, 2013 at 11:16 am

any chance you might be getting into Be Our Guest anytime soon?


Gretchen April 23, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Just verifying that it’s still OK for 1 member of your party to get in line for lunch, with the others joining you in the front of the line?
Thanks for the great review (as always) & pics!


TheFunFamilyMom May 2, 2013 at 7:26 am

I want to try this place, and I agree with your statement that going early causes one to lose out on good opportunities when the attractions aren’t as busy. Is the restaurant still as busy now (May) as it was when it opened? Would a Wednesday, a typical lower crowd day at Magic Kingdom, be a good day to try lining up closer to 11am and do you think we would avoid the 30 minutes wait?


Mariana October 5, 2013 at 9:47 am

Thank you for the complete review and pics!! really appreciate it! I´m going for the first time on february 2014 and I have the dining plan, the menu includes the dessert? Thanks again


Kelsey October 31, 2013 at 8:53 am

To answer a previous commenter: We dine at BOG everytime we are at WDW (4 trips since the restaurant has opened and we go several times each visit when we can).

They still “allow” families to join you at the end of the line, but they will NOT allow you to enter the building without your complete party. They also strongly discourage it, telling you not to wait in line without your entire party. But I’ve never seen them stop anyone from joining their family while the family is still outside.


Frank D November 27, 2013 at 7:28 am

I decided to add the last minute FP+ for next Sunday. I raised a picky eater, so I plan on grabbing a PB&J at Pinocchio’s for her like you suggested and I’m going to order something small for me and most of the desserts! Thanks for the tip!


Melanie January 19, 2014 at 2:03 pm

Great review! We’re thinking of going here on a Wed. in late August for lunch. I’m hoping the line won’t be too bad since there are no EMH that day in MK. I’m really looking forward to it. If it’s too busy there is always Pecos Bills, but I’d prefer BOG!


Krista (Playdate Crashers) February 3, 2014 at 7:47 pm

I can’t believe I’d never heard about the FP+ option for lunch here! Trying it for our upcoming trip…


michele February 13, 2014 at 3:43 pm

is there really a FP+ option for lunch here for QS DP members?


Drew February 20, 2014 at 6:31 am

Yes there is, use the link in the review and follow the instructions and you should be good to go. I set mine up last weekend for March!


Pete February 26, 2014 at 11:02 am

They release dates around the 14th of each month for the next month at
hope that makes sense, IE 14th Feb they released March availability etc…

I think it’s for onsite guests only, you need to have linked your stay and tickets on MDE first

It allows you to book a lunchtime FP+ (which doesn’t count as 1 of your 3) which you can use a QS and even pre-book your food (you can go straight to table, or change your order when you arrive)


Jill February 28, 2014 at 6:47 am

Does the fastpass reservation show up on the my experience app like the other fast passes?? I went through everything and book the fast pass but I never got a confirmation so I’m not sure if it worked.


Amanda March 15, 2014 at 11:45 am

Does the screen ordering system give you the option of ordering any and all sandwiches without the condiments/ dressings?


Rebecca May 29, 2014 at 8:47 am

I went to the link you provided to do a FP for lunch, however it won’t take my reservation number. It contains letters as well as numbers .. it just erases the letters? Do you know anything about this or what I’m doing wrong/


SheilaL June 12, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Rebecca, if you call Disney Reservations, they will give you the 12-digit number you need. The ones with letters are for people who purchased package deals, but have that “hidden” number attached. I called this morning and they gave mine, and I was able to link it.


TJ July 16, 2014 at 8:51 pm

So is the soup covered as a snack under the meal plan? It looks like the menu pictured carries the little symbol next to it where it’s listed…. I was wondering if this is correct.


Carl October 8, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Touringplans and Disboards are saying you can’t get F+ reservations past Oct 31 right now – is that true?


Katie October 23, 2014 at 9:30 am

I just got November FP.


Heather October 28, 2014 at 4:49 pm

What is the quiche like and any reviews of the cream puffs? The kids menu got a thumbs up from my picky eater-he’s going to try the pasta and even considered the pork dish. I just got the email allowing me to make the reservation for our late november visit.


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