It’s been a while since we’ve taken a good look at merchandise. Most of the pictures below are new-ish things, though occasionally something old will catch my eye that I don’t think there has been a picture of previously. A link to the last merchandise update is available here. Part 2 is available here.

World of Disney at Downtown Disney:

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Continued from Part 1.

Keystone Clothiers at Hollywood Studios:

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It has perhaps been too long since we visited the joy that is Downtown Disney/Springs.

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I’m not sure when we’ll get to it next, so we’ll take a very short opportunity to visit Hollywood Studios to check out the new Studio Catering Company menu. This post from a couple of weeks ago offers a more robust view of what’s going on at the Park.

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It’s been a while since we’ve been on the monorail as the sun is rising, so we’ll check out the new Be Our Guest breakfast situation with an 8:05am reservation.

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As you may be aware, I am the co-author of the highest rated Walt Disney World guidebook of all time (on Amazon): The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit. It’s available on Amazon here. If you’re wondering what the book looks like and includes, this post introduces it.

Dave and I ran an update last week, updating a lot of little things that changed and a few major things like updated ticket pricing, special event details, Be Our Guest lunch reservations, restaurant menus and pricing, updated FastPass+ kiosk locations and priority, new advice on Wishes FastPass+, updated color-coded maps, and whatnot. Both the print version and electronic Kindle version are updated. Unfortunately, Amazon’s Kindle update system leaves something to be desired (there’s no mechanism for telling Amazon to push an update through and they’re slow to figure out changes have been made), but those of you that have purchased the Kindle version or received a complimentary copy with your print purchase should receive an automatic update shortly. New Kindle purchases will receive the updated edition automatically and new print purchases will also receive the updated Kindle version for free using the Kindle MatchBook program.

People will occasionally say, “Josh, you helped us so much planning our vacation and your site has no advertisements, what can we do to help support what you do?” The answer is buy a book. You can keep the Kindle version to reference yourself and hand the print copy off to the neighbor that won’t stop bugging you about what to order at Pecos Bill or whether they want the Stitch’s Great Escape FastPass+ or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

And perhaps more importantly, if you just buy one now I won’t have to keep bugging you about it.

I’m not usually a big horn tooter, but the website and book have received some nice press this past week.

The Boston Globe: Planning a trip to Disney? Read this first.

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This review is sponsored by by DVC Magic Resales at (they used their DVC points to book the room and in exchange will also be posting this review and reviews of the other properties). If you’re looking to buy into the Disney Vacation Club or purchase more points for less than you’d pay Disney directly, they’re a great choice. They also take excellent care of those looking to sell their contracts independently.

Past reviews:

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Looking up Hollywood Boulevard, this is about as clear of a view as we’re going to get before the stage starts going up for Star Wars Weekends.

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Be Our Guest Breakfast Official

by josh on March 16, 2015

Disney officially announced a “test” of breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant today: Reservations open March 17th with breakfast being served for the first time on March 20th. The rest runs daily from 8am-10am through June 18th.

It will be interesting to see if people eating early get an advantage in moving to either Princess Fairytale Hall or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before anyone from the main entrance has a chance to get back there. Both attractions are much closer to Be Our Guest in New Fantasyland than they are to the front of the Park. The prix fixe aspect is interesting as well – breakfast is expected to cost $19.99 per adult and $11.99 per child, which is significantly more expensive than any quick service breakfast, most table service breakfasts, and most breakfast buffets without characters (The Wave and Captain’s Grille, for example). Breakfast is expected to include beverages and a pastry basket. On the other hand, 20 bucks per adult is significantly less expensive than character breakfasts at Crystal Palace ($26.99/adult $14.99/child) or Cinderella’s Royal Table ($~55/adults $~33/kids). Breakfast was originally going to be an a la carte affair, but doing things like this will maximize revenue and guarantee people aren’t just hanging out inside the quick service for 30 minutes without ordering anything before hauling it over to Mine Train at 8:45am.

The website will hopefully secure a reservation and grab breakfast there early next week, after they get a chance to work out the initial wrinkles. The blogs tend to visit on the first day and come away with problems that are never seen again. We should have a better idea about what to expect next Tuesday or Wednesday. As far as whether you should try to secure a Be Our Guest breakfast for a date sometime in the future…my recommendation would be to book it tomorrow if you think there’s a chance you’ll do it. If it sucks, you can easily cancel it online, via the app, or by phone.


We’ll head out to Magic Kingdom to check on Hub construction progress and a few other things of note.

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