Epcot Drinking Around the World

Updated April 6, 2013

Introduction to Drinking Around the World

Alcoholics and those who just happen to start drinking most mornings unite. A favorite activity of many Disney vacationing adults is “drinking around the world.” For the uninitiated, the World Showcase at Epcot is made up of eleven distinct areas, each themed like a country during an important time in their history. You’ll find unique gifts, fun shows, immersive activities, and the occasional ride. While there’s certainly something to say about mimes and cover bands, something can also be said for themed drinks and $10 beers. Each country offers quasi-authentic food – hamburgers in the United States, tacos in Mexico, and sushi in Japan for example. You’ll also find international beers and select mixed alcoholic drinks in all of the represented locales. The goal of drinking around the world is to consume an alcoholic drink in each country before (or while) moving on to the next. Yes, at least eleven drinks in all. Unfortunately, not all drinks are created equal and this guide will help you decide which are the best fit for your group.

Can I Handle This?

You might hear about someone riding all the rides at the Animal Kingdom in one day or riding Splash Mountain 500 times over 20 years. These are insignificant achievements compared to what you are attempting to accomplish. Anyone can follow a laundry list of rides to run to or spend all their money on Disney vacations. Not everyone can continue to consume alcohol while their liver begs for forgiveness, the 100 degree sun beats down, and each country seems to inch further and further away. Eleven drinks is probably a lot and you may be able to have just as much fun drinking at every other country or just the particularly “good” ones. You don’t get any additional points for failing to crawl back to the monorail station, so consider your limits and don’t become hypnotized by what may be unachievable. It’s okay, you can always practice and return at a later date. The margaritas will still be there. Just hope they don’t add any additional countries in the meantime.

I Really Want to Achieve the Impossible, What Training Do You Suggest?

This is the most common question I receive. The method I recommend is entering the smallest, most cramped room in your home (that isn’t a bathroom) and turning the heat up as high as possible. If you have any additional space heaters, you’ll want to bring those with you and plug them in as well. Prepare your portable refrigerator or freezer with one of your least favorite alcohols or beers. This will help endurance and prepare you for a beverage that may not be to your taste. There’s nothing worse than receiving a Canto Loopy that slows you down because you don’t like the flavor. Once you’ve prepared your room to properly simulate Orlando weather, open your first beer or mix your first drink and consume it while running in place at a brisk pace (a treadmill is even better, you might want to purchase one). Continue running while consuming one drink every 30 minutes for five to six hours. Instruct your significant other to enter the room once per hour and throw a large bucket of water on you. This will simulate the flash rain showers you can expect during summer months. If you have any kids, tell them to enter the room every 15 minutes and run around you as fast as they can while making as much noise as possible. Although this won’t accurately imitate the thousands of kids running around at Epcot, it’s the best we can do on such short notice and decreases your chances of strangling any of them. Actually, I’ve just gotten word from my lawyer and I have to advise you not to use the previously mentioned technique due to liability concerns. Looks like practice techniques are up to you. Sorry.

I’ve Convinced Myself I Can Handle This, How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Beers at Epcot cost about as much as they would at a professional sporting event or upscale bar. In other words, expect to pay between $7 and $10 each. Mixed alcoholic drinks and frozen margarita-like drinks run about $10 each, depending on ingredients and size. Some are slightly more or less expensive, but expect to pay that on average. Wine is slightly cheaper and available at most of the countries, but you’ll probably want to do most of your wine drinking in France and Italy, where you’ll find the best options. All in all, one alcoholic drink purchase at each of the eleven pavilions will run you between $80 and $120 on average.

Enough With This Technical Stuff. I Wanna Drink Already!

I don’t blame you. There are two countries that you can start at, depending on if you want to walk around clockwise or counterclockwise. I would suggest starting with Canada if you’re going to drink beer and Mexico if you’re planning to drink hard liquor or mixed drinks. If you’re going to mix and match I would also recommend Mexico, so we’ll start there and work our way around.

Finally, with a few exceptions (La Cava del Tequila and Tutto Gusto coming to mind), I only include the alcohol and beer available at the counter service locations and kiosks. All of the table service restaurants in Epcot would be happy to serve you an overpriced alcoholic drink, but stopping at any of them will take considerable time, and they expect your group to pluck down $15 on appetizers and $30+ on entrees. Consider a break in the middle at one of these restaurants to recuperate, rehydrate, and re-energize for more drinking.


It’s worth taking a few extra minutes and spending a few extra dollars to pick up a margarita inside the Mexico Pavilion at La Cava del Tequila, which opens at 12pm.

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