Posted Seven Dwarfs Mine Train waits so far in August. Red indicates downtime:

Larger: http://www.easywdw.com/reports11/dwarfwaits.jpg

PDF: http://www.easywdw.com/reports11/dwarfwaitsaugust.pdf.

In case you were wondering what wait times at Disney World’s newest ride look like, they’re long. And for a while they had a terrible time getting the attraction ready by Park opening, when it was down at rope drop on seven out of nine days from August 11th to 19th.  While the ride wasn’t ready at opening yesterday (the 25th), it was today, so hopefully those problems have been fixed.

The website’s advice remains to ride it last thing at night or with FastPass+. For a reminder of what Magic Kingdom rope drop looks like, see this post. You can experience the ride with a short wait first thing in the morning if you’re among the first people up Main Street and you peel off from the group and head toward Mad Tea Party to the right of the Castle before taking a left past The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and up to the Mine Train entrance. But if you watch the opening show from the center of the Mickey floral or arrive late, you’re in for an hour wait first thing in the morning, which is about the last thing you want to be doing. Posted waits remain long at the end of the night, but are often significantly shorter and you’re not wasting Park time being in line after other attractions close. You can get in line for the Mine Train as late as one minute before close.

FastPass+ for Mine Train remain limited and are unlikely to be available 30 days out when off-site visitors are first allowed to book experiences. Guests staying on-site want to take advantage of the 60+ day booking window. Micah has an outstanding walkthrough of booking FP+ in the easyWDW forums if you’re unfamiliar with the process.


It’s been uncharacteristically long since we’ve taken a good look at the comings and goings at Animal Kingdom. The first of three(?) Joffrey’s locations appears in front of bag check with a similar menu as the Epcot locations:

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It’s the most exciting time of year as the website covers quick service menu updates. Disney updates every single quick service menu on property on the same day during the hottest week of the year here in Orlando – proof perhaps that they really do hate me.

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Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort reopened in the middle of last week after closing at the end of March for what ended up being a refurbishment that lasted about 4.6 months.

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We’ll head out to Epcot where little is going on in front of its transformation into the home of the Food and Wine Festival next month. Fast forward exactly four weeks and a topiary scene will greet us.

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A brief update in between ketchup reviews as there is not a whole lot going on at Magic Kingdom these days now that the Mine Train has been open for 6+ weeks and the same Hub construction continues.

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Disney made a round of operating schedule changes to October and November 2014 yesterday, almost all of which are extensions at Animal Kingdom. That’s good news for anyone looking to take advantage of lower crowds after crowds disperse in the afternoon. See Considering a Late Arrival at Animal Kingdom With or Without FastPass+ for more tips.

The full October operating schedule is available here: http://media.disneywebcontent.com/StaticFiles/ParkHours/WDWTravelAgent_october.pdf.

The full November operating schedule is available here: http://media.disneywebcontent.com/StaticFiles/ParkHours/WDWTravelAgent_november.pdf.

Wednesday October 1:

  • No changes.

Thursday October 2:

  • No changes.

Friday October 3:

  • No changes.

Saturday October 4:

  • Animal Kingdom hours extended to 9am-6pm from 9am-5pm.

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We’ll set out for Hollywood Studios to see how this summer’s Frozen event impacts crowds, wait times, and what we can expect to accomplish during the day. For more specific text advice, see this forum thread: How Frozen Affects Your Day at Hollywood Studios (in short):

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Following up on last year’s “A Very Canadian 4th of July,” featuring a review of Le Cellier, we’ll head out to Epcot on the evening of July 4th. It’s 4:45pm and Spaceship Earth has a 45-minute posted wait with the extended queue on both sides full. Looking over wait times from the past week, we can get a better idea about how much longer waits are on a major holiday:

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We’ll take a moment from the website’s intensive Food and Wine Festival preparations to see if any mounds of dirt in the Hub have moved or any snack carts have taken up new positions. Spoiler: both.

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