The last Wednesday in January is typically the least crowded day of the year outside of September. As the website has discussed ad nauseam over the last couple of years, international attendance has “helped” boost attendance and wait times in late January and into February, but crowds and wait times remain some of the lowest of the year.

I’m happy to announce a new game we’re playing on the website. If you visit during a “crowd level 1 or 2 day” and think the wait times and attendance were much higher than predicted, you get to pick another date during the year outside of September that you think will have lower waits and lower attendance. And then when that date actually has higher attendance and higher wait times because you actually did visit on one of the least crowded days of the year with the lowest wait times, you get to pay me $100. It’s fun because I always win.

Anyway, this is it – the lowest wait times you can expect to see outside of September and the reality of where Walt Disney World attendance is at in this post-FP+ era.


Animal Kingdom was not recommended with the morning Extra Magic Hour attracting resort guests, but remains doable. Afternoon downtime pushes up wait times after 3:30pm at DINOSAUR and Everest, but the averages remain relatively low.

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Disney added a few more Main Street Electrical Parades. It’s good news for anyone that wants to see the Parade because it’s now offered every night in February. And it’s good news for those that don’t want to see the Parade because it will help pull people away from attractions over the last hour or so the Parks are open.

Friday January 30:

  • Second Main Street Electrical Parade added at 9pm, in addition to 7pm Parade.

Monday February 23:

  • Main Street Electrical Parade added at 8pm. No Parade previously scheduled.

Tuesday February 24:

  • Main Street Electrical Parade added at 7pm. No Parade previously scheduled.

Wednesday February 25:

  • Main Street Electrical Parade added at 7pm. No Parade previously scheduled.

Thursday February 26:

  • Main Street Electrical Parade added at 7pm. No Parade previously scheduled.


We press onward toward Disney’s Polynesian (Village) Resort to check out the lobby and construction progress, in addition to grabbing lunch at Captain Cook’s. Then it’s a pit stop at the Contemporary Resort before heading over to Magic Kingdom to check out what’s happening in Frontierland, Adventureland, and Liberty Square.

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We’ll head out to Epcot on the afternoon of January 25, 2015 with an occasional rewind all the way back to January 10. With the Flower and Garden Festival starting on March 4th and continuing through May 17th, there are precious few opportunities to enjoy Epcot’s simpler flower beds. Fast forward about five weeks and we’ll have another fake topiary scene welcoming us.

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2015 Dated Walt Disney World Merchandise

by josh on January 26, 2015

The website has been collecting pictures of this stuff for about a month now. This should be the entire lot, at least as it stands now:

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Boatwright’s is the table service restaurant that Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter share. It’s located at the Riverside, so French Quarter guests will need to walk, bus, drive themselves, or take the boat over. My preference in this case is either walking or taking the boat. The boat travels from Downtown Disney, picks up and drops off at French Quarter, and then travels to Riverside. So guests staying at French Quarter are just a stop away from the Riverside dock.

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With the sun setting over the Magic Kingdom on the evening of Tuesday January 20th, we’ll head inside to try to get a few pictures in before darkness descends.

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We’ll take a moment to run through Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park to check out if there are any new walls.

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Disney finally got around to taking the Christmas stuff down. The Studios’ tree was still up as recently as last week, which seems a little late. “People” seem to complain that Disney gets a little too festive a little too quickly in November, but my estimation is those complainers are the same ones clamoring for  sold out Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets over Veterans Day Weekend. But rolling up on January 14th to see a giant, fake Christmas tree might make you check your calendar.

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We’ll take a moment or two to check out what Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa has to offer.

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