We’ll head out to Magic Kingdom for a brief update on affairs as the moats around Cinderella Castle are filled. Walls still line much of the area – hopefully as many as possible can come down sooner rather than later.

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Fort Wilderness Trail’s End Lunch Review

by josh on April 10, 2014

We’ll rewind about ten days and take what will turn out to be a very brief trip out to Fort Wilderness due to a range of tornado warnings and general “ur gonna die if u don’t watch wesh weather on channel 2 – WESH Weather” warnings. Sometimes I wonder what the weather report would look like if sunny weather was enough to preempt Whacked-Out Sports.

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Larger: http://www.easywdw.com/reports11/pretty.jpg

We’ll meander a bit around Epcot on the afternoon of April 5th on a pretty afternoon as temperatures heat up and then cool back down. Monday’s high was an even 90 degrees, while today’s is 75. There is really nothing of much value in this post in case you have more pressing matters.

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Hike up your pretentious pants and give that pauillac a swirl because we’re headed to the Yacht Club!

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Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Review

by josh on April 6, 2014

The first section of Universal’s new “moderate and value priced property” opened on March 31st and I had the (mis)fortune of staying there on opening night to experience the Full Sochi firsthand. Enjoy the people watching here at the entrance as it’s the most we’re going to run into for the rest of our tour.

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It’s 4:40pm on March 25th 2k14. It’s a minimum of 40 minutes assuming you want to do something that includes the miracle of motion. We have some very attractive first-generation Android phone pictures augmented by much better looking photos taken by Lisa and her Canon Rebel SL1 back on March 1st.

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DVC construction continues at the Polynesian.

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Thanks to those of you who have been patient (or at least not publicly bugged me about) with the lack of updates over the last few weeks as working on my upcoming guide book has more or less consumed my life. We should have a Hollywood Studios (Characterpalooza, FP+ Kiosks, Walls) update and a Magic Kingdom (Be Our Guest Dinner Review, Crowds, Walls) update over the next few days, in addition to this Epcot update. I’ll try to breeze through the Animal Kingdom cheat sheet some morning next week too. Things should be back to normal shortly and we will again tackle FastPass+ with the upcoming changes to off-site booking.

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We’ll take a brief look at Magic Kingdom’s new Festival of Fantasy parade, which debuted on March 9th, 2k14.

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As you may be aware, this website collects and stores wait times at every Walt Disney World attraction in five minute intervals all day, every day. These wait times are used in a variety of ways. Most importantly, the crowd calendar relies on this “data” to identify crowd patterns and overall crowd levels. From there, the wait times are the basis for the Cheat Sheets, which include wait times based on crowd level and time of day:

This shows the wait times at Pirates of the Caribbean every five minutes between 3:20pm and 5:15pm on March 5th. To get an idea about the amount of data we’re talking about, you can take a look at this 416 page PDF file that lists wait times at just the Magic Kingdom attractions over the last 3.7 days.

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