Ticket Upgrades

What is the Water Park Fun & More Upgrade?

The Water Park Fun & More upgrade can be added to the Magic Your Way Base Ticket, along with the No Expiration or Park Hopper upgrades.  If you decide to add Water Park Fun & More to your ticket, you will be given an allotment of entrances to the following “minor parks” in Disney World: Typhoon Lagoon water park, Blizzard Beach water park, Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex, DisneyQuest, one round of golf at Oak Trail, Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf (before 4:00 pm), or Disney’s Winter Summerland Mini Golf (before 4:00 pm).  The number of entrances you will receive to the minor parks is based on the number of days your Magic Your Way Base Ticket is valid.  The following chart illustrates this:

Disney Water Park Fun Admission Chart

For example, if your ticket is good for five days, then you will receive five entrances to any of the minor parks.

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What is the No Expiration Upgrade?

Adding the No Expiration upgrade to your Magic Your Way Base Ticket will allow you to return to Disney World and take advantage of any unused days on your ticket.  For example, let’s say you purchase a ten-day Magic Your Way Base Ticket with No Expiration and visit parks on six days.  On your next trip a year later, you may use the remaining four days on your ticket.  Without the No Expiration upgrade, you would need to purchase a new ticket because your old ticket would have expired 14 days from its first use.

The Way Disney Sells It

Disney describes the No Expiration upgrade on their website with the following:

Select the No Expiration Option to let the magic live forever! Our Magic Your Way Base Tickets expire 14 days from their first use. However, when you add the No Expiration Option to your ticket, you’re able to come back and take advantage of unused days at any time in the future.

Relax in the knowledge that any unused days will be available for your next visit.

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What is the Park Hopper Add-On?

Adding the Park Hopper upgrade to your Magic Your Way Base Ticket will allow you to visit more than one Disney theme park (Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom) each day.  For example, the Animal Kingdom might close at 5pm on the day you choose to visit.  With the Park Hopper upgrade, you could exit the Animal Kingdom at any time and travel to and enter any of the other three theme parks to take advantage of evening Extra Magic Hours, a late dinner reservation, or anything else.

You may exit and return to the same theme park on the same day as many times per day as you like, with or without the Park Hopper upgrade.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a One-Day ticket, the cost is $37.28 with tax. For two- or three-day tickets, the cost is $52.19.  With a four- to ten-day ticket, the cost is a flat $63.90 per ticket for both kids and adults with tax.  On a six-day ticket, the cost for the upgrade comes out to $10.65 per day.

Adding Water Parks & Fun and Park Hopper for a Discount

Adding both ticket upgrades results in a discount of about $35 per ticket.  The cost to add both upgrades is $91.59.

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