Best Quick Counter Service Locations

While Animal Kingdom’s quick service options are fewer in number than the other major theme parks, they are all above average in the grand scheme of things.

Most Unique Menu

  1. Yak & Yeti (Anandupar Local Foods Café)
  2. Flame Tree Barbecue
  3. Tamu Tamu Refreshments
  4. Restaurantosaurus
  5. Pizzafari

Owned and operating by Landry’s rather than Disney, Yak & Yeti offers a diverse menu of Asian favorites along with a cold salad or vegetable couscous wrap if you prefer.  Over at Flame Tree, you can order St. Louis Style Ribs along with a fruit plate, smoked chicken salad, or smoked turkey breast sandwich with cranberry mayonnaise.  While Tamu Tamu Refreshments only has four entrees on the menu, each can’t be found anywhere else.  Restaurantosaurus now offers a unique Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Chicken BLT Salad, which are slightly different than others.  Rounding out the choices is Pizzafari, which mostly serves the usual Disney pizza.  But it also offers the unique and very good Chicken & Vegetable Pasta Salad and the Hot Italian Sandwich is only available here and Catalina Eddie’s at Hollywood Studios.

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Best Epcot Disney World Quick Counter Service

by josh on December 13, 2012

Epcot is where you’ll find the most diversity in your dining options. While you’ll still be able to sniff out a hamburger, it won’t be as easy as at Magic Kingdom where it seems like they’re haunting you at every turn.

Most Unique Menu

  1. Tangierine Café
  2. Katsura Grill
  3. Sunshine Seasons
  4. Boulangerie Patisserie
  5. La Cantina de San Angel
  6. Liberty Inn
  7. Lotus Blossom Café
  8. Sommerfest
  9. Kringla Bakeri og Kafe
  10. Electric Umbrella
  11. Yorkshire County Fish Shop

This is kind of a silly list because almost all of the food at each quick service in the World Showcase is unique.  I’ve basically ordered the list as to the number of unique items on the menu.  Thus, a quick service like Tangierine Cafe with a robust menu would have a “more unique” menu than La Cantina, even though both locations offer a completely unique menu.  With the exceptions of Electric Umbrella and Yorkshire County Fish Shop, no matter where you go, you’ll come across food that isn’t available elsewhere. And even Liberty Inn and Electric Umbrella have switched things up so they offer unique takes on the standards.

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Hollywood Studios is not known for its quick service food, but there are reliably good options at several locations.  Let’s take a look:

Most Unique Menu

  1. ABC Commissary
  2. Studio Catering Company
  3. Sunset Ranch Market (Catalina Eddie’s, Fairfax Fare, Rosie’s All American Cafe and Toluca Turkey Legs).
  4. Backlot Express
  5. Starring Rolls Cafe
  6. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
  7. Toy Story Pizza Planet

Ranking menu uniqueness is kind of difficult because many of the items are unique interpretations of Disney’s usual sandwich and burger fare. In a twist of fate, ABC Commissary actually comes in first, offering unique salads like the Asian or Couscous, Quinoa, and Arugula Salads available either vegetarian or with Salmon or Chicken. It also recently added a New York Strip Steak and Roasted Salmon, in addition to shrimp and fish platters. While those items aren’t entirely unique, they’re rare enough to put ABC at the top. Studio Catering comes in next, offering several pressed sandwiches that aren’t found elsewhere along with a Greek Salad, Sloppy Joe, and Chicken Caesar Wrap.  Sunset Ranch Market as one entity offers a ton of options, but most of them can be found elsewhere. Still, you’ll find unique salads, burgers, and hot dogs here. Backlot Express is similar, though it offers unique takes on the usual with the Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, Southwest Salad with Chicken, and rare Grilled Vegetable Sandwich. Starring Rolls offers a couple of interesting sandwiches on top of all their cupcake goodness, in addition to the same sushi that’s available at most resort quick services. Min & Bill’s drops a lot from its historically high rating, now offering an Italian Sausage in French Bread and a Frankfurter in a Pretzel Roll, in addition to turkey legs and pork shanks.  Finally, Toy Story Pizza Planet offers Disney pizza that is the same as Catalina Eddie’s on the other side of the Park, in addition to Pizzafari at Animal Kingdom. The only mildly unique item is the (very good) Antipasto Salad.

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Best Magic Kingdom Quick Service

by josh on December 12, 2012

Magic Kingdom has several of the most popular quick service locations at Walt Disney World, which makes sense because it’s the most visited of the four major theme parks.  With Be Our Guest Restaurant, it also has two of the best choices – that and Columbia Harbour House.  Let’s take a look at what’s available:

Most Unique Menu

  1. Be Our Guest Restaurant
  2. Columbia Harbour House
  3. Pinocchio Village Haus
  4. Tortuga Tavern
  5. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments
  6. Diamond Horseshoe
  7. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe
  8. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
  9. Friar’s Nook
  10. Casey’s Corner
  11. The Lunching Pad

Be Our Guest Restaurant’s entire menu is full of items you won’t find elsewhere.  Columbia Harbour House also offers several entrees that you won’t find elsewhere, including tuna and hummus sandwiches, chicken pot pie, seafood macaroni and cheese, and clam chowder. Since it replaced Disney pizza with flatbreads, Pinocchio Village Haus also offers unique dishes, including the BBQ Beef Flatbread, Italian Deli Sub Sandwich, and a Mediterranean Salad, in addition to garlic knots, gelato, and tomato basil soup. While it may sound surprising, Mecican food isn’t that abundant in Disney World, making Tortuga Tavern’s burritos unique, especially now that Pecos Bill no longer serves the popular taco salad. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments offers waffle sandwiches unavailable at any other quick service.

The bottom half is less unique. While it isn’t often open, Diamond Horseshoe offers different interpretations of sandwiches and salads as most other places. While most of Pecos Bill’s items can be found elsewhere, it does offer Kurubi Style and the Southwest Chicken Salad.  Most of Cosmic Ray’s menu is standard Disney food, though their barbecued items are less common and it offers a great vegetarian tortellini salad. Both Casey’s Corner and The Lunching Pad offer similar Hot Dogs that are available at Fairfax Fare and elsewhere.

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