Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Off to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Let’s go over the evening and see what we can do to minimize frustration and maximize the experience. Unfortunately, because it’s dark out from the beginning of the event, a lot of these pictures are garbage.  Nonetheless, they should help further the narrative.  Hopefully http://www.disneyphotographyblog.com will get over there to capture some images where we can all see what’s going on and say, “Wow, that is gorgeous!”  You’re just going to have to take my word for it on some of these.

As in past years, you can enter Magic Kingdom with your Mickey’s Christmas Party ticket as early as 4pm, even though the event doesn’t officially begin at 7pm.  Should you purchase your tickets online and select the “Will Call” option, you can print your paper certificate and take it to any ticket window to pick up the plastic tickets that you’ll use at the turnstile to enter the Magic Kingdom.  This includes guest services at any of the theme parks, your Disney resort concierge desk, and the Ticket/Transportation Center.  For more information on purchasing and picking up your ticket, see the first three sections of my Mickey’s Halloween Party Review here.

Disney has additional bag check lines nearest the buses to expedite the security check process.

Once you (hopefully) make it through security, you’ll see Guest Services ahead of you on the far right of the turnstiles (before you enter the Magic Kingdom) and a Will Call window behind you.  This is important if you still need to exchange your Will Call certificate for the plastic tickets or need to purchase tickets for the event.  Otherwise, continue to the turnstiles.

If you are entering Magic Kingdom with your Mickey’s Party Ticket, you’ll be directed to use the turnstiles on the far right side nearest to Guest Services.  The turnstiles say “event entrance” above them.  Just inside the turnstiles, you’ll see cast members dressed up in festive outfits handing out wristbands.  Present your ticket and they will fit you with a wristband. For some reason these people on the left are in a line even though there is no one in either of the two turnstiles to the right.  If you previously entered the Magic Kingdom with a different kind of ticket (Magic Your Way, Annual, Complimentary, etc.) you can either head back to the front of the Park to pick up your wristband or head over to the Stitch’s Great Escape FASTPASS machines in Tomorrowland to pick up your wristband.

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Updated May 5, 2012 with 2012 dates, pricing, and information

What is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (often abbreviated to MVMCP) is an after-hours “hard ticket” event held at the Magic Kingdom on select dates each holiday season.  When I say “hard ticket,” I mean that you will need to purchase an additional ticket to attend (prices below).  Magic Your Way Tickets, Annual Passes, etc. will not get you into the Party.  The Party runs from 7pm through 12am.  The Magic Kingdom does not completely close prior to the event.  Instead, visitors who have tickets will trade them for a wristband that indicates they are attending the Party.  Those without tickets will be asked to leave and there will be attendants checking wristbands throughout the evening, including at each of the ride entrances.

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